August 1, 2021

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With the help of these tips, identify the Android or iOS app you are downloading

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  • There are many apps on Google Play
  • Fake apps look just like real apps
  • With the help of tips, identify the apps that are fake

New Delhi. Users download many apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Although many of these apps are reviewed by different platforms, users fall prey to fake apps. Although Apple’s app ecosystem is considered secure due to the ‘developer’ verification process, it still contains fake apps. As the number of mobile users grows, hackers are targeting these platforms to trick people. Recently, the issue came to the fore due to a fake investment app scam that has defrauded more than 5 lakh Indians.

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According to the report, people were lured into saying that the money invested in many financial investment schemes would yield higher returns. The Delhi Police, affiliated with the cyber cell, tried to run a syndicate and revealed that the fake apps were created by Chinese citizens using a multilevel marketing (MLM) model for fraud.

Cyber ​​Crime Cell (Cypad) Deputy Commissioner of Police Anesh Roy (via ANI report) said that some of these apps are listed on the Google Play Store. Cross-messaging platforms were taken as the main source for people to contact and get details. The fake app online scam led to the arrest of cyber criminals. However, this raises the question of whether to trust the ‘comprehensive’ security services provided by tech giants.

Fake apps make legal duplicates. If you want to identify such fake apps, here are some simple tips to follow. Which will help you identify fake apps on iOS and Android platforms. See details.

1. Check the name of the developer who published the app on the app and the App Store.

2. When searching for apps you may see many apps with similar names, try to find spelling mistakes in name and description.

3. Check the reviews, ratings, and download numbers for apps you want to download in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

4. Check the app’s release date. A Real App usually shows an ‘updated’ date.

5. You can also view screenshots of the app. For example, some funny words and pictures will tell you whether to trust the app or not.

6. Another important factor is the ‘permissions’ the app asks for. Third-party apps often ask for contact and storage permissions. Avoid giving permission if an app asks for access to camera, audio, and more. Finally, you can find the ‘Get Our App’ option by going to the store’s website in the browser.

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