August 1, 2021

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White sleep – an incalculable danger to the driver

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When you are drowsy and still try to drive, you can completely fall into a state of sleep, even though your eyes are still open.

Anyone who has ever driven a car, must have sometimes been sleepy, especially when driving in the late afternoon, the caressing sunlight is not too harsh, the air conditioner is cool again. And when drowsiness hits, what do you do?

Most drivers will choose to resist with tea, coffee, cigarettes, candy, listening to loud music, opening the windows to get some fresh air… But all this is for a while, then the drowsiness hits again. Only a few drivers are willing to pull over to the side of the road and take a 15-20 minute nap, while this is the most effective measure.

Those who try to fight that sleepiness, some will arrive after many nods, some have more bad luck, cause an accident for others, crash their own car somewhere or at least be startled because they almost caused accident, because of falling into “white sleep” state. That’s when your body is too tired, needs to rest to “charge the battery”, but by will, your brain commands the senses to continue working, specifically here driving. The brain directs “open your eyes wide”, but at that moment, your brain is also tired, knowledge is almost gone, this is what drivers call “white sleep”. In a nutshell, you’ve fallen asleep, even though your eyes are still open.

I was “sticky” once like that, when trying to run in the midday sun. Nodding, reason still told me to keep my eyes open. But when the phone suddenly rang loudly, I was startled to realize that the car was about to rush off the side of the road to fall into the field. Thank you to the unexpected caller who made me cry, avoid the accident and stay awake.

Since that time, whenever I feel sleepy while driving, I stop immediately, take a nap for only 15 minutes, I will feel completely awake. If you have never encountered this situation, do not be subjective, stop and rest whenever you feel sleepy. For those of you who have experienced “white sleep” like me, consider it a threat of death, because you will not be able to know what happens, in just a split second the car sped on the road.

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