April 21, 2021


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“We will do as we can”: parents fear returning home from school

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It’s back home from school. As President Emmanuel Macron announced in his speech on March 31, all schools are closed for three to four weeks to slow the circulation of the Covid-19 epidemic. The distance school for the 12 million students is to last four days from Tuesday April 6 to Friday April 9, followed by two weeks of advanced and grouped vacation for the three zones.

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The hardship is back for many French people who have to manage teleworking and children’s lessons as for this family at Le Mans in the Sarthe. There will be four full-time people at the house: Loïc, the father, IT specialist in teleworking “and then two college students, Alori in 4th, Lilian in 6th, and Maé, who is in CE1”, indicates the father of the family.

Since Loïc can telecommute, Cécile, the mother, has to go to her workplace. “I am at home, with three children and I have to work at the same time”, he explains. The living room is therefore also his office and Maé’s classroom in CE1: “She needs to be followed. You have to explain the instructions to her, dictate the words to her or check the calculations, so she must be next to me.” But Maé knows very well that it won’t be like at school.

“Parents, they are not teachers, they do not know everything while the teacher is a teacher.”

Maé, CE1 student

to franceinfo

To go from primary to college, you have to climb the stairs. Lilian and Alori work in their respective rooms. With a new computer bought by parents, another loaned by a friend. Even though Lilian, in 6th grade, has gotten used to the online course, it’s not always easy. “I often go to look elsewhere, recognizes the schoolboy. I quickly give up homework when it gets on my nerves. “ And it remains to be discussed the start time of home school. “As late as possible”, launches Lilian while for his father: “We will try to start at 9 o’clock so as not to shift too far.”

Mathematics and French lessons mainly take place in the morning, where they are most concentrated. Loïc is also planning a lunchtime outing: “To really get some fresh air and unwind.” But the days will still be busy. “The risk for me is that my days are much longer, explains the father. When they’re done, that’s where I get some time back to really work on some substantive issues and a little more. When they are in bed, I am happy. It may even be me, sometimes, who will go to bed first to recover. “

The family doesn’t put too much pressure on themselves either, a good part of the program has already been seen. “We will not take the lead. We will do as we can and it will be fine”, launches Loïc. But he is preparing for it to last several more weeks, convinced that schools and colleges will not reopen on the dates indicated by the government.

Home school: report at Le Mans by Maureen Suignard


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