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Vote for a good price multi-door refrigerator

Readers can vote for one of six models of multi-door refrigerators in the 7th Week of My Favorite Products nominations list.

The week of voting for the good price multi-door refrigerator took place from 12:00 on September 28 to 9:00 on October 4, with 6 products nominated by readers and selected by the Organizing Committee according to appropriate criteria. The series of refrigerators has a multi-door design, large capacity suitable for families with many members, is equipped with leading refrigeration technologies, food preservation features, saves electricity and has a good price in the segment. .

Aqua AQR-IG636FM

The AQR-IG636FM has a four-door design that opens and closes independently, a 90-degree opening angle and a modern mirror surface, suitable for many spaces and easy to clean. The product has an external touch panel, making it easy to monitor parameters and perform some control operations.

Aqua’s refrigerator has a total capacity of 549 liters, equipped with a power-saving Twin Inverter motor, multi-dimensional cooling, T.ABT anti-bacterial smart deodorization technology. The product is priced at 25.99 million VND.

Casper 645L RM-680VBW

Vote for a good price multi-door refrigerator - 1

The RM-680VBW has a cooler that is placed in an easy-to-use location and has a clear view, even when the refrigerator is packed with food. The total capacity of the product is quite large with 645 liters, of which the cooler compartment is 415 liters and the freezer compartment is 230 liters.

Casper refrigerator is equipped with an energy-saving inverter motor, comes with a system of 2 independent indoor units, multi-directional cooling. The machine also has antibacterial features to deodorize, take water outside, and warn when opening the door. The product is priced at 31 million VND.

LG Inverter GR-D22MB

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LG refrigerator has a four-door design that opens and closes independently, with a total capacity of 494 liters. The product is equipped with a Linear Inverter motor, which can save 32% of power consumption according to LG’s assertion.

GR-D22MB has many cooling technologies such as Door Cooling, Linear Cooling, Surround Cooling to help food stay fresh and keep for a long time. The machine is also equipped with a 5-layer Hygiene Fresh+ filter that removes bacteria in the cabinet compartment and filters odors. In addition to the usual functionality, the product comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and control via the Smart ThinQ app. GR-D22MB is priced at VND 39.99 million.

Samsung Inverter RF48A4010B4/SV

Vote for a good price multi-door refrigerator - 3

Samsung’s refrigerator model has a total capacity of 488 liters with a 4-door design that makes it easy to get foods without opening all the compartments, avoiding wasting electricity.

RF48A4010B4/SV is equipped with a Digital Inverter motor, a system of two independent Twin Cooling Plus indoor units that cools quickly and stably. The product also integrates an antibacterial and deodorizing feature with an activated carbon filter Deodorizer, a Fresh Zone fruit and vegetable drawer that automatically controls humidity, an external water dispenser, etc. The refrigerator is priced at VND 23.18 million.

Sharp Inverter SJ-FX600V-SL

Vote for a good price multi-door refrigerator - 4

SJ-FX600V-SL is designed with four independent wings, capacity of 525 liters. The product uses a J-tech Inverter motor that saves electricity and operates with low noise, and comes with a Hybrid Cooling dual cooling system that distributes cold air evenly in the interior spaces to help keep food fresh for a long time.

Sharp’s refrigerator has an antibacterial filter that deodorizes, a separate compartment for vegetables and fruits, and a quick freezing mode. SJ-FX600V-SL is sold for 30.89 million VND.

Toshiba GR-RF610WE-PGV(22)-XK

Vote for a good price multi-door refrigerator - 5

Toshiba’s refrigerator model has a total capacity of 511 liters, suitable for families of 4-5 people. The product has an Origin Inverter motor that operates smoothly and saves electricity.

GR-RF610WE-PGV(22)-XK uses cooling technology with two independent indoor units, PureBio deodorizing antibacterial system uses Plasma to kill bacteria, the function of creating a suitable temperature for food Flexible Zone . The product is currently priced at VND 20.99 million.

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The fastest reader to vote for the favorite product of the week and to predict the closest number of people with the same choice to receive the prize is the Logitech Slim Folio Pro keyboard for iPad Pro.

Products I love is an annual program, taking place on the sidelines of Tech Awards organized by VnExpress organization. This year’s program starts on August 17 and will last 11 weeks with 11 voting topics. Products won each week based on reader votes and awarded certificates during the Tech Awards 2021, scheduled to be held in January 2022.

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