August 1, 2021

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VIDEO. Project Pegasus: “He’s in your pocket and he knows everything about you”

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Pegasus is the name of software sold by an Israeli company called NSO Group and this software is sold to states, governments, who actually use it to spy on people.“, explains Laurent Richard, director of Forbidden Stories. The organization Forbidden Stories, with the help of Amnesty International, 16 media and 80 journalists, revealed a scandal of espionage of certain countries well beyond their borders. “Officially, Pegasus is software that is supposed to track down criminals, terrorists and that’s it. But not journalists, not human rights activists, not lawyers, heads of state … And what we discover is a use made by 10 governments that have targeted people in more than 50 countries on Earth“, explains Laurent Richard.

Espionage can be done remotely either 10,000 or even 20,000 km from the location of the intelligence operator who, from his platform, can choose you as a target: “Your phone is infected, you can’t see it, it’s in your pocket and it knows everything about you. “In this way, videos or even photos can be transmitted”to your worst enemies“, as Laurent Richard indicates. He develops:”And so, it is the states which, like Morocco, target Edwy Plénel, like Azerbaijan, hack Khadija Ismayilova’s cellphone, as we also find the phone number in this list of a journalist named Cecilio. Pineda who, two months after his phone number appeared in this list, was murdered. “

What this survey shows is that these 10 very different countries, these 10 entities pursued and targeted the same type of profile“, explains Laurent Richard. The people monitored are those who”disturb the powers“, he sums up.

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