June 15, 2021


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VIDEO. Legalization of cannabis: “There is a lack of courage on the part of the president,” says Julien Bayou

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The head of the EELV list for regional in Île-de-France believes that we must “dare to put the subject on the table”.

In a report published Wednesday, May 4, parliamentarians recommend the legalization of cannabis with state control to deal with traffickers but also better protect minors. A proposal defended Sunday, May 9 on franceinfo by the national secretary of Europe Ecology The Greens, Julien Bayou. The head of the list for the regional elections in Ile-de-France deplores “the lack of courage of the president”, On the question.

Emmanuel Macron “announced himself as a modern liberal and who finally returns to the old antiphons on ‘drugs is bad’. We must dare to put the legalization of cannabis on the table. It is not a question of security. is first and foremost a health issue, that is to say that cannabis is dangerous for adolescents, it is attested today “, says Julien Bayou.

The national secretary of Europe Ecologie-Les-Verts notes‘”a total health failure” due to a criminal response that is responsible for the “higher rate of consumption among 14-year-olds. Not to mention obviously the difficulty for many neighborhoods and the security issue”, adds Julien Bayou.

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