April 21, 2021


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Video games: Fortnite creator buys developer of popular “Fall Guys”

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Epic Games has cash and they use it. The group behind the hit game Fornite has just acquired Tonic Games, the parent company of London studio Mediatonic which developed the title “Fall Guys”. Released in August, this production was one of the flagship successes of 2020. In all, this game has sold 11 million copies on PC. Also available on the Playstation ecosystem, the title should be launched soon on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Tuesday evening, Epic Games also clarified that “Fall Guys” will remain available on Steam, the benchmark platform for online sales of PC games. A precision which is important: the group launched a rival platform, the Epic Games Store, at the end of 2018 and relies in particular on temporary exclusives to seduce “gamers”.

The amount of the transaction has not been disclosed. ” It is an acquisition worth several hundred million euros, but which does not exceed half a billion », Says an expert in the sector. For several months, the video game market, which has been going through a prosperous period with the health crisis, has been in full swing and mega-acquisitions abound.

“Fall Guys” is a game at the crossroads between the genre of “Party Game” (a multiplayer title with a simple and fun concept) and “Battle Royale”, a category in which Fortnite boxes. In the title developed by Mediatonic, sixty “gamers” are gathered and must pass a series of tests (including obstacle courses) spread over five rounds with eliminations in each of them. In Fortnite, a hundred players compete, simultaneously and with weapons, in a given space that is gradually shrinking. In the end, only one survivor remains.

Focus on the metavers

Quixel, SuperAwesome, Rad Game Tools, Cubic Motion, Psyonix, (“Rocket League”), Tonic Games Group…: Epic Games has been increasing redemptions for over a year. The firm has funds. This summer, Sony took a 1.4% stake in Epic Games for $ 250 million. An operation which valued it nearly 18 billion.

If Fortnite is today a very profitable game, Epic Games does not hide that it has other ambitions for the future: to create, from its title, a metaverse. Clearly, a virtual and parallel world where everyone can lead a kind of second life and which also leads to purchases, an economy as such and therefore real income for the companies behind this second universe. Other groups like the video game firm Roblox or Facebook are also very interested in the subject.

Epic is determined to create the metaverse and Tonic Games shares that ambition, said Tuesday evening, Tim Sweeney the boss and founder of Epic Games. To build this virtual future, we need great creative talents, who know how to make powerful games, content and experiences. “. The building is being built little by little.

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