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United States: Americans are mobilizing for the right to abortion



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The American population is coming together to defend the right to abortion. He is threatened by the Supreme Court which is preparing to overturn a right acquired in 1973. Live of Washington, we find Loic de la Mornais, Saturday 14 May.

The extent of the mobilization in the United States is the symbol of a societal fracture which is repeated in the country. Gatherings take place in several major cities in America such as Washington, Chicago, New York, The bone Angeles.It’s progressive cities versus a certain America that’s a little more traditionalist.”details Loic from Mornais, live of Washington, Saturday, May 14.

We met a lot of women who are very afraid of a huge 50-year throwback”continues the journalist. “They are marching towards the Supreme Court, (…) which should, in all likelihood, allow abortion to be banned in at least 26 out of 50 states”reports Loic of the Mornais.Many pro-conservative judges were appointed by Donald Trump out of step with the whole of America“, concludes the journalist who specifies that the majority of the population wishes to keep the right to abortion.

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