June 15, 2021


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Trinh Xuan Thanh: I was blamed by Mr. Dinh La Thang

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Former PVC Chairman Trinh Xuan Thanh stated that he did not do anything wrong, but was accused by Mr. Dinh La Thang, “doing so is insulting others”.

On the afternoon of March 12, the 12 accused and the lawyers continued to argue with the VKSND Hanoi representative during the trial of the Phu Tho Ethanol case.

In nearly 20 minutes of presentation, Mr. Trinh Xuan Thanh denied all allegations, claiming that only two documents were signed for PVC to do a project in the name of the Chairman of the Board to send publicly to PVB.

“I am a business leader so I always want to accept works to do, if I cannot do it, I will not apply. The right to decide or not is decided by the investor. However, the indictment says we are not qualified enough. The force but still applying for the project is not correct, because we only lack 1-2 criteria “, Mr. Thanh said.

The former PVC chairman denied the accusations that he and his accomplices coalesced into a group of negative interests. PVC is a subsidiary under the direction of PVN, so this is a subordinate relationship, not an accomplice. “I am currently serving a life sentence in sentences, now another 5-10 years does not matter, but I have to call because my brothers do not commit crimes but still go to prison,” Mr. Thanh said.

Defendant Trinh Xuan Thanh in court. Image: VNA.

According to Thanh, the Ethanol project in Phu Tho has been removed from the list of 12 “big loss projects” of the industry and trade because the state capital in this project is low. The stopped Ethanol project is not for PVC with no construction capacity, but the key is that people with money want to decide whether to do more or not. “In short, the failure is still due to lack of money. So the project’s future is still stagnant and the damage will be who will go to prison”, former chairman of PVC raised the problem.

At the end of the defense, Mr. Thanh said: “Mr. Dinh La Thang does not like me to mention his name, but I still have to mention it because I did something wrong, he accused me, doing so is insulting others”.

Because during the argument, Mr. Thanh repeatedly pointed at other defendants and called them inappropriately, so he was reminded by the Panel. Mr. Thanh responded that VKS spoke a lot without being prompted.

Previously, in the defense, Mr. Thang said that Trinh Xuan Thanh said that he had received the contract for the project with the price of 59 million USD, because PVN sent an official letter to “slap himself in the mouth”.

Defending Mr. Thanh, lawyer Nguyen Van Quynh said that the PVC / Alfa Lava / Delta-T contractor consortium received the designation to carry out the TK05 package of Phu Tho Ethanol project is in accordance with the current policy. that about investment in the construction of oil and gas industry works. Moreover, the appointment of contractor is in accordance with the charter on the development orientation of subsidiaries according to PVN’s business strategy.

According to Quynh, the project stopped construction due to the EPC contract revenue could not compensate for the actual costs incurred by the project. Specifically, PVB investor cannot guarantee the financial source to implement the project. Therefore, Mr. Quynh rejected VKS’s point of view that the project stopped due to lack of capacity of PVC.

The operator area of ​​the project is abandoned.  Photo: Pham Du.

The operator area of ​​the project is abandoned. Image: Pham Du.

Contrary to Mr. Thanh’s defense, the representative of VKS said that the former PVC chairman in court often expressed his lack of sincerity, not pleading guilty, so it is not allowed to apply mitigating circumstances to make declaration.

Mr. Thanh is an active accomplice in the case, committing crimes under the direction of his superiors. Former PVC chairman knew that his consortium was not capable and experienced in implementing the EPC package of the Phu Tho Ethanol project, but still followed Mr. Thang’s direction to sign a resolution to agree to implement the project at a higher price. $ 59 million in 18 months, although previously offered a price of $ 85 million. The act of wrongdoing by Mr. Thanh and his colleagues led to a loss of 543 billion VND to PVB. The project is currently stagnant for many years.

Former PVC chairman Trinh Xuan Thanh was sentenced to 11-12 years in prison for the crime Violations against regulations on investment in construction works, causing serious consequences; 10-11 years in prison Abusing positions and powers in public service. This is the only person in the case to have two counts of prosecution.

This is the third case Mr. Thanh has been tried. In 2018, Mr. Thanh was sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes Embezzlement and CDeliberately acting against the State’s regulations on economic management, causing serious consequences in two cases happened at Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) and Petrovietnam Construction Corporation (PVC).

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