June 15, 2021


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Trial of the assassination of Julie Douib: at the bar, the neighbor of the victim overwhelms the ex-spouse

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“She said to me: ‘He killed me’.” A neighbor of Julie Douib, victim of conjugal feminicide in March 2019 at Ile-Rousse (Haute-Corse), which had aroused a wave of indignation in France, overwhelmed the ex-companion of the young woman tried since Thursday, June 10 before the assizes of Bastia for assassination. It is one of 146 feminicides by companion or ex identified in 2019.

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“Julie, she was lying on the balcony, her head in an empty flowerpot. She was moaning. At one point she looked at me and she said, ‘He killed me’, it was his last words “, told, moved, the neighbor who lived upstairs below that of Julie Douib. ATRelieved by the gunshots, she meets the victim’s ex-spouse on the stairs : “He stopped, he stared at me. We didn’t say a word to each other.” On hearing her testimony, the victim’s father left the courtroom on the first day of the trial.

Another resident described the scene of the crime which she witnessed from the parking lot of the residence, alerted by a first shot: “I saw a person throw himself on the lady and throw her on the ground. They were on the terrace. She is lying down, he is on top of her, he is holding her to the ground by holding her at neck level. She was saying ‘to help, help, ‘she held up her hand. The second shot went off at that point. “

In custody, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani admitted having come to his ex-partner’s home, armed, “to scare him”, reported to the bar an investigator. A first shot was fired “accidentally” before a second, “fired voluntarily” but which he does not “not remember well” due to a “black hole”, just like a third shot, continues the gendarme. When he got home, the accused then said to his sister’s husband: “I did something stupid, take me to the gendarmerie.”

This same brother-in-law was already present the day before the events, when Bruno Garcia-Cruciani was training in his garden to shoot with his pistol equipped with a silencer in front of his children, aged 10 and 12 today, according to the testimony of the latter reported by investigators.

For the director of investigation, the motive for the assassination of Julie Douib “is linked to a badly digested rupture and a secret affair [de la victime] with a sports teacher “. Julie Douib, like her father, but also the accused, had filed several cross complaints and handrails “in this conflicting separation”. The accused, who has not yet been heard, is due to be heard on Friday. The 44-year-old faces life imprisonment.

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