August 1, 2021

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Traffic policeman punched in the face by a driver at the Covid-19 checkpoint

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Quang NinhPham Van Vinh, 38, driving after drinking, punched a traffic policeman in the face while being asked to make a medical declaration.

On July 20, Dong Trieu town police said that they are temporarily holding Vinh, residing in Mao Khe ward, to clarify his anti-government behavior.

According to the investigating agency, at 3:30 p.m. on July 17, Vinh rode a motorbike carrying Nguyen Van Dat (37 years old, residing in Mao Khe ward) in the direction from Kinh Mon town (Hai Duong) to Dong Trieu town (Quang Ninh). , through the Covid-19 prevention and control checkpoint of Da Vach bridge, Mao Khe ward.

Vinh at the investigation agency. Image: Le Dai

At the checkpoint, Vinh was accused of not making medical declarations as prescribed, but intentionally driving the car into the lane reserved for vehicles out of Dong Trieu town to evade medical declaration.

Discovering the incident, traffic police Vu Van Sau signaled to stop the car and asked Vinh and Dat to make a medical declaration.

According to the authorities, Vinh did not comply, hit him in the face and cursed and insulted Mr. Sau.

Dong Trieu town police measured Vinh’s breath alcohol concentration, the result was 0.623 mg/l. At the police station, Vinh admitted to using alcohol when participating in traffic, not complying with regulations on epidemic prevention and fighting traffic police.

Minh Cuong