August 1, 2021

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Toyota Altis reduced by more than 60 million

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HanoiBoth versions are discounted, but 1.8E version has a better discount than 1.8G, the lowest selling price is about 670 million VND.

Specifically, both versions are offered for sale by dealers with a reduction of 35-45 million in cash and 12-15 million accessories. This discount can be converted from cash to accessories or body insurance. However, there are some agents that convert all into cash.

Version Listed price Price Reduction rate
1.8 E 733 670-685 48-63
1.8 WOOD 763 720-740 23-43

(Unit: million dong)

This reduction may vary by dealers or depending on the point of the month, according to some sales staff the price at the end of the month running the target may be reduced more deeply. Currently, Altis has two versions 1.8E and 1.8G, dropping version 2.0 as before. Equip the respective upgraded versions.

Corolla Altis upgraded version at the dealer.

While Toyota Vietnam has not announced any promotions, dealers said that their discount is simply to stimulate shopping demand and there is absolutely no information on when the new generation will be sold.

All cars are produced in 2021 and have all colors for customers to choose from. Previously, Altis was the best-selling C-size car in the segment, but then Mazda3 and Cerato improved in terms of design and features to surpass the Altis.

In addition to strong competition from rivals, the C-segment sedan segment is also selling slower because customers are turning to buy more high-rise models of B and C sizes. In the segment Altis is currently the slowest-selling model in the first 5 months of 2021.



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