May 14, 2021

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Those who ‘clear the law’ for the workers

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Dong NaiOver the past 10 years, 700 workers have come to the inns, factories, factories to give free legal advice to employees.

Every Thursday afternoon, at the end of her shift work, Ms. Ho Thi Thuong, 37 years old, leaves her company in Long Binh Industrial Park (Bien Hoa, Dong Nai) and runs home about 5 km away in time to meet the law. multiply. Last Thursday, she consulted on the topic of waiting to receive a pension or a one-time social insurance hot, many workers requested. More than 20 people have just finished the shift, still in the company uniform, waiting for you.

“I do not know if I should quit my job so that next year I will receive the insurance money”, worker Tran Thi Lan working at a garment company in Long Binh industrial park wondered at the consultation. At the age of 35, 15 years in her career, Lan suffered from varicose veins due to sitting a lot, being sedentary, so she calculated that she would quit her job at the age of 45 for another decade. Again, I will receive my pension. That is too long, I cannot wait, “Ms. Lan said.

Ms. Ho Thi Thuong (green shirt) gave gifts to motivate workers during the consultation session. Image: Le Tuyet.

The practical social insurance theme made the consultation exciting when many workers asked questions. To make the counseling part lively and easy to understand, Ms. Thuong and the consultant team performed the small scene. Two people over 40 years old in the same company. Someone who needs money to fix his house should quit his job and get one-time social insurance. The other person borrowed from the bank and then deducted salary to pay gradually. In the old age, by chance meeting again, the one with a pension helps to struggle while the other sells lottery tickets to earn a living.

“Each person has different circumstances. I advise not to impose but give them the situation to help them consider their losses and make suitable choices”, Ms. Thuong said.

Present at the consultation session, Mr. Tran Nam Trung, 40 years old, working at Jin Yang Electronics Company (Giang Dien Industrial Park, Trang Bom, Dong Nai), talked about the legal support for colleagues suing enterprises. claim benefits. At that time, worker Le Thi Van was illegally laid off by the company. Through a colleague, she learned about Mr. Trung’s legal consulting group, so she came to ask for help.

Listening to the female worker, Mr. Trung accepted the representative of Ms. Van to sue the company to the Court of Long Thanh District. Through two conciliations with coherent explanations of the law that Mr. Trung gave, the receiving company terminated the illegal labor contract, compensating Ms. Van nearly 60 million dong.

In order to have time to pursue lawsuits in court, people “carrying the prison and the head” like Trung often take annual leave. In some cases, the proceedings were prolonged, he had to take unpaid leave, spending all of his time helping vulnerable colleagues.

“I just need to help the workers, I can overcome any difficulties,” Trung said and said that in the past, working from Nghe An to Dong Nai was a worker who was under a lot of pressure but did not know who to call. Signed a contract to work at the ironing department, but at the end of the shift he was sent to pick up the load. Once he went to listen to legal advice at the inn, the male worker expressed his frustration to know that the company was doing it wrong.

Since then, whenever he knows where there is legal advice, he always comes to listen. In 2009, know Dong Nai Trade Union Law Consultancy Center trained workers to extend legal support arm at the factory and inn Mr. Trung registered to participate.

Like Trung, 12 years ago, Ms. Thuong used to “get angry” because she had a broken arm, but she was not able to handle the labor accident regime. By chance, she was able to listen to the mobile legal advice at the inn, and she was explained in detail. Unexpectedly it was the “fateful evening” that has been associated with this work for many years.

From 2009-2013, at the end of the week, Mr. Trung, Ms. Thuong and many workers gathered at the headquarters of Dong Nai Labor Confederation to participate in training courses on labor law, gathering skills, negotiation, and speaking first. crowd … Accessing to legal knowledge, they realize that they and many workers are disadvantaged and their rights have been violated without anyone knowing. Times where they are restricted from going to the toilet, forced overtime, obnoxious management … they all try to endure.

“We are in the same situation, not helping each other, waiting for anyone,” Ms. Thuong said. Studied for nearly 3 months, she was able to practice. The first is to choose a consultation location, knock on the door of each room to convince workers to participate in legal advice. Someone agreed, but in some cases, the door was slammed. Several days, driving a motorbike for nearly 30 km from Bien Hoa to Trang Bom, Nhon Trach it rained heavily. Everyone wants to cry when the long outdoor consultation session is about to be postponed.

A legal consultation session for workers in Dong Nai.  Photo: Le Tuyet.

A legal consultation session for workers in Dong Nai. Image: Le Tuyet.

The first time she was assigned to give a main presentation, Ms. Thuong composed the content and repeated it dozens of times in front of the mirror. At first, where I stumbled the center’s attorney immediately. Joining the consulting force, she became a different person, agile, confident and knowledgeable. At the company, the workers trusted her to join the union executive committee, becoming a free “private lawyer” for colleagues.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu Y, Chairman of Dong Nai Labor Confederation, said that the province has more than 3 million people, of which workers account for 60%, but the force of union officials is limited. 7 people should have difficulty in bringing legal knowledge to workers, especially in inns and factories.

Therefore, since 2009, the provincial Trade Union legal advice center initiated the model “using workers themselves to share legal knowledge with workers”. Over the past 12 years nearly 700 participants have been called “core workers”. They are considered a pillar part of legal support for colleagues based on their common advantages where, at work, time … The group of “core workers” has contributed “to fill the legal gap. ” for worker.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Ha, Director of the Center of Trade Union legal advice, said that no one understands and is closer to workers than the workers themselves. There are many regulations, the lawyer lectures the workers, which is difficult to grasp, but when people like Ms. Thuong, Mr. Trung raise them, give practical examples to explain, everyone immediately understands. Workers also actively participated, argued, not kept their distance.

Previously “core workers” were compared to those who went “blind” the law, now accompanying workers. In addition to answering legal policies, equipping negotiation skills, they also pay attention to discover the problems workers face. The problem lies in the company, the group will coordinate the trade union to organize a dialogue with businesses to remove, or propose to the authorities, authorities if it is related to legal policies.

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