August 1, 2021

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They made the news. The singer Hoshi, on a crusade against the haters

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April 7, 2021. The singer Hoshi is the victim of sexist and derogatory remarks made by the musical columnist Fabien Lecoeuvre. In an interview broadcast on the Arts-Mada webradio, the one who is also press attaché and author of books on the song attacks the physique of the singer. “When you look at Hoshi, for example, who has an incredible, indisputable talent, you put a poster of Hoshi in your room, do you? She’s scary. She’s talented, that girl, really, but she gives her songs. to sublime girls. There are plenty of magnificent performers. “

Faced with the outcry, Fabien Lecoeuvre apologizes and regrets remarks inadmissible and unworthy of the love he has for French song. But three months after the incident, Hoshi, who has just released his third album, remains deeply marked by the columnist’s slippage. “The words of Fabien Lecoeuvre, it’s hard. And then he goes far in the image, in addition. He did not just say ‘she is ugly’, he said that I was scary and ‘you have Ever seen someone with a Hoshi poster in your room? ‘. Well yes, yes, there are, yes. I have kids at my concerts who make me sign their posters. But beyond that , it puts everything on the line, my team, my family, my mother who called me in tears. I get a little stray bullet like that and it never feels good. And when my mother called me crying, I said to myself ‘oh yes, these words are perhaps even more serious than what I thought.’ And I think that this delirium, you have to be 6 feet tall, fit in 36, dress in a dress and putting on make-up is no longer the criteria of our time. Very few people dress like that now today in the artists I listen to. We all have a different beauty and charm differently and we all have our style. It’s freedom. The be auté, it is subjective “, Hoshi points out.

For Hoshi, it was obvious that the outrage should not be allowed to pass. “I said to myself ‘I have to talk about it’, precisely, for the singers who have not yet released anything, who will say to themselves ‘me, I have trouble looking at myself in a mirror because I’ don’t trust myself, so I’m not going to release my album, I’m not going to try. ‘There are so many young people who give up on their dreams because of words and people like him and that’s what I have wanted shows “ says the singer.

Hoshi admits that it can be trickier to be both gay and a public figure at the same time. “We have more weight on our shoulders. There is a community behind us, children, teenagers who discover their sexual orientation, who thank us. And inevitably, there are people who are not very happy that we be put forward. Me, I know that when I made the music video Love censorship, I got caught in the mouth by the Manif for all with whom it is impossible to debate. I received thousands of death threats because I kissed a dancer at the Victoires de la Musique … But in real life, it doesn’t just happen to me. It happens to a lot of people, it’s just that there are artists who prefer to be silent and ignore so as not to be right, in this kind of talk, sometimes to ignore. There, I admit that I could not ignore. I ignore many times but there I could not ignore “.

To get things done, as she explains, Hoshi files complaints very regularly against those who go too far. “I want to show people that they are not alone, that there will always be hatred, but that it can be reduced. Everything I do, I do for those under 15 who would have cried seeing the death threats after coming out, who would have cried seeing what Fabien Lecoeuvre said because it’s hard, when you have dreams in your head. It kills their dreams. They are afraid. I don’t want that to happen anymore, beyond Fabien Lecoeuvre. I don’t really care about him. I didn’t know who he was before and I don’t want to know who he is now. is really these words which are not only in the mouth of this man, which are surely in the mouths of many others, which happen every day. And it does not make business like that, but it is not as long as we have to accept them. These words are dangerous. “
After this controversy, Hoshi received the support of dozens of artists. In the summer of 2021, the singer took the road to festivals. Without forgiving Fabien Lecoeuvre.

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