These people are more at risk from Omicron Variant, do not be careless

Omicron Variant Alert: Coronavirus cases are increasing continuously across the country. At the same time, the cases of Coronavirus are increasing continuously in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. In this, cases of the new variant of coronavirus, Omicron Variant, are also increasing. To prevent this, it is necessary to apply mask, wash hands frequently and follow social distance. Although Omicron can infect any person, but some people are at higher risk of getting infected with Omicron. In such a situation, we will tell you here which people are more prone to get infected with Omicron. Let’s know.

These people are at higher risk of Omicron Variant-

  • Risk for heart patients If you are facing any kind of heart disease, then it becomes very important for you to follow all the guidelines of Corona. This is because heart patients are at higher risk of Omicron. In such a situation, heart patients need to take special care of themselves.
  • diabetic patient- Diabetes weakens the immunity of the body. In such a situation, any disease quickly takes the diabetes patient in its grip. At the same time, the risk of Omicron can also be higher in diabetics. Therefore, diabetic patients should take special care of themselves during Omicron.
  • People with respiratory illness Corona virus is a respiratory disease. Therefore, it can most affect those people who have any respiratory disease. Therefore, the respiratory patient should take more care of himself. Otherwise, those people can fall prey to it quickly.
  • danger to the elderly People of any age group can get Omicron. But elderly people are more prone to it. This is because the ability to fight diseases decreases in the elderly.

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