April 21, 2021


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These foods can cause pimples and pimples, these foods are not good for your skin

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Pimples and pimples are not always good for your personality. The reason behind this may be your eating habits. Poor food choices can cause pimples that become a strong part of your face. This rash leaves marks on your face even after it goes away. There are many food items that are a regular part of your diet and they may have a role in contributing to annoying pimples.

Dairy Products
The use of dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and ice cream may be the main responsible behind the painful rash in some people. Cow’s milk contains amino acids that induce the liver to produce Insulin Like Growth Factor-1, and this hormone is linked to the development of acne. People who have a problem of lactose intake, ie, non-digestion of milk, after using dairy products also get rash on their face and rashes on the neck.

Refine Foods
Refined grain-rich foods such as bread, white pasta, maida noodles are known to induce pimples. These foods have a high quality of carbohydrates which has a direct effect on your blood sugar. A research has shown that people who use regular high-sugar foods are at a 30 percent higher risk of acne, while those who regularly eat pastries and cakes are at a 20 percent higher risk.

Are you fond of eating chocolate? This may be a matter of concern for you. Eating chocolate has been linked to an increase in breakouts. Chocolate enriched with cocoa, milk and sugar may react against acne-causing bacteria on your immune system. This can lead to more pimples and rash on your face.

Omega-6 fats
If you already have acne skin, then you need to stay away from foods with omega-6 fats. Foods like soybean, sunflower oil, cornflakes and nuts are inflammatory in nature and can be bad for your skin. By using it, more oil is produced in your skin and later on it causes painful rash.

Like the body, the health of the eyes is also important, these home remedies are effective for improving and increasing the light.

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