April 21, 2021


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There is no shortage of materials for the expressway through Binh Thuan

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The reserve of material mines in Binh Thuan can meet the requirement of 11.7 million cubic meters of soil for embankment to construct the North-South expressway passing through this province.

Mr. Le Tuan Phong, Chairman of Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee affirmed so at the meeting to resolve the source of embankment materials for high-speed construction through the province, on the afternoon of April 6.

Mr. Le Tuan Phong, Chairman of Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee chaired the meeting, on the afternoon of April 6. Image: Viet Quoc.

The North-South Expressway running through Binh Thuan province is located in three component projects: Cam Lam – Vinh Hao (more than 78 km); Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet (more than 100 km); Phan Thiet – Dau Giay (99 km).

In which, two projects Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet (Project Management Board 7 is an investor) and Dau Giay – Phan Thiet (Project Management Board of Thang Long is an investor) have been implemented since November last year. . These two expressways have a total investment of 23,500 billion VND, expected to be completed in 2022.

During the construction process, the investor and contractors reflect the need for ground filling of the two projects to be about 11 million m3, but the shortage of locally licensed mines leads to a serious shortage. delay the work progress.

Right in March, Binh Thuan People’s Committee established an interdisciplinary team to review the actual reserves at the mines which were planned to serve the expressway.

“Through the review, the existing reserves are basically not lacking,” Phong said and directed the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to continue to quickly appraise the mining procedures for the additional auctioned records to provide abundant supply. source of materials for important national projects.

Chairman of Binh Thuan province said that for a long time, the three parties (project investors, contractors and mine owners) have not met, agreed with each other, so there is a problem of lack of materials for expressways. .

At the meeting, representatives of mines in Binh Thuan also raised the current status of available materials, but the investor and the contractor said it was insufficient.

Mr. Ngo Van Ky cited his Nui Dat mine with reserves of more than 137,000 m3 in Phong Phu commune (Tuy Phong district), only 5 km from the expressway project. Analytical samples give quality results for high-speed construction. “They keep saying that, we are willing to sell them cheaply, but there are not any contractors coming to buy them,” Ky said.

Nui Dat mine with reserves of more than 137,000 m3 in Phong Phu commune (Tuy Phong district) is available, but no high-speed contractor has come to buy it.  Photo: Đức Huynh.

Nui Dat mine has a reserve of more than 137,000 m3 in Phong Phu commune (Tuy Phong district). Image: Monsignor Huynh.

The representative of the investor of the Vinh Hao – Phan Thiet section said that the miners need to contact the contractors to negotiate and sell their products. They are willing to buy if the mine’s materials are of the required quality.

“The seller needs to actively offer to the contractors, can not wait”, Mr. Hoang Tuan Khoat, Deputy Project Management Unit 7 suggested.

Also according to Khoat, the high-speed construction must ensure the work quality. The design consultancy unit previously surveyed and assessed the reserves of mines that were eligible to supply, but when put into construction, the actual quality must be analyzed again.

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