July 30, 2021


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There are side effects to start the day without brushing, know why it is important before breakfast?

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To get better health of the mouth with complete health, it is necessary to brush teeth before breakfast. Brushing gives a new condition to your mouth and prepares you to eat during the day. Cleaning teeth helps remove bacteria that grow in the mouth at night. Even when cleaned with water during the night, some pieces of food somehow stay in your mouth. To avoid other problems, the remaining pieces need to be removed the next morning.

Bad breath

Scientifically, the smell of bad breath is said to affect the large population of the world. This is mainly due to poor health of the mouth. In the beginning, small portions of food remain after dinner. After that, they start stinking. The less teeth you brush, the more bacteria will form in your mouth. In the same way, cleaning of the tongue is also necessary. Mouth odor can be caused by not removing the stinky top layer.

Tooth decay

Toothache causes unbearable pain and teeth reach the surgery of the teeth. Due to not cleaning teeth, dirt and sediment work together to grab your gums and teeth. Once the bacteria reaches the end of your mouth, it starts attacking your gums. After some time, the teeth become weak and decay. Due to which the tooth starts to fall.

Stained teeth

Teeth can be made white in many ways. Whenever you eat food or drink coffee, tea, alcohol, your teeth turn yellow at last. Also, if you do not brush your teeth before the breakfast, then your teeth will be stained and your attractive personality will be spoiled.

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