April 21, 2021


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The secret to helping Morikawa win the WGC-Workday Championship

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Thanks to learning how to chip and deceive, Collin Morikawa won the trophy and the prize of 1.82 million USD at the PGA Tour event at Concession Stadium in Florida on 28/2.

“That saved my life this week,” Morikawa said of the ball-chip trick from Paul Azinger after the coronation ceremony on February 28. Before the tournament, Morikawa was advised by a senior born in 1960 and also a member of the Concession Stadium for about 10 minutes on how to use the wedge head bounce to make chips more efficient on Bermuda grass.

Azinger participated in the event as a field commentator for the channel NBC Golf. He won the 1998 Masters in 12 PGA Tour championships and is currently a member of the Concession.

But the putter – the “golden key” in Morikawa’s victory.

Golfer was born in 1997 and changed from the tradition to the “saw grip” style initiated by the famous Mark O’Meara. As a result, Morikawa enters the sweet, more stable ball and is always perpendicular to the closing line.

Morikawa plays the ball with a saw blade style to score after exiting the bunker.

O’Meara once explained the “saw grip” above Golf Channel from 2008. Accordingly, for a right-handed golfer, the left hand holds the tip of the handle as usual with the index finger down, the right hand is close below the left hand, in which the thumb is under the handle, the next three fingers are placed on the side. on the handle so that it is comfortable and the little finger is close behind.

O’Meara was born in 1957, owns two major in 16 PGA Tour titles and is a member of the Golf World Fame of Fame.

O'Meara explains the saw grip technique

O’Meara explains the saw grip technique.

On the closing day of the Workday Championship, Morikawa led the first two clubs and lost his advantage after two holes. But the birdie hole 5 with a kick – putt 1.8 meters from there to share the top of the board, adding three more birdies evenly within 3.6 meters to monopolize the top of the board with a three-stroke gap up to hole 12. Remaining, Morikawa is par, including a 3.3 meter putt in the last hole.

Morikawa uses an average of 27 putts per round, scoring a total of 27 birdies – most in the league, performance on green and from generator to green and tenth in term of closing.

That is the result after two weeks of renewal. Morikawa went to the PGA Tour from 2019, holding three PGA Tour championships all the previous year, including the major PGA Championship. He is notorious for his stick effectiveness, but poor in putt. Before meeting O’Meara, Morikawa was ranked 213th out of the 236 putt ranked member players on the PGA Tour this season.

Morikawa is delighted after scoring the decisive point to win the Workday Championship.  Photo: AP

Morikawa is delighted after scoring the decisive point to win the Workday Championship. Image: AP

Both Morikawa and O’Meara are Summit Club members in Las Vegas. “I heard about his saw blade and tried it out in a training session but it didn’t work,” says Morikawa.

They arranged to go home, exchange for about an hour. The next day, Morikawa practices himself and doesn’t do well, and that night falls asleep. “I can’t sleep and this has never happened. Before I did not think much about putt. But holding a saw blade feels good. And then I decided on my own intuition,” Morikawa says.

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