April 21, 2021


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The sale of breathalyzers in take-out drinking establishments will be compulsory from July

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Nearly 50,000 operators (wine merchants, hypermarkets, supermarkets, grocery stores, drive-through sites, etc.) are affected by the measure. Take-out and online drinking establishments will be required to sell breathalyzers from July, in accordance with the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) of 2019, Road Safety announced on Wednesday April 7.

Until now, only nightclubs were forced to offer breathalyzers for sale. “From July 1, 2021, take-out alcoholic beverage establishments must offer breathalysers for sale near the department with the largest volume of alcoholic beverages” or “near the place of payment”, indicates the delegation attached to the Ministry of the Interior in a press release.

Owners-harvesters offering drinks from their own harvest and temporary drinking establishments (fairs, shows and fairs) are exempt, because they are not subject to the take-out license.

Provided for by the mobility orientation law promulgated in December 2019, the article was the subject of a decree on March 30, published Wednesday in Official newspaper.

A preventive display on the importance of self-testing and mentioning the sale and location of alcohol tests in the establishment must be installed. Offenders are exposed to a fixed fine of 675 euros, which may be increased to 1,875 euros.

Currently, the authorized limit for the alcohol level in the blood is 0.5 g / L. For young drivers, the legal rate is 0.2 g / L. Alcohol, the second killer on the road after excessive speed, is involved in nearly a third of fatal accidents.

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