The questions you ask yourself about the pension reform

Posted Jan 23, 2023, 5:00 PM

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What will the pension reform really change? The project abandoned due to the Covid pandemic aimed to create a universal pension scheme, but this change in architecture disappeared from the 2023 reform. The different schemes will therefore continue to coexist. The most salient points concern the extension of the retirement age to 64 and the acceleration of the increase in the contribution period. But a host of other issues lie in wait.

The government refuses to touch employers’ contributions, so as not to increase the cost of work, nor pensions for retirees. In France, however, the latter benefit from an income 2% higher than the rest of the population, whereas a German pensioner has an income 13% lower. As for the minimum pension, it would be revalued to 85% of the SMIC, and would evolve according to inflation. The long career system would remain in force with a departure around 62 years old. And with regard to women, whose careers are often more choppy, voices are raised to point to the increased effort that would result from this compared to men.

Fear of blockage

The mobilization of January 19, at the call of an inter-union united as ever, impressed by its magnitude, which fuels some concerns in the executive. While waiting for the debate in Parliament, the government is putting forward arguments. To understand the issues, fifteen particularly concerning points are deciphered in “The Story” by the journalists of “Echos”.

La Story is a podcast from Les Echos presented by Pierrick Fay. This episode was recorded in January 2023. Editor-in-chief: Clémence Lemaistre. Guests: Isabelle Ficek, Solenn Poullennec and Guillaume de Calignon (journalists at “Les Echos”). Directed by: Willy Ganne. Production and publishing manager: Michèle Warnet. Music: Théo Boulenger. Graphic identity: Upian. Photo: Shutterstock. Sounds: Public Sénat, Les Inconnus “Rap-tout”, BFM TV, francetv slash/causes, Government.

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