June 15, 2021


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The Medicine Week vehemently criticized the Prime Minister of India

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Lancet, one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, criticizes the Indian government for being subjective in handling the Covid-19 crisis.

“The Indian government gives the impression that the country defeated Covid-19 after a few months with a low number of infections, despite repeated warnings about the dangers of the second wave of outbreaks as well as the present of the new strains “, from an editorial published in the medical weekly The Lancet on May 8.

“Proposed false assumptions that India has attained public immunity encourages complacency and does not require adequate preparation, though the Indian Medical Research Council in January concluded. only 21% of the population has nCoV antibodies.

The editorial also criticized the government’s erroneous decisions, such as allowing religious ceremonies and large political gatherings, despite the lack of measures to reduce Covid-19 infection.

“The message that Covid-19 has essentially passed has also slowed the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination in India, a campaign that has vaccinated less than 2 percent of the population. At the federal level, the next India’s vaccination plan soon failed. The government abruptly turned without discussing policy changes with the states, expanding the audience to people over 18, running out of supplies, chaos and vaccine scramble between states and the hospital system “.

Lancet suggested that India should accelerate the immunization campaign properly, including increasing the supply of vaccines (possibly coming from abroad) and setting up a distribution mechanism to the countryside and to the poor.

“The government must work with local frontline health care facilities that understand the community situation and create a fair distribution system,” suggested Lancet.

Weekly reported that measures should be taken to limit transmission as much as possible during the implementation of the vaccine, asking the Indian government to publish “accurate and timely data”, and transparent explanations to the people. Know what’s going on, what needs to be done to smooth the infection curve, and consider declaring a federal blockade.

“There is a need for extensive sequencing of genes to better trace, understand and control new strains. Local governments have begun to take measures to contain transmission, but the federal government has a role to play. It is essential in explaining to people the need for masks, social distance, preventing crowds, voluntary isolation and testing. Quoting and discussion open in crisis are inexplicable, “says the editorial.

The week cites the estimate by the University of Washington Institute of Medical Metrology and Evaluation that by one-eighth, the number of Covid-19 deaths in India could reach one million.

“If that happens, the government of Modi will be held accountable for this national tragedy. India has squandered its initial anti-epidemic success. By April, the government’s anti-Covid-19 committee was. The consequences of this decision are clear, and India needs to reconsider its anti-epidemic measures, “wrote Lancet.

The success of the anti-epidemic review will depend on whether the government “recognizes its mistakes, does not provide transparent and responsible guidance, and whether it is in action. to translate public health responses based on science or not “.

The editorial published at a time when India was sinking into the Covid-19 crisis, when the oxygen supply was exhausted, the medical system was overloaded. India continuously records more than 400,000 new infections and more than 4,000 deaths every day, becoming the second epidemic region in the world with nearly 22.3 million cases and nearly 240,000 deaths caused by Covid-19.

Lancet is one of the world’s oldest and most comprehensive medical journals, and one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, founded in 1823 by British doctor Thomas Wakley. original research, reviews (“workshops” and “reviews”), editorials, book reviews, and correspondence, as well as news and case reports.

Hong Hanh (According to the The Wire)


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