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The husband got up early to make bento for his wife to go to work

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HCMCThis year, Viet has a habit of getting up early in the morning to cook rice, decorate it into beautiful bento boxes for Mrs. Dieu to bring to work, to treat his wife’s anorexia habits.

“There was a time when I was so lazy that my husband took pictures of breakfast and lunch every day to send him to see. Since mid-2020, I started to see bento boxes on the table every morning,” said Thai Huynh Xuan. Dieu, 33 years old, in Thu Duc City told.

Her husband, Dang Cao Quoc Viet, is an architect and also loves to cook. To prepare lunch boxes for his wife to take to work, the husband often wakes up at 5am. Food was bought from the night before, after returning from work, prepared and then refrigerated, the next morning got up to cook.

Every day, Vietnam gets up from 5am to cook bento for his wife to take to work. Image: Characters provided.

Mr. Viet often comes up with menu ideas but to make a surprise, he never asked Dieu what she likes to eat, but follow her inspiration. Viet said that he himself is the creator, so he does not have the same formula or methodical principles as a professional chef. “I usually do it whatever I like, as long as it is good for my wife’s health,” the 33-year-old man said.

Time spent for his morning cooking is usually about 30-45 minutes. According to the architect, the time to prepare or cook is the time when he is most relaxed, it is easy to think of the most effective design plans. “So there is no hurry, a couple of jobs,” shared the father of one child.

Because of its meticulousness and sophistication, everything is self-thinking and rationally arranged based on available experience such as which dish is cooked first, what is cooked later. As a longtime manager, this man always knows how to get things done as quickly and as possible, not just cooking.

“He washed things very carefully, putting ingredients in the refrigerator is always beautiful, neat to create excitement in the kitchen after that,” Dieu said of her husband.

Quoc Viet and Xuan Dieu's family and their young daughter.  Photo: Character provided.

Quoc Viet and Xuan Dieu’s family and their young daughter. Image: Characters provided.

Ideas for decorating lunch boxes, Vietnamese always have in mind before buying ingredients. He said that the idea is like imagining the section, the facade of the guest house from before placing the pen to draw the design.

Although “working and playing”, but before 6:30, the bento boxes were already placed on the table. After cooking, Viet still has the habit of exercising and reading, indispensable things in a busy active day.

In addition to rice, the husband also puts a “snack” in his wife’s bag, sometimes yogurt, dry seeds, fruit or bread in case Dieu can’t eat his cooking. “Usually I will eat it all, because it is more tiring to answer the questions why the leftover food is”, Dieu said with a laugh. Therefore, from the day she was taken away by her husband, she was also less lazy to eat.

The wife said that every day she received a lunch box from her husband, she was eager like a child to open a secret gift box. The lunch at the office, she did not finish eating, but shared it with her colleagues and collected comments on suggestions with her husband. Dieu’s colleagues often admire admiration, ask questions of the recipe, someone even teases “What is our husband cooking today?”, Making his wife laugh.

Dieu's lunch box I remember the most was a picture of seaweed with a smiley face attached to her husband's rice balls.  Photo: Character provided.

Dieu’s lunch box I remember the most was a picture of seaweed with a smiley face attached to her husband’s rice balls. Image: Characters provided.

Among hundreds of bento boxes prepared by her husband over the past year, Dieu remembers the most a box with a smiley face seaweed attached to a rice ball, next to it are 2 chicken thighs. When she opened the box, she asked in surprise: “Are you sure this is my bento. Or is it yours?”. It turned out that in his eyes, she was still like a child, in need of care and comfort. Viet often observed his wife opening the bento box every morning and consulting after lunch. Whenever I forget to respond, I will ask again.

In addition to cooking, this man is willing to roll up the laundry, wash dishes, bathe and teach his children to learn. According to Viet, if you do not voluntarily do housework and take care of your children, it is a major shortcoming in building a family relationship. In this house, there is no concept of this for men, for women, but only for the couple.

As for Mrs. Dieu, every day she would say thank you to her husband for the lunch boxes he gave his wife. In addition to cooking, she is also grateful to him for always respecting and listening to his opinion. “That is the minimum rule to have in marriage. I believe that my husband and I are loving and taking care of each other properly,” the woman shared.

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