April 21, 2021


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The Galaxy F12 smartphone has finally arrived, find out why the Samsung phone is in the discussion

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Smartphone communication is very much used for Gen Z. They are expressing their true feelings through this. They can post photos on social media through this phone. Or videos on YouTube or you can open the knowledge you need on mobile games and the internet. Smartphones have become an important part of Gen Z’s life right now. Samsung has come up with a smartphone with all this in mind. The young generation are very smart. They are always looking for the next adventure and transparency. They need such a smartphone. It’s all in their heads. Samsung has teamed up with another winner. Which comes with a special design which is made on the demand of Gen Z.

Meet the new #FullOnFab Samsung Galaxy F12
The phone comes with a Super Impressive True 48MP camera and a stunning 6.5-inch Full HD Plus Infinite V display and a large 6000mAh battery. The Galaxy F12 is built on the demand of smartphone users. This phone fulfills every demand of the users. Let’s go deeper into this. Let’s understand about smartphones. Find out why you should buy this smartphone.

#FullOnFab True 48MP quad camera

What are the additional features given in this smartphone. The camera in this phone has become the main part of the smartphone. In this, it is playing an important role in getting customers to buy. With this in mind, Samsung has made this phone. For this, the company has definitely focused on this feature. So, the new Galaxy F12 smartphone comes with a new segment along with a 48MP quad camera. It uses Isocell Plus technology and GM2 Sensor. This camera system ensures that every photo you shoot is beautiful. This is possible due to the high megapixel sensor in this phone, so thanks to the company. The clarity and detail you get in this photo and video. In fact, vivid clarity will give you the feeling that the image is alive. More information about the camera and its features is coming soon.

#FullOnFab 90Hz display

Another special feature of this phone is the display. Every other feature camera and processor or battery gives you a great experience. But, the display you use in the phone every time. Hence, the display is much needed. When in the budget segment, many manufacturing companies do not pay much attention to this feature. But with the Galaxy F12, Samsung has never given up. And Gen Z has delivered what it wants. This phone has a super smooth 90Hz refresh rate 6.5 inch HD plus Infinity V display, Samsung has really given many features in it. Now, your binge session will be in HD Plus Glory as well as your display will look good all day long with 90Hz refresh rate. 90Hz refresh rate shows you smooth road, lag free and will give you a great experience without any hassle. #FullOnFab.

#FullOnFab battery


What do you call a smartphone that keeps you glued to the wall all day? Landline phone.

Smartphones are designed to keep you mobile and you have to think twice about whether battery life will last without adventure root. If you are worried about the battery every hour, you need an upgrade. And the Samsung Galaxy F12 is the device you should have. This phone has not only a beautiful display but also a great camera. But, smartphones promise battery life. The Samsung Galaxy F12 comes with a large 6000mAh battery. Which lasts longer. This means that the battery of this phone lasts for a day and a half. Also, if you use the phone carefully, you do not need to charge the battery for two days.

So far, so much information has been received about this smartphone. But, as clarified by our source, this phone is about to make an entry in the budget smartphone market. The price of this phone will be less than 10 thousand rupees. Users will get features and launch offers this time. We are sure that this phone will definitely do something big in the market.


The #FullOnFab Galaxy F12 smartphone is set to launch on April 5 at 12 noon. I want to know more features of this phone. More information about the launch of the #FullOnFab phone can be found on Flipkart and Samsung.com.

Also keep an eye on Samsung’s Instagram page. You will find more features of this phone here.

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