August 1, 2021

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The convertible, the last automobile vertigo

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DECRYPTION – Who better than the convertible can embody the new found freedom? Archetype of the pleasure car, this type of automobile has however come into resistance.

The convertible? Many motorists dream of it, few of them take action. Fear of what will be said, limited versatility, constrained budget: there are many reasons why we give up taking the plunge. For some, the very idea of ​​riding hair in the wind is off-putting. Maybe they never had the opportunity to try?

Since periods of confinement have been invited into our lives, riding in the fresh air symbolizes regained freedom. The escape. It’s a breath of fresh air. No other silhouette offers such communion with the elements. Riding without a roof over your head is reminiscent of the essence of the automobile. Like a bike ride through the fields, the convertible reconnects with nature. It gives another dimension to travel. It is a simple pleasure where the occupants are rocked by the wind which swirls in the cabin and intoxicated by the scents of the countryside. Since speed became a sin, the convertible is the magic formula

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