July 30, 2021


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The American man came to Vietnam to replant his teeth

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Mr. Michael Swift, 66 years old, came to Vietnam for treatment after going to many places, unable to remove the failed implant pillar.

Thirty years ago Michael was planted with six teeth by dentists in the US using four different techniques. Over time, the remaining teeth gradually fall out, the teeth weaken. To restore the entire teeth, he needs to remove the implant pier that has failed to plant.

After retiring, a dentist in the US advised him to combine dental treatment while traveling to Asia. He went to many countries such as China, Thailand, Cambodia … to consult and treat. Some dental facilities refuse because of a complicated situation, some places only accept new implants, do not solve the old implant teeth.

At the end of 2019, he came to Vietnam to meet Dr. Andrew HF Tsang and Dr. Tran Kim Quynh Tien, at a dental facility in Ho Chi Minh City. The doctor said that this is a challenging case, it is necessary to replace the planted implant to regenerate the new jaw mold. The implant systems once planted are outdated and are no longer used around the world.

Doctor Quynh Tien said that when he contacted implant banks around the world to buy old implant removal components, he could not find a supplier of equipment with matching systems. After two months of a failed search, the doctors decided to cast the compatible kit themselves.

“We took more than a week to take the lock mark on the jaw samples, adjust, test on the mouth of the patient to remove the old implant leg successfully”, Dr. Tien shared.

Mr. Michael Swift is being treated in Vietnam. Image: Jenny.

According to Dr. Andrew, patients need to trim the jaw bone and concave gums to not affect the implant planting space. The doctor must widen the distance between the implant replanting position, adjust to create the bone good enough to place a new, long-term stable implant. The patient is given a temporary jaw to see the fit and then converted to porcelain teeth.

Mr. Michael said that after half a year of persistent treatment, now he no longer suffers from painful pain, has regular and beautiful teeth, can eat comfortably, and is more confident in communication.

Mr. Michael Swift after a full teeth restoration.  Photo: Jenny.

Michael Swift after a full teeth restoration. Image: Jenny.

Dr. Andrew said that the implant plays a role in replacing the root of the missing tooth and serving as a retention pillar or a top replacement bridge. Today the success rate of implantation is about 98%. The implant has the ability to integrate with the jaw bone almost as a real tooth, so it can stand on its own without affecting neighboring teeth, with high stability.

Some signs of implantation failure that requires early intervention are the manifestation of an immediate allergy to titanium alloy material, intense throbbing pain, receding gums around the implant, difficulty eating and biting, the implant is loose. and teleport …

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