Youtube: As many as 11 lakh Indian videos have been deleted from YouTube platform, because it is

New Delhi: Youtube is one of the most popular video platforms. Hundreds of videos are uploaded daily on this platform. What’s special is that you can make a lot of money through YouTube. YouTube (Youtube Video) is also very popular in India. Millions of Indian users enjoy watching videos on it. Also, they make money by uploading videos. However, now YouTube has deleted over 11 lakh Indian videos from its platform. The company deleted the video in the first quarter of 2022 (January to March).

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Indian record for fake video

Between January and March 2022, the company removed 1.1 million Indian videos from the platform. This figure is the highest among deleted videos worldwide. The company has removed fake videos from the platform and in violation of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. According to YouTube, the company has deleted 1.1 million Indian videos. In the US, 356,124 videos have been deleted. Thus, Indians are number one in uploading fake videos.

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More than 4.4 million YouTube channels closed

Youtube shut down 4.4 million channels worldwide in the first quarter of 2022. If a YouTube channel violates company rules three times in a 90-day period, that channel is removed from the platform. Videos posted by the channel are asked to be deleted in violation of the Community Guidelines. Channels that provide spam and fake information have been removed from YouTube. Also, more than 90.5 percent of the deleted channels were posting fake videos. In addition, videos promoting violence, including security and privacy, were removed from the platform.

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Bhannat trick! Annoyed by YouTube video ads? This can be done with a simple process; See details

New Delhi: The video platform YouTube is hugely popular. Everyone with a smartphone enjoys different content through YouTube. This platform is preferred by users over other apps as it allows you to watch free videos on YouTube. You can watch many different types of videos for free on this app. However, videos that you think are free will cost you dearly. This price is in the form of data and time. Also, ads appear during the video. The number of ads on YouTube videos has increased dramatically in the last few years. Two or three ads come easily in a single video. Often videos are not viewed properly due to advertisements. But with a simple trick, you can watch YouTube videos without ads.

Earlier, I used to get a button to skip the ad. But, now you have to wait a few seconds to skip the ad. You need to purchase a premium plan for the ad free experience on YouTube. The YouTube premium plan costs Rs 129 per month. If you want to watch videos without ads without purchasing a YouTube premium plan, you need the help of an ad blocker. If you are using Chrome or Edge browser on mobile and computer then Ad Blocker will be useful. You will need to use the Adblock For YouTube extension for this. After installing this extension, you can watch YouTube videos without ads.

You can also use third party ad blocker apps. You need to download and install Free Adblocker Browser: Adblock & Private Browser from Google Play Store. You can also use another app like this. It is a simple browser, which blocks most of the ads that appear on the sites. You can use this browser for an ad free experience on YouTube. You can also choose your favorite search engine. After that you want to search YouTube and watch YouTube videos without ads.

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YouTube: Watch YouTube videos now without ads, the company has introduced a year-round premium plan; See price


  • YouTube launches year-round premium plan in India
  • Discount offer on subscription.
  • You can watch YouTube videos without ads.

New Delhi: Video platform YouTube has launched a year-round subscription plan for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium in India. Previously, paid subscriptions to YouTube were one-month and three-month. Users can now subscribe only once a year.

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The YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium plans are available for users in India and other countries, including the United States. YouTube is also currently offering discounts on these plans. Users can subscribe to the year-round plan through an Android device or the web. According to reports, this plan is for individual users. That is, the student cannot withdraw the plan from your account.

YouTube is offering a promotion on the plan. Users can avail this till January 23. Under the offer, you can get YouTube Premium for Rs 1,159 and YouTube Music Premium for Rs 889. The company has not yet said how much it will have to pay for the subscription once the offer expires. Monthly plans for YouTube Premium cost Rs 129 and YouTube Music Premium costs Rs 99.

According to YouTube’s support page, the year-round plan is currently available in India, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and the United States. Users who are currently using older plans can also cancel and take a year-round plan.

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Top YouTube Trends: What do Indians search on YouTube? Who is the most popular creator? See full list


  • Indians search for gaming videos on YouTube the most.
  • The FreeFire World Series Final video has the most views.
  • Music and comedy videos are also big favorites.

New Delhi:YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in the world, including India. On this, Indian users are searching for innumerable things. Now, in 2021, the company has revealed the most searched item on YouTube.

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In the year 2021, most gaming and comedy videos have been searched by Indian users on YouTube. Both of these categories are on YouTube’s top search list. The 5 hour video of FreeFire World Series Final was the most searched. This is the most popular video of the year.

Top 10 Music Videos

  1. Looted – Jubin N, Tanishk B, Manoj M.
  2. Ankle Raja, Shilpi Raj
  3. Water Water – King
  4. Let it rain -B Praak Ft Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Sunanda Sharma |
  5. Sainya ji- yo-yo Honey Singh
  6. SarangaDariya
  7. New eyes on the river
  8. Baarish Ban Jaana (Official Video)
  9. Dhee ft. Arivu – Enjoy Enjaami
  10. Raataan Lambiyan – Official Video

Top Trading Videos

  1. ZOMBIE – The Living Dead
  2. PAAGAL BETA 13 – Jokes
  3. TVF’s Aspirants Episode 1
  5. Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore Finals
  6. The Mummy Returns – Ashish Chanchlani
  7. BHAI – BEHAN AUR Witch – Rachit Rojha
  8. Dhindora – BB Ki Vines
  9. Roommate – Anubhav Singh Bassi
  10. Tarak Mehta

Top Creators Channel

  1. Total Gaming
  2. Techno Gamerz
  3. Jkk Entertainment
  4. Crazy XYZ
  5. A_ S Gaming
  8. Village Cooking Channel
  9. Round2hell
  10. Gyan Gaming

Top Shorts Creators Channel

  • A2 Motivation {Arvind Arora
  • Dushyant kukreja
  • Sanjoy Das Official
  • Ajay Sharma
  • baseer gaming
  • English Connection
  • LittleGlove
  • Mr Gyani Facts
  • Shivam Malik
  • Tsuriki Show

Breakout Creators

  • Harpreet SDC
  • The Viral Fever
  • Family Fitness
  • Jeki khan khatri
  • Flight Gamer
  • Rai Live
  • Dance with Alisha
  • Ayush Yadav

Women Breakout Creators

  1. Dance with Alisha
  3. Suhani Shah
  4. Kashika Sisodia
  5. Lakshmi Nakshathra
  6. Aditi Sharma
  7. Mamatha natural food
  9. Priyanka hard-work
  10. Deepthi Sunaina

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A big blow to YouTube creators, now they have to pay for the video


  • Big change in YouTube policy.
  • YouTubers will now have to pay for the video.
  • Indian YouTubers will have to pay around 24 per cent tax.

New Delhi: Starting today (June 1), a number of rules have been changed, mainly to YouTube and Google. From today, YouTube creators will have to pay taxes. The free service of Google Photos has come to an end and only 15 GB of free storage will be available. Subscription is required for additional storage.

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Do it on YouTube Videos

This is a big blow for YouTubers. YouTubers who make money using this platform will have to pay income tax from June 1. However, American YouTubers will not have to pay any taxes. Creators from other countries will have to pay taxes. India also has a large number of YouTubers. Many people make money by uploading videos on this platform.

People who make YouTube videos will have to pay a tax on the views that come on this video. This tax has to be paid on the views received by the American viewers. In short, if your video is viewed less in the US, you will have to pay less. However, if more Americans see it, they will have to pay more taxes.

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How much do you have to pay?

Indian users will have to pay 24 per cent tax on revenue from YouTube videos. If the creator declares his earnings before May 31, he will have to pay 15 per cent tax. However, if the earnings are declared after this date, 24 per cent tax will have to be paid.

Google Photos will be charged

Google Photos now has a storage limit. Users will get only 15 GB of free storage. From today, photos or videos uploaded to will be accepted in 15 GB. If your account runs out of storage, you can delete unnecessary videos and photos. Also, you can subscribe for additional storage.

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