First French medals at the Paralympic Winter Games in China

Tricolor skiing made a remarkable entrance at the Paralympic Winter Games, which opened on Friday March 4, and until the 13th, in Beijing and in the surrounding mountains.

It was skier Arthur Bauchet who opened the ball for French medals on Saturday 5 March. The 21-year-old sportsman brought France his first title in the competition, in gold moreover, in the downhill event (standing category).
“It’s crazy! Hearing the Marseillaise, everyone comes for that”rejoiced the young skier, originally from the Var and licensed at the Briançon club (Hautes-Alpes). A great confirmation for the man who is already multiple world ski champion and who won four silver medals at the Pyeongchang Paralympics in 2018.

He is ahead of Austrian Markus Salcher and Swiss Theo Gmueré.

Beginnings in athletics

Downhill still, but in the visually impaired category: a few hours later, another French skier, Hyacinthe Deleplace, won bronze for France. Associated with his guide Valentin Giraud-Moine, the native of Villeurbanne was preceded by the Austrian Johannes Aigner, gold medalist, and the Canadian Mac Marcoux.

“I would have liked to do better. Only, I didn’t put all the ingredients that I could put two days ago (during training). And it feels direct”, reacted Hyacinthe Deleplace after the race. The 32-year-old had won three gold medals at the world championships in Lillehammer this year.

Even if he only reached the third step of the podium, this medal once again confirms the success of his sporting retraining. A specialist in athletics for a long time, he notably won two junior world championship titles in the 100 and 400 meters in 2007. “I started this project [de reconversion] to live those moments. I’m a little disappointed, but happy nonetheless.”he said on Saturday.

At the end of the day on Saturday, China is at the top of the medal list (all metals combined) with 8 titles, followed closely by Ukraine (7 titles). These games are held, like the Olympic Games for able-bodied athletes the previous month, in a health bubble while Beijing applies a zeto-Covid policy.



“An impression of routine”: Winter Games lacking in imagination

For two weeks, the big air springboard, the first in Olympic history, has taken up a lot of space. But this behemoth of artificial snow installed in an industrial area of ​​Beijing, intended as a witness to the modernity of these Games, actually hides a form of conservatism. The Winter Games have not seen much change since the two great revolutions: 1992, when we saw the first freestyle skiing events in Albertville, and 1998, with the introduction of snowboarding in Nagano.

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The Olympic fortnight has been enriched with a few developments, such as the arrival in Sochi in 2014 of slopestyle within the acrobatic family or parallel slalom snowboarding (since abandoned). But these developments remained limited in impact. We are far from the mini-earthquake expected in the summer of 2024, with the entry into the running of breaking, a sport very far from the traditional world of the Olympic Games, and the confirmation of rock climbing, surfing and skateboarding, experienced in Tokyo. “In Paris, we will change the universe by integrating new youth practices, emphasizes Kevin Bernardi, specialist in Olympism and host of the Sport and Society site. The world of winter sports offers fewer opportunities for innovation, and the need for renewal is less pressing. »

“A bit always the same thing”

According to Alain Mercier, director of the Francs Jeux site, devoted to major sports organisations, the current program gives satisfaction to the International Olympic Committee, which does not see the point of upsetting everything. “Seen from Europe, we have the feeling that it’s always the same thing, but it’s Asia and the new ski continents that interest the IOC”, explains the specialist based in Asia, who was able to measure the impact of the victory in the half-pipe of the Japanese Ayumu Hirano or the Chinese Eileen Gu and Yiming Su in jumping.

“At home, we talked for a few hours about Tess Ledeux or Chloé Trespeuch, medalists in freestyle skiing or snowboarding, but we never talk about these disciplines the rest of the year. In our old European mountains, we eternally return to biathlon and alpine skiing, hence the impression of routine,” completes Alain Mercier.

Few suitors

If dozens of summer disciplines knock on the door of the IOC every four years, the contenders for the winter ring party are also few. “There are simply fewer winter sports than summer sports”, continues Alain Mercier, who underlines an inconspicuous and yet crucial element of Olympic functioning: “In summer, the arrival of a new sport is a victory for a new federation which has set foot in the door, but all the winter sports federations are already present and no longer need to fight to impose something. »

→ REPORT. Beijing Olympics: snowboards in the city

Everything is political at the Olympic Committee, obsessed with two indicators: rejuvenation and feminization. On the women’s side, Beijing will be a landmark, with the introduction of seven mixed or women’s events. “Regarding the rejuvenation of the audience, we do not yet have the figures but everything indicates that they will be good for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events, organized on purpose in the Chinese afternoon to coincide with hours of prime time in… the United States or Asia,” continues Kevin Bernardi.

First pawns for three-a-side hockey

Three sports have attempted to enter the Olympic circle in recent years. Telemark (traditional ski practice where you bend your knee to turn), in vain. Ski mountaineering, a contemporary version of what used to be called ski touring, which has had more luck because it will be included in the programs of the Italian Games in 2026. As for ice climbing, it has been returned to its studies.

To see new features, we will therefore have to wait for the awarding of the 2030 Winter Games, the announcement of which should be made next July. The Japanese Sapporo is the big favourite. “The Milanese have done a lot for ski mountaineering, because it is a very popular sport in Italy, continues Alain Mercier. I think the Japanese will be keen to bring something, probably on the side of the ice. » The president of the International Ice Hockey Federation, the Frenchman Luc Tardif, began, in a press conference, to push the first pawns for the introduction of three-a-side hockey, like the three-a-side basketball inaugurated in Tokyo.



Beijing Olympics: the Winter Games opened in a China withdrawn

The Games of Discord are well and truly launched. China, at the center of controversy over human rights violations, has won its bet to maintain the organization of the event despite the pandemic. The Olympic flame was raised in the stadium on Friday, February 4, shortly after 10 p.m. local time, at the end of an opening ceremony which gave rise to the first strong image of these Beijing Winter Games: the President of IOC Thomas Bach, five meters away from Chinese leader Xi Jinping, both masked, overlooking the stands of Beijing’s Bird’s Nest. The values ​​of Olympism alongside the practices of an authoritarian country.

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By evoking the conflicts and dissensions in the world, Thomas Bach ensures that the Olympic Games make it possible to show the world “that it is possible to be formidable adversaries and at the same time to live together in peace and respect”. The IOC President nonetheless recalls the UN’s call to respect the “olympic truce”. “Give peace a chance”summarizes Thomas Bach.

Opposite, the Chinese speech does not evoke, even in watermark, the political dissensions. Xi Jinping, a few hours earlier, nevertheless signed a joint declaration with Russia to denounce American influence in Europe and Asia. In the Bird’s Nest, the chairman of the Games organizing committee, Qi Cai, talks about the Games as a “magnificent experience in terms of integration and enrichment”. “They offer an opportunity to show the world our determination to meet the challenges to create a common future, for all humanity”he rejoices.

No members of the French government

Surprisingly, these ” Welcome “ written in all languages ​​and projected by laser, even though the country has been closed for two years, and the foreign public has not been invited. The stadium welcomed spectators by invitation. As a response to the Tokyo Summer Games six months ago: the stadium in the Japanese capital was almost completely empty of the stadium. Another way of promoting the very strict strategy “zero Covid” of the regime.

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The team parade reminds us that politics is never far away. We could see, on the screens of the national channel CCTV, the Chinese leader applauding the passage of the athletes of the delegations of “Hong Kong, China” (where a draconian national security law was imposed by China in 2020), and “Taipei, China” (China considers Taiwan as one of its provinces).

While several leaders, including those of the United States and the United Kingdom, boycotted the event, heads of allied states like Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Abdel Fattah Al Sissi (Egypt) were present. On the other hand, there was no representative of the French government. Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu will not set foot on Chinese soil until February 12.

On the sports side, only 26 tricolor athletes out of the 88 in the delegation marched in the Olympic stadium, arranged in a V, led by standard bearers Tessa Worley (alpine skiing) and Kevin Rolland (freestyle skiing). The first medals of the 24and Olympiad will be in play on Saturday 5 February.



In Beijing, Winter Games in small Olympic form

The opening ceremony will promote comparison. The celebrations taking place in Beijing this Friday, February 4, to launch the 24are Winter Games, will give rise to a game of the seven errors. Fourteen years after the summer festivities of 2008, the Chinese capital is this time hosting the great white circus. An obvious fact: on the souvenir photo, the guests will be fewer this time.

→ DEBATE. Should we boycott the Beijing Olympics?

Because before talking about sport, it has been a question of politics for weeks. Of diplomatic boycott more precisely, certain heads of state brilliant by their absence in the stands of the National Stadium of Beijing. The United States launched the movement in late 2021 to protest China’s human rights abuses, including against Uyghurs. A few rare countries followed (United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Lithuania, Denmark, Japan). France, for its part, limited its representation to the sending during the fortnight of its Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu.

Beijing, a default choice

“In 2008, President George W. Bush was present, Nicolas Sarkozy too, and in total more than 80 heads of state or government took part in the celebration. This time the list is much shorter. This boycott is anything but insignificant”insists Jean-Loup Chappelet, professor emeritus at the University of Lausanne and specialist in the Olympic world.

→ ANALYSIS. Beijing 2022 Olympics: geopolitics invites itself to the opening ceremony

Glass half empty or half full? “China will highlight the arrival of Vladimir Putin, Egyptian President Al-Sissi, Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and especially the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterresunderlines Carole Gomez, researcher in geopolitics of sport at the Institute of international and strategic relations. And it will be interesting to observe the privileged narrative during the opening ceremony: will there emerge a reflection on a world order not dictated by Westerners? »

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), which persists in displaying its political neutrality, would have done well without this attention focused on anything but sporting considerations. Should we come to Beijing after PyeongChang in 2018 and Tokyo last year? Let’s remember first that it’s a default choice, four European cities – Stockholm, Krakow, Lviv (Ukraine) and Oslo – having withdrawn to leave as candidates only China and Kazakhstan. “Turning towards the Asian continent has notably enabled the IOC to get out of its financial dependence on American sponsors and to balance its partnerships”, says historian Patrick Clastres. With the arrival of Toyota in 2015 and Alibaba in 2017, the IOC now has five American, five Asian and three European companies out of its 13 main sponsors.

Another point rarely mentioned, the actual holding of the Games in this period of health crisis. “Perhaps Japan and China were the best equipped countries to organize the Games despite the pandemicnotes Carole Gomez. They have demonstrated that we can postpone the Games, or receive them under a bubble. » There remains the ecological controversy. The photos of the ski area and of these snakes of artificial snow scratching the bare mountains were shocking, and underlined the lack of environmental concerns of the organizers.

For China, a booming “snow market”

With these Games, China is for its part pursuing an issue taken very seriously: the development of winter sports and related tourism. His government is also spinning the numbers: an ice and snow market increased from 38 billion euros in 2015 to 84 billion euros in 2020, with the prospect of 140 billion euros in 2025. 450 skating rinks and 300 ski resorts have been opened in the past six years and the goal “to introduce winter sports to 300 million Chinese” has been achieved, according to Li Sen, director of the planning department. of the Games Organizing Committee.

“These figures are very overstated.warns Benoît Robert, director of the Cluster Montagne association, which promotes French players in the development of mountain tourism around the world. China has invested a lot in recent years in resorts that are especially ideal for beginners, but with limited snow fields and therefore quite quickly crowded. The Chinese skier puts on skis less than two days a year on average, and the whole problem is to convert it to a sustainable practice. The 300 million mentioned by the government is a resort audience in the broad sense, for tourism and leisure. »

In terms of high-level sport, “Chinese champions on the Olympic podiums in alpine skiing, it’s probably not for now. Even if the government wants to convince and pushes the snow classes a lot to create the market of tomorrow”believes this connoisseur of the Chinese market.

Rather skeptical athletes

There is therefore still a lack in Asia of this “ski culture”, the absence of which many champions deplore. This long Asian streak lowers their enthusiasm. “For us Europeans, these two Olympics in countries where skiing is not really developed are quite frustrating.regrets the French cross-country skier Richard Jouve, bronze medalist in PyeongChang with his teammate Maurice Manificat. I’m not sure that all of this leaves great memories. »

→ ANALYSIS. Beijing Olympics: the great ambitions of a reduced French team

However, this reservation does not apply to all participants. On the contrary, ice cream specialists benefit from the continent’s appetite for their disciplines. In PyeongChang, 30 of the 39 medals gleaned by South Korea (17), Japan (13) and China (9) were on the ice.

“I understand the disappointment of some skiers or biathletes who experience crazy atmospheres at races in Europe. But for us, discovering the Asian craze is a real pleasure. In Korea, it was really crazy in the ice rink with the stands rumbling and the whole building shaking”says Tifany Huot-Marchand, the leader of the Blues of the short-track.

“Games with a real soul”

Most athletes do not confide more before their future Chinese adventure. Mix genres? Bad idea, reminded them of the instructions given before departure. “We advised them to stay on sport, we are not in Beijing to play politics”loose Nathalie Péchalat, head of the French Olympic delegation.

Without going that far, some nevertheless dare to evoke a malaise. In this game, biathlete Quentin Fillon Maillet hits the mark: “What I somewhat criticize the organizations that set up these Olympics is that they promote sharing, fairness, respect, but that sometimes we go to sites that are not not carrying these values. I would like us to think about Games with a real soul. »


Fifteen days on the right track

The opening ceremony. It is scheduled for Friday February 4 in the “Bird’s Nest”, the Olympic stadium of the 2008 Games. Due to the time difference (+ 7 a.m., 1 p.m. in Paris, 8 p.m. in Beijing), most of the events will take place at night and during the morning in France, until the closing ceremony, on February 20.

3,000 athletes are expected. This is almost four times less than for the Summer Games. They will compete in 15 sports and 109 events.

Seven new challenges. Included for the first time this year on the Olympic program are the women’s monobobsleigh, the men’s and women’s “big air” freestyle skiing competition, and four mixed events, in ski jumping, acrobatic jumping, snowboardcross and short-track.



Feet remain cold like snow in shoes, so it is not a cold but these diseases can also be symptoms

Health Tips: People are finding it difficult to live in the bitter cold. The whole of North India including Delhi NCR is witnessing a severe winter. Due to the cold, the hands and feet and the whole body remains numb. Even after wearing sweaters, jackets, caps and socks, the body is not able to warm up. Many people’s feet remain cold as ice. Although everyone’s feet are cold in winter, but if your feet remain cold like ice even after wearing shoe stockings, then it can be a sign of many diseases. You should not take this problem lightly. You should consult a doctor once in this matter. Cold feet can be a symptom of these 5 diseases.

1- Stress- If your feet are cold, then it indicates your stress. People who have more stress. The blood flow of the body is affected due to stress, due to which the fingers and thumbs become cold.

2- Diabetes- This complaint occurs when the blood sugar rises in diabetic patients. If your feet are excessively cold, then it can also be a warning sign of diabetes.

3 Cholesterol high- People who have cholesterol problems, the problem of circulation in their body increases. In such a situation, our hands and feet are always cold. If your feet are also cold, then it can also be a problem of cholesterol or inflammation.

4- Hypothyroidism- Even if there is a problem related to thyroid, enough hormones are not produced in the body. Due to which many of your organs are affected. If the feet are always cold then it could be hypothyroidism.

5- Raynaud’s disease- This is a disease in which the body overreacts to cold. Whenever the temperature is low, hands and feet will become cold and numb like ice. Sometimes the color of the hands and feet turns yellow or blue. You need to take this problem seriously.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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Young people are troubled by joint pain, know here the reason and methods of prevention

Joint Pain In Youngsters: Joint pain has been considered a problem of old age till now. But in the last about 10 years, this problem is catching the youth in its grip. People in the age group of 30 to 35 years are falling prey to this disease in large numbers. However, this problem is also being seen in children and teenagers. The main reason for this is bad lifestyle. Whereas elders sit and work on laptops and computers throughout the day, children are growing up by playing indoor games and eating fast food. Due to this their muscles are getting weak in childhood. Due to this, they soon fall in the grip of arthritis. Arthritis in children is known as Juvenile Arthritis.

  • These reasons are usually responsible for arthritis in the elderly, youth or children.
  • muscle weakness
  • lack of calcium in the body
  • pain due to injury
  • morbidly obese
  • autoimmune disorder
  • due to genetic reasons

How does arthritis occur in the body?

Swelling occurs when the muscles are weak or there is a lack of calcium in the body and uric acid accumulates in the joints of the bones. Due to this, the tissues of the joints start getting destroyed, due to which there is stiffness and pain in the joints. This pain is called Arthritis pain.

How to recognize arthritis?

  • In this disease, there is pain in the joints of the body.
  • This pain increases in the winter season. Sometimes there is so much pain that there is a problem in movements as well.
  • The joint pain increases and there is a problem in climbing or descending the stairs. There is more problem in the morning and evening. There is a feeling of fatigue and breakdown in the body.

How to avoid Arthritis pain?

The reasons for which this pain occurs, it is necessary to treat them, which is right to do only under the guidance of the doctor. We are telling you some home remedies to avoid its pain so that you can stay away from this troubling pain in winter.

  • To keep the body warm, wear warm clothes in the right way
  • Do not put your hands in very cold water and avoid working in cold water. Very cold water can increase your pain.
  • Do not leave the house when the cold wind is blowing. Staying in cold air for a long time can cause pain.
  • Use lukewarm water for drinking, it will not cause cramps in the body.
  • Sit in the sun during the day and massage the oil on the body.
  • Do yoga and meditation. It gives physical and mental strength.
  • Eat such things in food, which are rich in calcium, vitamin-B12 and vitamin-D.
  • Keep taking the guidance of your doctor and follow his instructions. You will benefit.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

How to make kids social on Omicron? These tips will work for you

Being an asymptomatic patient of corona can be heavy, make full preparations for rescue

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Beijing Winter Olympics: athletes anticipate the Games under cover

Their life was already that of performance hermits. A meticulously regulated daily life, away from the hustle and bustle of the world. “In a high level skiing career, there are never many parties, says alpine skier Victor Muffat-Jeandet, 32 years old. For a long time, it happened to me not to celebrate Christmas, because I had a competition the next day. “

Recently, this asceticism turned towards the sporting objective has been amplified by the health crisis. The bronze medalist at the last Olympic Games knows that he lives with a Damocles sword above his head, one month away from the Beijing Olympics: “I try not to see my friends anymore, it’s too risky. The slightest positive Covid test can have dramatic consequences. ” Starting with an inability to participate in the World Cup rounds, which influence the selection for the Olympics – announced at the end of January – and the allocation of bibs.

“Impossible to control everything”

This context, “This adds stress: in addition to preparing well, eating well, sleeping well, we must now limit our social contacts”, sums up snowboarder Chloé Trespeuch. At the age of 27, the Savoyard has already rolled her head by participating in two Olympic Games, and by winning bronze in Russia, in 2014. “These moments allow us to live our dream, the Covid deprives us a little of it, but we will focus all the more on performance and adapt to health conditions. “ Aim for the gold, even if it will be this time without the cheers of his “Little fan-club”.

→ ANALYSIS Winter Games in Beijing: preparation in a bubble and in the shadows

Chloé Trespeuch was able to get a taste of the Chinese Olympic Games at the end of November, by competing on the Olympic track at Secret Garden, 180 km from Beijing; “We who are used to controlling everything, there, it is not possible, she portrays. Everything is based on surprises: we sometimes have to wait without being told why, reach a place without explanation … Everything is disinfected from morning to night with sprays: suitcases, wheels of the bus … The Chinese are in wetsuits, that reduces social contact. Already there is the language barrier… ”

“We are more in expectation than usual”

Others have not yet had the chance to rub shoulders with Chinese tracks. Among alpine skiers and biathlon athletes, we hardly know that it is cold there, that the wind is there and that the snow is artificial. “We are more in expectation than usual. The pre-Olympics, which normally take place the season before the Games, have been canceled ”, specifies Stéphane Bouthiaux, director of the French biathlon.

Not enough to unsettle the champion Anaïs Bescond, 34 years old: “We’re all in the same boat, except the Chinese, so that doesn’t worry me! “” Everyone will start from the same level, I find that good “, confirms Victor Muffat-Jeandet.

→ REPORT Biathlon: the French team in working order 50 days before the Olympic Games

To understand the singularity of the Games under the bell, the athletes benefit from the precedent of the Tokyo Olympics. Feedback is valuable. Psychologist Meriem Salmi, member of the French delegation in Tokyo, did not “Perceived frustration among athletes once there” : “They are focused on a goal that requires so much attention, they are used to being in their bubble during big events. Moreover, I hear less and less about the situation, this is where we can see their capacity to adapt ”, says the one who also follows winter sports athletes.

“It’s up to us to ensure the logistics so that they are in the best possible condition. One of the most important keys will be not to spend energy on a system, philosopher, the national technical director of French skiing, Fabien Saguez. In any case, we will not be able to change the model, we will have to be well armed. “


These disciplines where France can shine

► Alpine skiing. All that’s missing is gold for triple Olympic medalist Alexis Pinturault, 30, who won the World Cup overall standings last season. In slalom, Clément Noël, 24 years old and 4e in 2018, is eagerly awaited. On the women’s side, 32-year-old Tessa Worley proved her good form with a first victory at the end of December.

► Biathlon. A festival of World Cup medals for the Blues since the start of the season: 20 places on the podium in 22 races. Several French people can claim a victory in Beijing: Émilien Jacquelin (26 years old), Quentin Fillon Maillet (29 years old), Anaïs Bescond (34 years old)…

► Mogul skiing. Perrine Laffont, 23 and already Olympic champion in the discipline in PyeongChang, is in the running to repeat her feat.

► Figure skating. The duo Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron (26 and 27) will arrive as favorites in China, four years after the disappointment of their second place in pair ice dance.



In winter, drinking ghee in milk will make the pain go away, you will get these amazing benefits

Ghee In Hot Milk: In winter, people are often troubled by various kinds of problems. Some people have problems with joint and bone pain as soon as winter comes. There are many home remedies that can give you relief in joint pain. For this, you can drink a spoonful of ghee in hot milk in cold. Drinking milk with ghee gives many benefits to the body. This removes the problem of sleep. Immunity gets stronger and good sleep comes. In Ayurveda too, there is a importance of consuming ghee to get a healthy and strong body. You should drink ghee in milk at night. Know its benefits.

1- Relief in joint pain- If you have joint pain, then you should definitely consume ghee and milk. This type of milk reduces inflammation in the joint and gives relief in swelling. Bones are also strengthened by this milk. By drinking this milk, there is pain in the joint pain.

2- Get good sleep- If you drink ghee in a cup of hot milk before sleeping at night, then it calms the nerves of our brain. By drinking milk in this way, you will get a lot of relaxation and will help in getting good sleep. Eating ghee reduces stress and also keeps the mood good.

3-Digestion remains good- Drinking ghee mixed with milk releases enzymes inside the body, which increases digestion power. These enzymes help in better digestion and stomach problems start to end.

4- Increases metabolism- Digestion is also greatly affected by drinking ghee in a glass of milk. This increases metabolism and keeps the digestion system good. From the formation of gas in the stomach to the blisters in the mouth, there is Assam.

5- Skin remains moisturized- For healthy and glowing skin, drink milk mixed with ghee. This gives many benefits to our skin. Ghee and milk both are natural moisturizers that work to naturally nourish and moisturize the skin. If you drink ghee in milk every day, then aging is reduced and dryness also goes away.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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Beijing Winter Olympics: Richardson Viano, first skier in the Caribbean

When, in the spring of 2019, Richardson Viano receives the phone call that will change his life, he is initially very skeptical. The 17-year-old was then a young amateur skier, registered with the Puy-Saint-Vincent club (Hautes-Alpes). He likes competition, but for lack of really exceptional results, thinks of taking off shoes to concentrate on his studies. But now a certain Jean-Pierre Roy asks him if he wants to join the ski team of… Haiti, for a stretch that can, who knows, cross the paths of glory. Richardson Viano asks the curious correspondent to explain things to his mother instead. What is this story ?

→ PORTRAIT. Beijing Winter Olympics: Kaillie Humphries is the voice of women in bobsleigh

It’s a long, sweet crazy dream, which began in 2010. That of Jean-Pierre Roy, a 46-year-old Haitian who arrived in France as a kid, engineer and good skier, who made a bet with friends from his club: participate in the ski world championships, under the colors of his country of origin. All that remains is to found a Haitian ski federation and convince the local Olympic committee, which necessarily does not care about a snow sport, geography requires. A fortiori after the terrible earthquake which has just ravaged the country.

A long-term project

But precisely. Jean-Pierre Roy hopes his project will create some joy and help strengthen the donation campaign for the battered island. He founded his federation, of which he is the president and sole representative, obtains the recognition of the International Ski Federation (FIS), manages to qualify for the Worlds in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 2011. Mission accomplished? Far from it. During the following years, Jean-Pierre Roy endeavored to find young skiers capable of enlarging his troops. The Haitian pool being necessarily very limited, it also seeks on the side of adopted children. And hears about Richardson.

The young man arrived at the age of 3 near Briançon. His adoptive father, of Italian origin and high mountain guide, pushes him very quickly down the slope. “I joined my club at the age of 6 and slalomed between the poles quite quickly, but really hanging on from the age of 14-15, says the young man. I had a correct level, but not sufficient for the very high level. Jean-Pierre’s proposal has restarted everything. With his good humor, his energy, he took me on his project, which is very family-oriented, but serious nonetheless. “

Beginner support on the island

If the means of the Haitian Federation are quite limited (read opposite), the art of resourcefulness and the determination of the team allow us to move forward. New Haitian passport in his pocket, Richardson scours the races on the FIS circuit to garner points allowing him to open the doors to the Games. The first season is complicated, the second facilitated by the integration into the French private team Orsatus.

The points slowly accumulate until the participation in the Worlds in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy), in February 2021. Richardson is at the start of the giant slalom which the Frenchman Mathieu Faivre will soon take. “It was the first time that I was racing with the 50 best in the world, that I could see how they were concentrating, how they approached the track., remembers the skier, his voice full of emotion. I was very stressed, stiff as a broomstick. And yet I succeeded beyond all expectations. “ Richardson ranks 35e.

He will therefore not be in Beijing just for the anecdote, but to obtain a correct classification and proudly wear the colors of his country of origin. Although he has not yet returned, and ignores the real repercussions of his engagement on the island. “The nursery where he comes from supports him, the local media are starting to talk about it, a connection can be made”, assures Jean-Pierre Roy.

“If I can convey a message, it is to say that anything is possible if we fight and that we never give up, even if it also takes a little luck”, summarizes Richardson Viano. Who doesn’t want to see Beijing as an end: “My goal now is really high level skiing. A career is not just the Worlds or the Games. I have to improve because in the long term, I am aiming for the World Cup circuit. This is what I desire the most. “


A team that hopes to grow

Very skeptical at first, the Haitian Olympic Committee now supports the Haitian Ski Federation. “For ten years, we have shown consistency in our project, underlines Thierry Montillet, technical director of the federation and kingpin of the adventure since its beginnings. We benefit from an endowment from the FIS (International Ski Federation), which we have not touched in recent years, and which now allows us to partially finance the team. “

In addition to Richardson Viano, another skier, Mackenson Florindo, 19, entered in the Youth Olympic Games in 2020, is also expected to leave for Beijing with a substitute status. “There will be eight of us in the delegation for these Games. The International Olympic Committee should credit us with around € 18,000, and we are still looking for a sponsor ”, says Jean-Pierre Roy. The two leaders are counting on an Olympic Games effect to further expand a team which will welcome a specialist in freestyle and another in skicross next year.



Eat these superfoods in winter to strengthen immunity

Winter Superfoods: There are many healthy and nutritious foods to be seen in the winter season. While most people want to consume hot tea or caffeinated drinks throughout the day during winters, but to get the most out of this season, you should consume some special winter foods. In such a situation, you are thinking that what should be included in your diet in winter? So now you do not need to think much because here we will tell you which superfoods you should consume in winter. Let’s know.

Best foods of winter season-

SugarcaneSugarcane juice is very beneficial in the winter season. Sugarcane juice is rich in fiber. If you want to lose weight then this can be very good for you. Along with this, sugarcane helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body.

Berry – The berry can be consumed as a snack or can be added to your fruit salad bowl. Berry is rich in Vitamin-C and antioxidants which are very good for the skin. It prevents the appearance of signs of ageing.

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Tamarind – Tamarind is rich in fiber and does not contain fat at all. Wherein tamarind is used as malic acid and potassium content. It is an effective way of dealing with allergic asthma and cough due to its antihistaminic properties. Apart from this, it is also a source of Vitamin-C and can boost the immune system to prevent cold and cough.

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