iPhone Feature: WhatsApp messages can be sent even when the screen of the smartphone is locked, know this abandonment trick

New Delhi:WhatsApp messages: Apple iPhone is very popular due to its great features. The company is also always trying to give new features to iPhone smartphone users. But, you know what? There is also a different way to reply to WhatsApp messages on iPhone. Which is not on Android. This feature allows you to reply to WhatsApp messages even when the iPhone screen is locked. To reply to any message on WhatsApp, you need to unlock your phone screen. But, if you are an iPhone user, you can reply even when the screen is locked. Learn how this new and amazing feature works.

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It is worth noting that this Quick Reply Feature is available for new iPhone models like Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11. Let’s learn how to use it. This is how to answer when the screen is locked on iPhone – For this, tap on-screen WhatsApp Notification or long press. Type your reply and tap Send. For this you have to go to settings and adjust your haptic settings.

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To do this, go to Settings, then Accessibility, then Touch and then Haptic Touch and tap on Touch Duration. Not only that, iphone users can ask Siri to send WhatsApp messages, make WhatsApp calls and read your messages aloud. However, these features are only available on iOS 10.3 and above.

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WhatsApp Cashback: WhatsApp is giving cashback to ‘these’ users, this work has to be done, see details

New Delhi: WhatsApp Cashback Offer: If you use WhatsApp for chatting or sharing media files, you may also know that the app is also being used for payments. You also sent money to someone. But, if you do not get cashback or any benefit, today we are going to tell you how to get cashback of Rs 35. When you send money to 3 different people, you get 3 times cashback. One thing to note here is that WhatsApp payments cashback promotion will be available to different users at different times. If this ad is available to you, it will be for a limited time only.

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If there is a cashback offer available to you, you can also get cashback when you send the payment. If the contact you want to send money to has not registered for payment, they must first invite them. You need to send money to 3 different contacts to get cashback three times. There is no minimum payment limit for receiving cashback. You only need to send money to 3 different people. Once sent, you will receive a one-time cashback.

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Terms and Conditions:

The gift icon will be displayed when the money is sent to the eligible receiver. Your WhatsApp account must be at least 30 days old. WhatsApp Business Accounts users are not eligible for this ad. You need to register your bank account details to make a payment on WhatsApp. The person to whom you are sending money must be registered for WhatsApp Payment. If you are sending money to unregistered users for payment, send an invitation to register them before sending money.

Here’s how to get cashback:

Open WhatsApp and then go to Payment Options. Then click on the name of the contact you want to send money to. If they have registered for payment on WhatsApp, you will see a gift icon next to their name. If you do not see the gift sign, invite them before you send money. After that, enter the amount you want to send and tap on Send Payment and enter UPI PIN.

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Good news! DigiLocker is now available only on WhatsApp, no need to download new app

New Delhi: If you have such a phone. Having trouble keeping multiple apps. So there is good news for you. Now you can also access DigiLocker via WhatsApp. You can also download your document. The government has provided this feature along with the MyGov Helpdesk chatbox. So this is going to be a big benefit. If you have WhatsApp in your phone, you do not need to download Digilocker app in a different way. Digilocker claims that more than 100 million people have registered so far. 500 crore documents have been uploaded on it. Digilocker can access both web and mobile apps.

How to download DigiLocker document on WhatsApp
First save the number + 91-9013151515. Now open the WhatsApp messaging app and write to DigiLocker. Now you will have options from PAN card to certificate. Like Digilocker app, WhatsApp will also be verified by Aadhaar number. Once verified, you can download the document. This will be done in the same way as you have downloaded the vaccine certificate from WhatsApp. Abhishek Singh, CEO, Chairman and CEO of MyGov, NeGD, MD and CEO, Digital India Corporation, said that it is only natural to bring Digilocker service to MyGov Helpdesk. It seems to be an important step to provide services to the citizens through a simple platform from WhatsApp.

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Helpdesk was launched in 2020
In March 2020, MyGov Helpdesk was launched on WhatsApp to provide information on the Corona epidemic. In just 10 days of its launch, more than 1.7 crore people had helped it. It was launched to spread awareness about the Corona epidemic, but was used for e-commerce services. MyGov Helpdesk now has 8 million users. With this, 3.3 crore people have downloaded vaccine certificates.

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Cool! Now get paid on WhatsApp, do ‘this’ work and get cashback, see details

New Delhi: WhatsApp is now ready to compete with Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePay and is giving users cashback to use payment services. Google Pay also initially offered this type of cashback to add customers. WhatsApp pay users are being given a cashback of Rs. This cashback will be paid three times. There is no minimum transaction amount for cashback. WhatsApp cashback is being given to the users who see this promotion banner in the app. If the promotion banner does not appear, the gift sign will appear when sending money to the eligible recipient, however the user is eligible for cashback. For this he should be using WhatsApp for at least 30 days. According to the company, WhatsApp Business is not eligible for this advertisement. The second condition for receiving cashback is that the users to whom you are sending money must also be registered on the WahstApp Payment service.

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How To Get WhatsApp Pay Cashback?

First of all, you need to set up WhatsApp Pay. For this you need to update your app to the latest version. After that, open any chat and click on the rupee icon. This will redirect you directly to the WhatsApp Pay page. After that users have to click on Accept and continue. Then select the bank from which you have an account. The mobile number on which your WhatsApp is registered. The same number should be registered with the bank.

After that, set up UPI-based WhatsApp Pay Account. Then invite some of your friends over. After setting up WhatsApp Pay Account, you will have the option to invite friends. After setting this up, you can send or receive money directly through WhatsApp. After that, check the cashback eligibility and complete the three transactions. The cashback offer is not yet available to everyone. Those who receive this cashback banner app are eligible for a limited time. WhatsApp is no longer just an instant messaging app, it has many features that are available on other social media platforms.

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You can see your bank balance in minutes from WhatsApp, know the whole process step by step

New Delhi: Instant messaging app Whatsapp launched the payment feature in the year 2020. With the help of Whatsapp Payment feature, users can transfer money while chatting. This is a very simple and useful way to transfer money. Whatsapp’s payment feature is much less used than digital wallets like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm. However, it is still possible to send money through it in just a few seconds and you don’t even have to download a third party app. Whatsapp payment feature is completely secure. The company has entered into an agreement with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) for Whatsapp Payment and supports more than 227 banks. In addition to transferring and receiving money, you can also check the amount in your bank account through Whatsapp. Let’s find out now.

Check bank balance on Whatsapp

  • First of all open a Whatsapp account in your phone.
  • If you are an Android phone user, you will see the More option at the top. So tap on iPhone Users Settings.
  • Here you will see the payment option, tap on it.
  • Next tap on the bank account related to the payment method.
  • Now you see the View Account Balance option.
  • After tapping on View Account Balance, you need to enter the UPI PIN.
  • As soon as you enter the UPI PIN, you will see the account balance on the screen.

This method also shows the amount in the bank account

  • You can also check the amount in the bank account while sending money on Whatsapp.
  • For this, click on the payment method given on the Payment Message Screen.
  • Tap on View Account Balance here.
  • If you have different bank account add in your Whatsapp account, click on the corresponding bank account in it.
  • Then enter your UPI PIN. Now you see the amount in the bank account.

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WhatsApp’s big plan, users will have to pay for this feature; See details

New Delhi:WhatsApp brings new features from time to time to give its users a great experience. A few days ago, a multi-device support feature was added to WhatsApp. The company now plans to expand this feature. This will allow users to use a single WhatsApp account on more than four devices. Instant messaging app WhatsApp is testing a paid feature. This will allow users to use a single account on more than 4 devices. Currently users can use a single account on tablets, computers / laptops and smartphones. However, a single WhatsApp account cannot be used on two smartphones.

Users can use the account on only one smartphone at a time. According to WAbetainfo, WhatsApp is working on a subscription based plan, which will be exclusively for WhatsApp business users. The app is creating a new interface to link the device. WhatsApp is using a separate description for multi-device support in the revamped interface. This description allows users to use the account on multiple devices. This allows different people to talk to customers simultaneously through a business account. Subscription plans will be exclusively for WhatsApp Business Account. Users who subscribe will also get additional features for the business.

Currently users can use a single account simultaneously on 4 devices. However, with the advent of subscription plans, users will be able to use a single WhatsApp account on about 10 devices. Users will also get other features in the subscription plan. However, the details of these features have not been revealed yet. However, keep in mind that even if WhatsApp offers a subscription plan, you do not have to subscribe. There will be no change in the app for normal users and it will be available for free. The subscription plan will be completely optional. Special business accounts will benefit from this. It will be similar to Twitter Blue, which is a subscription based service. Meanwhile, WhatsApp will soon release some great features for its users. One of these is the pole feature. The company will offer users the feature to create and vote in WhatsApp groups.

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WhatsApp will have ‘this’ special feature, group chatting will be more fun; See details

New Delhi: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is constantly releasing new features for its users. These features give users double the pleasure of chatting. A few days ago, the company introduced a feature called WhatsApp Community. In addition, the company is now preparing to bring a special feature for its users. This will make it easier for users to share information with each other in WhatsApp groups. The company is expected to release a new WhatsApp Poll Feature update for group chats soon. Earlier, it was reported that the company was working on a poll feature. Now an image has surfaced which provides information about this feature.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the app is working on a group polls feature. This will allow users to create in-app polls and share in group chats. The block site also shared a photo of the feature. It shows the interface of the upcoming feature. With the new feature, a pole in the form of a message will appear in group chat. Group members will have different options to select in a poll. Users will also get a ‘Vote’ button. According to the report, all the options in the poll and users’ answers will be end-to-end encrypted. That is, no group members and WhatsApp users will be able to check the response. WhatsApp’s upcoming group poll feature is still under development. This feature will be rolled out to all users in the next few days. The feature will be tested on beta versions on Android and iOS apps.

In addition, the Meta WhatsApp app will provide a special feature for users on your platform. This will allow users to use WhatsApp in their favorite language. According to reports, the company is working on a feature called App Language. This feature is available to all who are using the beta version of Android version The new app will appear in the Language Feature Settings menu. Here users will have access to many languages, including Urdu, Azerbaijani and other languages. This feature was allegedly available to Indian users.

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‘These’ 5 Absolute Features Make WhatsApp A Multipurpose App, Users Get Double The Happiness Of Chatting

New Delhi: WhatsApp features are abandoned, which gives users a better chatting experience. Earlier it was only seen as a messaging app, but with the help of WhatsApp group video calls and payments can also be made. As such, the company has recently announced the addition of a number of new features. Which will soon be available to the public. WhatsApp has around 500 million users in India. Let’s learn about some interesting features of WhatsApp.

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Community Feature:
According to WhatsApp, the community will include Colletios of various groups. The company wrote in a blog post. Community Admins will receive powerful tools to control which groups can be added.

Can share 2GB files:
A great feature will be available on WhatsApp, which will make people’s work easier. This allows WhatsApp users to share 2 GB of files on the app. The good news is that this feature will be for both personal chat and group. But it is worth noting that the paddles will be limited to documents only.

Up to 32 people can join a group voice call at the same time: If you use WhatsApp to talk to friends, relatives or coworkers. So now you will have double the fun of making group calls. Because, now up to 32 people can join WhatsApp group voice call at the same time. The app is also offering one-tap voice calling with a new design. Currently, a maximum of 8 people can join a group voice call.

WhatsApp Pay: People are now opting for digital payments. Because in this the payment is done quickly. To compete with Google Pay and Phone Pay, WhatsApp has entered the digital payment field along with WhatsApp Pay. Recently, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) allowed WhatsApp to increase the user limit for digital payments to 100 million via UPI. Which is two and a half times higher than the previous limit of 40 million.

Send a message on WhatsApp:

If you get bored while typing a message, you can also send a voice message on WhatsApp for chatting. All you have to do is record your message. According to WhatsApp, users send an average of 7 billion voice messages to the platform every day. Recently, the company has released a new update for WhatsApp voice messaging, after which it has become more interesting. Now features like draft preview and out-of-chat playback have also been added to WhatsApp voice messages.

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Keep your WhatsApp account more secure with the help of these simple tips, hackers will stay away

New Delhi: WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging apps. WhatsApp makes it easy to communicate with others. To make your experience even safer, you can pay more attention to online security. A few simple tips will help you. This will make you more secure in personal messages and files. To enhance your privacy, first of all, enabling Two Step Verification for your WhatsApp account is a great option. All you have to do is start this in-build feature.

Check for unknown links:

Finding unfamiliar links to everything from email to Instagram DM is a big problem, not just on WhatsApp. Sometimes you get Malitius links from people you know. To avoid this, you can test it by pasting it on any link-checking site like ScanUrl, FishTank, Norton Safe Web.

Security Notification:

WhatsApp Security Notifications let users know when their chats may be compromised. If you enable notifications, a quick notification is sent to all chats when your account is logged on to the new device. So, if your WhatsApp account has been hacked and you have logged in from somewhere else, your contacts will know. To enable this feature, navigate to WhatsApp settings / account / security and toggle on security notifications.

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If you lose your phone, log out of your account immediately:

If you lose your smartphone with SIM, you can quickly get a duplicate SIM card and insert it into a new phone. After that, by downloading WhatsApp on this phone, you can use your new SIM for OTP and log in to WhatsApp. As soon as you log in to the account from the new device, it will log out from your old phone.

Use different DPs:

People can get a lot of information about you by using your profile picture. If your profile picture is the same on other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or LinkedIn, people can download your WhatsApp profile picture and post it on your Facebook page or any other social media handle. It may also reveal some of your information.

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Say it! You can chat on WhatsApp without saving the number, new feature is coming, see details

New Delhi: Nowadays users can’t imagine their life without WhatsApp. WhatsApp is now used for everything from chatting with friends to important office work. WhatsApp offers many updated features to make your users’ chatting experience fun. Despite this, users have been waiting for a very important feature for a long time. Currently WhatsApp users cannot send WhatsApp messages without saving the number. But, soon this problem of users will be solved. The company will soon be bringing an abandoned feature. According to reports, the latest beta version number for Android indicates that the company is working on this feature.

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According to the beta version, in the new update, users will be able to send messages to numbers not saved in the phone. For this, users just have to tap on the unsaved number in the chat bubble. By doing so, some options will pop up on the phone screen and one of these options is to send a message without saving the number. The Android Authority has shared a screenshot stating that in addition to texting to unsaved numbers, the new update will also have the option of dial and add to contact. Until now, tapping a new number in WhatsApp chat brings up the phone dialer screen directly. This feature of WhatsApp is currently available in beta. The company is expected to release a stable version in the next few weeks.

Message forwarding limit for group will be set:

WhatsApp is currently testing another new feature. According to WABetaInfo, this feature allows a company to stop forwarding messages to multiple groups at once. For now, users can forward messages to up to 5 groups at a time. However, with the advent of new features, they will be able to forward messages to a single group.

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