iPhone Feature: WhatsApp messages can be sent even when the screen of the smartphone is locked, know this abandonment trick

New Delhi:WhatsApp messages: Apple iPhone is very popular due to its great features. The company is also always trying to give new features to iPhone smartphone users. But, you know what? There is also a different way to reply to WhatsApp messages on iPhone. Which is not on Android. This feature allows you to reply to WhatsApp messages even when the iPhone screen is locked. To reply to any message on WhatsApp, you need to unlock your phone screen. But, if you are an iPhone user, you can reply even when the screen is locked. Learn how this new and amazing feature works.

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It is worth noting that this Quick Reply Feature is available for new iPhone models like Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11. Let’s learn how to use it. This is how to answer when the screen is locked on iPhone – For this, tap on-screen WhatsApp Notification or long press. Type your reply and tap Send. For this you have to go to settings and adjust your haptic settings.

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To do this, go to Settings, then Accessibility, then Touch and then Haptic Touch and tap on Touch Duration. Not only that, iphone users can ask Siri to send WhatsApp messages, make WhatsApp calls and read your messages aloud. However, these features are only available on iOS 10.3 and above.

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As of today the essential rules of ‘these’ with WhatsApp have changed, Learn the Details


  • Some changes have taken place since May 1
  • You have to accept the WhatsApp policy
  • Deadline 15 May 2021

New Delhi: Today, May 1. Many necessary changes are taking place in the country from today. There are many changes in this that are related to technology. So users need to be aware of this. What changes have taken place in his life since May 1, 2021? Or it is going to happen, everyone needs to know. Learn the details.

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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy
The biggest change from the tech world in this list is related to the most used platform WhatsApp. In fact, WhatsApp has asked people to accept its privacy policy. If you haven’t used the WhatsApp privacy policy yet, you have until May 15 to accept the new WhatsApp policy. If you do not do this, your WhatsApp account will be deleted after 15th May. You will not be able to use it. Therefore, the company is constantly alerting its users to accept their policy.

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People over the age of 18 can register online for the vaccine
People who have completed 18 years of age will be vaccinated from May 1. The process of online registration has been started for this. The date, place, and name of the hospital will be known after registration. At this time, everyone is required to register for the vaccine. You can register for this vaccine online from CoWIN and Aarogya Setu app. The registration process is similar on Health Bridge app and Covin.

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You have to tap on Login / Register. After that you have to enter the mobile number. Then OTP will come on mobile. The mobile number will then be verified. Then choose one of your photo ID cards like Aadhaar, PAN, Driving License. Fill in the information like name, date of birth. Then a page will open. On which you can add names to your mobile number to vaccinate 4 more people. After that you enter the zip code. The vaccine center information will open in front. This will give you the time and date of the vaccine.

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Deleted messages on WhatsApp can be easily restored, learn the method


  • Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp Recover
  • WhatsApp has not brought any new feature for this
  • For this you have to take the help of third party app

New Delhi: Any deleted message can be restored on WhatsApp. We will tell you a simple method for this. There is no official feature or service of WhatsApp available for this. For this you need the help of a third party. This third party is called WhatsRemoved +. With this app you can read all deleted WhatsApp messages.

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When you shift to a new smartphone. At that time you don’t get access to all your old WhatsApp texts, media files and photos. So we often get frustrated. If you want to get rid of all these problems, we will tell you a simple method. WhatsApp backs up chats by default every day at 2 p.m. Unless you manually change your settings.

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If you are not switching to a new phone, but some WhatsApp chats have been accidentally deleted by you, they can be reinstalled. Follow these steps.

1. Open WhatsApp to turn on chat backup. Go to settings. Go to chat. Tap on Chat Backup.

2. You can set the frequency of your chat backup with Never, Daily, Weekly or Monthly option. You can store backups manually.

3. In addition, if you want to use an Android smartphone, you must select a Google Account. From there the backup is stored.

4. Go to WhatsApp for iPhone users. Then go to Chat, then go to the internal settings of Chat Backup. Select Auto Backup Frequency at this point. Use backup. You can manually back up to iCloud.

Do this to restore deleted messages
For this you need to set the chat backup option of WhatsApp account to Daily. It will be easier to restore. Because your chats are regularly backed up. If you want to switch to a new smartphone, you have to recover the deleted WhatsApp messages while deleting the WhatsApp account.

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Before switching to a new smartphone, first download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Login to your WhatsApp account by entering your phone number. Then verify the number through OTP. You will have the option to restore all your WhatsApp chats. Click on Restore option. Then all the old deleted WhatsApp messages will be restored in your new smartphone.

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