2022 World Cup: TF1, BeIN… On which channel will we be able to watch the matches?

From the opening match on November 20 to the final on December 18, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will offer football fans no less than 64 games to watch. All matches will be broadcast on the various BeIN Sports channels. Those who only have free-to-air channels at their disposal will however be able to find the most beautiful competition posters on TF1.

The unencrypted channel will broadcast a total of 28 World Cup matches, including all the matches of the France team, from the start to the end of the competition. During the group stages, TF1 will also broadcast one match per evening, at 8 p.m. This will lead to the evening news being brought forward to 7:20 p.m.

For the second phase, those of the knockout matches, TF1 has the right to choose three of the eight round of 16. The channel will then broadcast three of the four quarter-finals, then will offer the entire end of the competition: the two semi-finals, the small final for the 3e place and then the grand finale.

Sunday November 20

5 p.m.: Qatar – Ecuador on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Monday November 21

2 p.m.: England v Iran on BeIN Sports

5 p.m.: Senegal – Netherlands on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: United States – Wales on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Tuesday, November 22

11 a.m.: Argentina v Saudi Arabia on BeIN Sports

2 p.m.: Denmark – Tunisia on BeIN Sports

5 p.m.: Mexico v Poland on BeIN Sports

20 hours : FRANCE – Australia on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Wednesday, November 23

11 a.m.: Morocco – Croatia on BeIN Sports

2 p.m.: Germany v Japan on BeIN Sports

5 p.m.: Spain v Costa Rica on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Belgium – Canada on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Thursday, November 24

11 a.m.: Switzerland – Cameroon on BeIN Sports

2 p.m.: Uruguay – South Korea on BeIN Sports

5 p.m.: Portugal v Ghana on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Brazil – Serbia on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Friday November 25

11 a.m.: Wales – Iran on BeIN Sports

2 p.m.: Qatar – Senegal on BeIN Sports

5 p.m.: Netherlands – Ecuador on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: England – United States on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Saturday November 26

11 a.m.: Tunisia – Australia on BeIN Sports

2 p.m.: Poland v Saudi Arabia on BeIN Sports

17 hours : FRANCE – Denmark on TF1 and BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Argentina – Mexico on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Sunday November 27

11 a.m.: Japan – Costa Rica on BeIN Sports

2 p.m.: Belgium – Morocco on TF1 and BeIN Sports

5 p.m.: Croatia v Canada on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Spain – Germany on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Monday, November 28

11 a.m.: Cameroon – Serbia on BeIN Sports

2 p.m.: South Korea – Ghana on BeIN Sports

5 p.m.: Brazil v Switzerland on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Portugal – Uruguay on TF1 and BeIN Sports

Tuesday, November 29

4 p.m.: Netherlands v Qatar on BeIN Sports

4 p.m.: Ecuador – Senegal on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Wales – England on TF1 and BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Iran – United States on BeIN Sports

Wednesday, November 30

4 p.m.: Tunisia – FRANCE on TF1 and BeIN Sports

4 p.m.: Australia v Denmark on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Poland – Argentina on TF1 and BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Saudi Arabia v Mexico on BeIN Sports

Thursday, December 1

4 p.m.: Croatia v Belgium on BeIN Sports

4 p.m.: Canada – Morocco on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Japan – Spain on TF1 and BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Costa Rica – Germany on BeIN Sports

Friday, December 2

4 p.m.: South Korea – Portugal on BeIN Sports

4 p.m.: Ghana – Uruguay on BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Cameroon – Brazil on TF1 and BeIN Sports

8 p.m.: Serbia v Switzerland on BeIN Sports

From Saturday 3 to Sunday 18 December

For the knockout matches, TF1 has not yet made its choice for the round of 16 and quarter-finals. The matches that the channel will broadcast will be fixed according to the teams that will be qualified and the interest of the various scheduled matches. BeIN Sports will continue to broadcast all matches, including those that will also be on TF1.



MMA: what measures are taken to ensure the safety of fighters?

Brutal and merciless. MMA, legalized in France since 2020 only, has a bad reputation. For the first time, the UFC, the main organization of this sport invites itself to Paris on Saturday September 3rd. The 15,000 spectators expected at Bercy will be able to witness a deluge of blows and armbars. Several rules have nevertheless been put in place to guarantee the safety of participants in UFC Paris.

First, contrary to the idea we have of the discipline, which brings together all the existing martial disciplines, not all blows are allowed. It is possible to strike with the hands, legs and knees, as well as to throw his opponent on the ground and subject him to submission techniques, submission keys, even to strike him with his fists once he dropped.

Boxing, wrestling, grappling

This set of techniques comes from the most used sports in MMA: English boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and grappling. However, it is forbidden to hit your opponent with a head butt, or a blow behind the head. The private parts are also off limits. Fighters cannot use their feet or knees or elbow downwards against their opponent on the ground, nor insert their fingers into their holes or scratch them.

Also, like boxing, MMA fighters are split by weight to even out fights. The men are split into eight categories, from flyweight (under 56.7kg) to heavyweight (under 120.2kg) with a super heavyweight category with no weight limit. As for women, they are classified from strawweight (under 52 kg) to featherweight (under 66 kg).

Doctors watch

Participants compete in a ring, often an octagon, surrounded by a fence. This “cage” protects them from projections that could send them beyond the combat space.

Doctors are also present on the edges of the ring. They are notably put to use by a new rule, which stipulates that fighters who receive a shot in the eye can get five minutes to recover. At the end of this period, the doctor decides whether the fight can continue.

As early as 2016, a parliamentary report called for the legalization of sport precisely to better regulate it and improve the safety of combatants. The UFC today claims 3.8 million fans in France, making it “the second most important country in Europe on social networks” for the organization, despite the criticism that MMA faces. In 2015, the president of the judo federation claimed in a controversial exit that he was “a refuge for jihadists” and “an invention for doing business” without “educational aspect”.



Football on TV: on which channels (and at what prices) to watch the matches

► League 1

To follow the first division championship, it will be necessary to multiply the subscriptions. Prime Video – Amazon’s service – has acquired the rights to broadcast 80% of the matches for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 seasons. With the “Pass Ligue 1”, it will cost you €12.99/month or €99/year (or even €89 if the subscription is taken out before the end of August to have access to Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches) . A price to be added to the cost of the classic subscription to Prime Video.

The Canal+ channel will broadcast the remaining 20% ​​of matches. Again, you will have to pay € 20.99 per month with a one-year subscription.

► Cups

Fans of French clubs who wanted to follow their career in the Coupe de France could so far do so on the channels of the France Télévisions group or on Eurosport. For next year, nothing is certain. The French Football Federation, judging the proposed amounts insufficient, refused to award them last April and declared its call for tenders “unsuccessful”. Negotiations remain open.

► League 2

Prime Video will also broadcast 80% of Ligue 2 matches. For the rest, you have to turn to BeIN Sports, for €15/month.

Fans who do not want to pay will however be able to enjoy a free match every Saturday at 7 p.m., broadcast on the L’Équipe channel.

► Champions League

The two best posters of the prestigious Champions League will be co-broadcast by Canal+ and RMC Sport (with a subscription of €19 per month). The other matches will be broadcast on BeIN Sports.

The final, which is one of the events that must be broadcast on a free channel, will also be visible on TF1.

► Europa League and Europe Conference League

The other two European competitions, the Europa League and the Europa Conference League, are shared between three channels: Canal+ and W9 reserving the best posters, the rest of the matches will be on RMC Sport.

► Foreign championships

Fans of the Spanish, Italian and German first division championships will be able to follow the matches on BeIN Sports, while Canal+ will exclusively broadcast the Premier Leaguethe English championship.

► World Cup 2022

The TF1 group, which owns the TMC channel (on TNT), will broadcast 28 matches free of charge, including the 16 most beautiful posters of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup. This includes in particular the opening match, all the matches of the France team, the two semi-finals and the final.

The BeIN Sports channel will broadcast the 64 matches, 36 of which are exclusive.

► On the side of women’s football…

For the 2022-2023 season, D1 is broadcast on the Canal+ group channels. The DAZN streaming platform owns the rights to the Women’s Champions League until 2025. Select matches will be streamed for free on the DAZN YouTube channel.



Platini-Blatter trial: what are the charges against the defendants?

After six years of investigation, Michel Platini and the ex-president of Fifa Sepp Blatter appear from Wednesday June 8 before the federal criminal court of Bellinzona, in the south-east of Switzerland, in the case of payment suspect who broke their career in 2015. The verdict of the trial, which is held until June 22, is expected for July 8.

► What are the charges against the defendants?

The two former leaders of European and world football are accused of having “illegally obtained, to the detriment of Fifa, a payment of 2 million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros, editor’s note) in favor of Michel Platini”.

Michel Platini advised Sepp Blatter between 1998 and 2002 during the latter’s first term as head of FIFA. The two men signed a contract in 1999 agreeing to an annual remuneration of 300,000 Swiss francs, fully paid by Fifa.

However, in January 2011, almost ten years after the end of his activity as an adviser, Michel Platini “enforced a claim of 2 million Swiss francs” paid by FIFA “with the competition” of Sepp Blatter, reveals the prosecution. For the charge, it is a payment ” unfounded “obtained by inducing “artfully mistaken” the internal controls of Fifa by false assertions of the two leaders. These appear for ” scam “, “disloyal management”, ” breach of trust “ and “false in the titles”.

► What is their defense?

Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter declare that from the beginning they decided orally on an annual salary of 1 million Swiss francs. The balance was paid late because, at the time the agreement was established, Fifa’s finances did not allow an immediate payment. “This is a salary balance, owed by FIFA, by oral contract and paid under conditions of the most perfect legality. Nothing else ! I acted, like all my life and all my career, with the utmost honesty,” assures the Frenchman.

Even more, Michel Platini considers himself the victim of a conspiracy, noting that when the affair broke out, in 2015, he was a favorite to take the head of Fifa. He denounces in particular the role of Gianni Infantino, the current boss of world football, elected in 2016, who was his former right-hand man at UEFA and against whom he filed a complaint in November 2021 for “active influence peddling”.

Since 2020, Gianni Infantino has also been the target of a procedure relating to three secret meetings with the former chief prosecutor, in which a magistrate and the former legal director of Fifa have just been charged. But Swiss justice has so far refused to join the two files.

► What are they at risk?

Both men face up to five years in prison and a fine. Civil party, Fifa wishes to be restored the salary and social charges paid in 2011 to Michel Platini “so that the money embezzled by the defendants for personal purposes is returned to the one and only purpose for which it was intended: football”.

The affair has also made Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter pariahs of football. Suspended for the first time in October 2015 by FIFA’s Ethics Committee for a period of ninety days, they were then banned from all football-related activity for a period of eight years, reduced to six years by an appeals committee. In May 2016, the Court of Arbitration for Sport reduced Michel Platini’s suspension to four years.



World Cup 2022: what would be the worst and the best draw for the France team?

France, the reigning world champion, is preparing to discover its first three opponents for the 2022 World Cup, which will take place in Qatar between November 21 and December 18. The draw for the group stages will take place in Doha on Friday April 1 at 6 p.m. French time.

How are hens made?

The draw method is as follows. The thirty-two qualified teams are divided into four hats, according to several criteria including their FIFA ranking. Here is their composition on April 1 in the morning.

For the first time this year, three participants have not been officially qualified for the FIFA World Cup. These teams will be known during the intercontinental play-off matches which will be played in mid-June. The country representing Asia will face that of South America, that of North and Central America will play against that of Oceania. In Europe, the ticket to Qatar will be contested between Scotland, Ukraine and Wales.

The best draw: Switzerland, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia

On paper, Switzerland is the weakest team in pot 2, along with the United States. But crossing the Nati at the next World Cup could be an opportunity for the Blues to take their revenge after the elimination in the round of 16 of Euro 2020 on penalties. Xherdan Shaqiri’s teammates haven’t shown great serenity in their last matches. Apart from two clear victories against Lithuania and Bulgaria, Switzerland remains on several draws (Northern Ireland, Italy twice, Kosovo) and a defeat against England.

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Tunisia also struggled to convince, qualifying narrowly for the World Cup by a single goal in the play-offs against Mali. The Eagles of Carthage finished third in their group, however very weak, during the qualifying phases. Saudi Arabia for its part does not present a particular obstacle for the Blues, despite the recent arrival of Hervé Renard as coach.

The worst draw: Germany, Senegal and Ecuador

Germany is the scarecrow in the second hat. Eliminated from entry at Euro 2020, the Mannschaft changed coach after 14 years with Joachim Löw. Since the arrival of Hans-Dieter Flick from the Bayern Munich bench, the German team has not lost a single match, offering themselves several attacking cards (9-0 against Liechtenstein, 6-0 against Armenia, 4-0 against Iceland).

Senegal could also pose problems for the France team, thanks to a workforce made up of players playing in the biggest European clubs. Sadio Mané’s teammates (Liverpool) showed their solidity in their play-off against Mohamed Salah’s Egypt. Finally, the youth of Ecuador – who outclassed Colombia in qualifying – could also give Didier Deschamps’ team a hard time. The Tricolor compensates for its inexperience with the physical and technical qualities of its players.