Covid-19: This SuperFood will keep you away from cold and cough during the Corona period, include it in the diet in this way

Omicron Varian: In the winter season, along with seasonal things, some such things should also be consumed which help in keeping the body warm, healthy and away from seasonal diseases. At the same time, such things should be consumed in the Coronavirus period which keep you warm from inside. One of these is ginger. Ginger must be included in your diet. This is because ginger is a superfood. It is pungent and fragrant. Right now the winter season is going on, in such a situation we should consume such things which keep our body warm and healthy. In such a situation, here we will tell you about the benefits of eating ginger. Let’s know.

Helps in digestion- Ginger helps in digestion of food and prevents gas formation. Apart from its ability to reduce nausea and vomiting, ginger is used to treat a number of stomach problems. If you are also troubled by stomach related problems, then consume ginger daily.

Effective in cold, cough and fluConsuming ginger can soothe a sore throat. It is an anti-bacterial and can help protect us from viruses that occur in winter. On the other hand, even if you are infected with corona, you can consume ginger.

Reduces joint pain- Ginger has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, due to which it is believed to boost your overall immunity. In such a situation, ginger can prove to be beneficial for people suffering from arthritis.

Do this include in the diet- Include ginger in your diet. Boil ginger in water and consume it in the morning and evening. Apart from this, you can also consume it by mixing it with amla.

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