Make these minor changes to prevent weight gain

Weight Gain: Lifestyle plays an important role behind weight gain. Lack of nutritious food in the diet and sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain. Overeating has also been known to cause weight gain over a long period of time. However, this increase in weight is usually not the result of overeating but rather more calories consumed in a day. The good thing is that we may be able to stop the weight gain on our own. But for this, minor changes will have to be made in diet or physical activity.

Minor changes that prevent weight gain

James Hill, an American expert on obesity, first proposed it in 2004 to help people control their weight, calling it the ‘small changes approach’. The use of small changes approaches in weight control has been tested by many researches. Researchers found that a difference of 1 kg over a period of 8 to 14 months was statistically significant. Although the modest changes approach proved effective for preventing weight gain, it did not prove effective for weight loss. Must know about the successful technology used in the test. These techniques or changes are not very heavy but can be easily adopted while remaining normal in your life.

  • Get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. It may take 10-15 minutes more to reach you and it can help you burn up to 60 calories.
  • Use a spoonful of olive oil while cooking. There are a little over 100 calories in a tablespoon of olive oil, so using less can be a way to overlook the extra calories.
  • If you have a box full of sweets or a whole sweet, leave half for tomorrow. For example, just half a KitKat can reduce you by about 120 calories.
  • Attend phone calls while walking. You can opt for 30 minutes by joining the phone call while walking.
  • Avoid sweeteners. Staying away from cakes, biscuits and other sweets can easily help you cut the extra 100-200 calories.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult a doctor.

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What to do to gain weight, know how diet and exercise should be

Nowadays most people are troubled by their obesity. To lose weight, do intense exercise and dieting. But there are many people who are worried about not gaining weight. Just as it is difficult to lose weight, in the same way it is very difficult for many people to gain weight. What people don’t do to gain weight. It is not that eating only leads to weight gain. Rather, it is important for you to have the right and protein-rich diet. There are many protein rich things that are also good for your health and also help in increasing your weight. Apart from this, it is also necessary to do some exercise to gain weight. Today we are telling you a protein rich food that will help you in gaining weight. Also, what exercises should you do to increase weight.

Exercise to increase weight
Health and nutrition expert Nikhil Vats says that ‘People who want to gain weight, do cardio exercises only for 5 minutes of warm-up, yes if you are an athlete then you can do cardio for 15-20 minutes.

Whatever exercise you do, lift 3-4 kg more than your limit. So that every fiber of your muscles can be used. In this way your muscles will also be big and strong.

Those who want to increase weight, they must do the exercise of legs, from Olympic fit to snatching and squats, this will make your body base good. Yes, if you are exercising at home, then you can also do a belly twist exercise by bouncing off the medicine ball and taking the ball in your hand.

Soybean- Soybean is a very good source of protein. Magnesium, vitamin K and phosphorus are also found in plenty in it. Eating soybean makes the muscles strong and repair. To gain weight, you should eat soybeans every day.

Egg- Egg is also necessary for protein in the body. If you eat egg every day, then it not only increases the weight, but it can also cause your muscles to gain. To gain weight, you should eat egg white. Eggs contain protein, vitamin D, vitamin B and vitamin B-12, which are very good for your health.

Masur lentils- If you do not eat chicken and eggs, then such vegetarian people can eat lentil lentils. Lentil lentil is a great substitute for protein. The protein in lentils helps maintain your heart’s health, aid digestion and control blood sugar.

potato- You can also eat potatoes for protein, this gives the body many other nutrients as well. A boiled mashed potato is rich in protein and carbohydrates. Yes, you have to take care of time while eating potato because it contains a lot of calories.

Oats- Oats are considered an excellent source of protein. You can eat it with different healthy foods like fresh fruits and nuts. Many times people adopt a diet plan, they consume oats in breakfast.

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Lodkown increased due to Corona virus, how much our weight increased, research revealed

Lockdowns were imposed last year to control the corona virus infection. People were forced to remain imprisoned in homes. He stopped using computers, Netflix and food a lot as he stopped going out. The result of this can be seen in the report of Jama Network Open published on Monday.

Lodkown increased weight by 2 pounds per month

According to research, American citizens gained 2 pounds per month while living in Quarantine. The researchers analyzed data obtained from 269 participants involved in research on cardiology. They voluntarily reported the measurement of weight from a smart scale with a Bluetooth device and weighed themselves regularly. Researchers collected 7,444 weight measurements for four months i.e. 28 weight measurements from each participant on average.

The participants were about 52 percent women, 77 percent whites and their average age was 52 years. The researchers analyzed the weight measurements taken between 1 February 2020 and 1 June 2020. Their purpose was to find the change in weight from both before the lockdown was implemented and after the lockdown was implemented. The research team found that every 10 days after the lockdown was implemented, the participants’ weight increased regularly by six-tenths of a pound, that is, by 1.5 to 2 pounds more per month.

Research showed small glimpse of big problem

However, many of the participants were losing weight before the lockdown took effect. Researcher George Marcus from the University of California, San Francisco told the New York Times, “We know that weight gain is a public health problem in America, so making it worse for anything is definitely a matter of concern and living in homes The impact of the order is so large that it makes the impact of minor numbers extremely relevant. “

He told the Times that the impact of the lockdown could have been even more widespread for those who were not losing weight before the lockdown. He said that this shows that this is a small glimpse of a big problem. The researchers, however, also said that small-scale research may not be common to the entire American population, but this is an indication that explains what happened during the epidemic. The weight of the participants increased despite their location and chronic medical conditions.

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Why do women become overweight after the age of 40? Know about the main reasons

Weight gain is a common reality of the body, which people all over the world are struggling with. Poor eating and lifestyle habits are considered the most common causes of weight gain. However, there can be many other reasons besides that. Some medical or age-related reasons can cause a jump in weight. If you know the reasons, then it becomes much easier to reduce the increased weight.

Weight gain is absolutely common in women after the age of 40. If you are also struggling with the same problem, then there are some possible reasons behind it. However, these may or may not apply to everyone.

Body becomes resistant to insulin
The use of sugar should not be completely stopped with your diet, excessive intake of it can be harmful and health may have to pay the price. After passing the age of 40, if too much sugar and its components remain in your diet, then this may be the reason behind the rapid weight gain. This is because the cells of the body become resistant to insulin. You should not only worry about excess weight, but there is also a risk of developing type 2 diabetes with the use of too much sugar.

Reduces progesterone level
Many enzymes have different functions in the body. Increase or occurrence of any one of them can become the cause of the problem. When it is of progesterone level, it can cause weight gain indirectly, because it causes blotting and deposition of water in the body and you will feel heavy. You can consult your doctor in this regard, or take some easy home remedies to help your body digest better.

Stress can cause weight gain
With age comes responsibility and more stress with responsibility. If you are struggling with special stress related to work, home and life, then you may have to pay the price. The body has its own mechanism to combat disturbances, as a result your weight may increase.

Feeling more hungry
Eating more or less is bad for both health. At the age of 40, women have to deal with changes in nature and various hormone related problems, mostly due to menopause. As a result, most women feel very hungry and their appetite increases. This situation can be excellent for those who eat less, it becomes easy to digest food, while on the other hand it is afraid of weight gain and other health problems.

Non Healthy Catering Habits
Non-healthy eating habits can not only affect the body of women at the age of 40, but it is a matter of concern for every person. However, if you have stepped as a woman at the age of 40, then you need to be more careful about your health. Stress and unfulfilling work should not make you get rid of food, avoid eating at random times. Create and follow a time table to take better care of yourself.

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How to make a slim body healthy, know a few easy and safe tips to help you gain weight

As difficult as it is to reduce obesity, weight gain is also difficult. Weight gain is not less of a challenge for lean, thin and weak person. According to experts, lifestyle, diet and exercise help to increase weight or reduce weight and in both the cases the use of supplements, medication or injections can prove to be harmful.

They say that obesity or removal of body fat is not a matter of few days. Just like obesity comes slowly, similarly thin and thin also takes time to become fat. It is important to improve the diet and stay in touch with the doctor to gain weight without endangering overall health.

High use of protein

Protein plays an important role in the body when it comes to increasing lean muscle mass or muscle building. Weak people should consume protein rich foods like milk, eggs and fish. Along with this, making vegetables and fruits as part of your diet will be favorable.

Muscle Building Exercises

Exercise is important for people of all ages and all stature. Exercise improves the efficiency of the body by activating its organs and internal systems.

Exercise should be abounded daily under the supervision of an instructor for weight gain and muscle building. This is very favorable for both men and women. Apart from this, do jogging for one hour in the morning so that the diet can be absorbed in the body properly.

A few domestic tricks are also suitable

Soak 10 seeds of almonds in the night and keep them. In the morning, grind it and use 30 grams of flax and sugar as needed. In this way it will help in increasing body weight rapidly. Apart from this, it would be advisable to use Engineer as well. Soak three other engines in a cup of water at night. Wake up in the morning and use it with water. After a few days the weight will start increasing and the growth of tendons will also be visible. A third way is to eat 2 bananas every night and drink a glass of milk. This practice also causes a weak body fat.

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Do not consume too much protein for weight loss, your body may suffer this loss

The problem of obesity is increasing. For weight loss, people are advised to reduce fat foods from their diet and include protein in the diet. Many people consume too much protein in weight loss efforts and make mistakes here, because consuming too much of anything can be harmful for health. Protein has many benefits to the body, but it does not mean that it is consumed more than necessary. We are telling you what harm can be caused by excessive intake of protein.

gaining weight
Excess intake of protein is usually stored in the body in the form of fat, while excess amino acids are excreted from the body through feces. This can cause weight gain over time, especially when you consume too many calories while trying to increase your protein intake.

Bad breath
Excessive intake of protein causes your breath to stink. Especially when you stop consuming carbohydrates. Your body goes into metabolicism called ketosis, which produces chemicals, due to which the smell in your breath remains.

Protein deficient in dietary fiber. Therefore they can cause constipation. They benefit the rest of the body, but due to lack of fiber, they can cause constipation. The absence of fiber in the diet causes constipation.

Too many dairy products, due to lack of fiber, can cause diarrhea. If you consume dairy products or protein sources like fried meat, fish and poultry, it can cause diarrhea. Drink plenty of water to avoid diarrhea, avoid caffeinated beverages, limit fried foods and extra-fat foods, and increase your fiber intake.

Brain fogging or dizziness can occur in people who consume excess protein. To eat more protein, you have to reduce your carb intake to maintain your calorie count. Low carb means that your brain gets less sugar, due to which it actually shrinks, which makes you feel dull.

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How to Control Weight Gain: Know why weight increases in winter season and how it can be controlled

Often people complain of gaining weight during the winter or winter. By the way, it is also true that weight increases the most in winter. In fact, everyone likes hot and hot food due to cold in this season. During this, oily things are also eaten a lot. Sitting inside a quilt, with hot tea cups or hot pakoras, or eating bhajiya or carrot pudding or any fried roast, it feels a lot more delicious. Food eaten in winter also feels more to the body than ordinary days. This is the reason why the weight of people increases in winter. However, there are many other reasons for weight gain in winter.

Sleeping more

In winter, people sleep in bed for longer than normal days. It directly affects our body. Actually, the more we sleep, the more lazy our body will be. That is, because of sleeping more than 8 hours, we gain weight. Apart from this, our body does not do much work during the winter season, due to which sweat comes down and weight increases.

Eat more spicy food

In winter, people often start eating spicy foods to avoid cold. But eating more spicy and fried foods leads to weight gain.

Sweet weight increases in winter

In winter, people forget about dieting etc. and start consuming sugar and calorie-rich things. During this time, sweets like carrot pudding, moong dal pudding, gajjak, jalebi, gulab jamun made with good taste are very tasty. But these things have a lot of calories due to which weight gain in winter.

Do not exercise

During the winter season, people also cut down on exercising. Because of the cold, people prefer to stay in a quilt than to get out of the house. The brunt of which the body has to suffer in the form of increased weight.

Seasonal effective disorder increases weight

It has been revealed in many research that due to reduced sunlight and sunlight in winter season, people see little depression. This depression is also called seasonal affective disorder. Actually, the lack of sunlight is related to hormones which control our mood. Due to depression, our physical activity decreases and as a result, weight gain starts.

This is how weight control can be done in winter

1-Take protein breakfast in winter

2- If you do not want to get out in winter, do light exercise at home.

3- Take such foods which are full of nutrients.

4- If you want to control weight, then never forget to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

5- Avoid alcohol, carbohydrates and high sugar foods.

6- Get enough sleep.

7- In winter, people reduce drinking water, but in this season too much water should be drunk. This gives the body energy and also burns calories.

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Health Tips: Constipation and obesity are troubling in old age, so know the reasons and follow these remedies

Health Tips: Often people are extremely upset with the problem of constipation and obesity. To know how to deal with this disease, do not know what is the compliment, how many doctors get tired of going round and round, medicines pour money like water but only and only disappointment comes. This is because instead of reaching the root behind the problem of constipation and obesity, they are busy in treating it on the upper side. Actually, poor metabolism is the main cause of constipation and obesity in old age. A poor metabolism leads to many diseases in the body.

Due to poor metabolism, the amount of waste products in the body increases due to which there is also the risk of indigestion, heartburn, gas, constipation, obesity and heart related diseases. Not only this, poor metabolism also affects the functioning of liver and kidney. So it is very important that you keep your metabolism right. A good metabolism is very beneficial for the body and it works like a nectar in protecting your body from diseases.

Good metabolism not only helps in fast digestion of calories, but is also effective in weight loss. You can promote your metabolism in many ways. Such as drinking cold water, consuming more protein, lifting heavy things and doing very heavy workouts etc. Before we tell you ways to make metabolism fast and good, let us tell you the reason for its slow or bad.

Aging Metabolism
Although there are many reasons behind the weakening of metabolism, but what usually comes out is the increase in your age. Yes, metabolicism begins to deteriorate in old age, due to which it becomes more difficult to burn calories. In old age, the body begins to weaken and there is no elation as before. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to keep the weight balanced. Apart from this, there is an important role in your daily routine in destroying metabolism. Lack of fiber in food, lack of water, not sleeping prematurely, and eating at the wrong time can take your metabolism slowly to the highest level of deterioration. But you don’t have to worry because we are there to take care of you. Today we will tell you some very simple and effective measures, by adopting which you can keep your metabolism good and fast even in old age.

Follow PFC formula at breakfast
If you want to strengthen your digestion, then it is important for PFC formula ie balanced intake of protein, fat, carbohydrates. Protein, fat, carbohydrates are the three essential pillars of nutrition that should be in every meal. A balanced combination of these three in food helps to regulate blood sugar and increase metabolism. Apart from this, heavy protein rich breakfast is also important to cure bad metabolism because protein contains amino acids which helps your body to burn calories. More fiber should be consumed because fiber foods have a zero-calorie intake which improves your stomach health, digestive system and increases metabolism.

Eat something every two hours
If you eat something every day or every two hours during the day, then it keeps both your appetite and blood levels under control, due to which the intensity of metabolism increases. Do not eat anything during the snacking time, which causes starvation in the body, which is not good for metabolism. However, people believe that eating several times a day worsens health, but actually eating several times is very good for your metabolism.

Do not reduce calorie intake
If you think that reducing calories is the right way to reduce obesity, then it can prove fatal for you. Reducing calorie intake in food means slowing down metabolism because your body actually fights back due to fewer calories and conserves more energy that slows down metabolism. So stop thinking more about your calorie intake and take calories according to the requirement of the body.

Take care of fat
It can be very harmful for the body not to get fat at all. So choose healthy fat and consume it. They increase the metabolic rate without any decrease in monounsaturated calories.



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