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Disparaging Mr. Park

I wonder, if it wasn’t Mr. Park but someone else sitting as the head coach of Vietnam, maybe we wouldn’t have even scored a goal.

There is an inherent “illness” of Vietnamese football fans that when the team wins, wins a cup or a title, we cheer with all our words, using the most beautiful words to praise and sob. players and coaches. However, when the home team fails, the same people turn their backs, scoff, scold, even go to the personal pages of the players and coaches to let go of harsh words to the point of vulgarity. .

It is a very sad image with the national football background. Many fans claim to be football lovers, knowledgeable about “the sport of kings”, to judge the members of the team, that if they do this or that, the team “won like chopping bamboo”. .

I still remember, before Coach Park Hang-seo came to take charge of the Vietnamese team, our team was always in a state of fear of the “neighborhood” team of Thailand. Even during the golden generation with famous players Hong Son, Huynh Duc, Van Sy Hung…, every time we have to fight with Thai people, our players are “like chickens with hair”. However, since Mr. Park took over the team, we only drew or won the opponent. The position of Vietnamese football has also gone up dramatically since then. What we have today, is largely due to the efforts of the Korean teacher.

However, all those beautiful things were soon forgotten after the first few matches in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia. With an inadequate force because many key players have been injured, while facing the top teams in the continent, ranked “upper door” (at least 20 places higher than us according to FIFA rankings). ), the fact that our team failed consecutively is not too surprising.

>> Mr. Park’s ‘double decker bus’

In fairness, despite losing, under the guidance of Coach Park Hang-seo, the team showed not bad performances at all. Even experts and the international press also gave us praise, affirming that “Vietnam is a team that cannot be underestimated”. If we were lucky, we might have had points.

But that’s football, in addition to having body, skills and tactics, a team that wants to win good results also needs luck. Unfortunately, we did not have this when continuously receiving controversial and unfavorable rulings from referees and VAR technology.

However, now, I feel sad when many Vietnamese fans still criticize and even curse at the head coach and the national players. When the team plays, I believe any of us want the team to win, it’s a legitimate pursuit. But that doesn’t mean we criticize the team when it fails. Broadly speaking, ask yourself what do we have in hand, where is our position, to require the team to play well, kick well, win big?

If we all thought so thoroughly, I believe we wouldn’t utter such insensitive words. Thinking about the recent defeats, I think that if it was not Coach Park Hang-seo but another person sitting in the chair of the head coach of the Vietnam team, it is unlikely that we would have scored any goals, but not dream of a draw or win. So, if you are not satisfied with the team’s performance, please give your honest feedback in a constructive spirit, always be with the team in both victory and defeat. Please don’t be ungrateful to them.

Bui Huu Cu

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Saudi Arabia – Vietnam – VnExpress Sports

Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students are guests on the Saudi Arabia field in the opening match of the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia. The ball rolls at 1 o’clock.

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After the historic achievement – reaching the final qualifying round for the first time to qualify for the World Cup, ahead of the Vietnamese team will be much bigger challenges. Located in Group B with the teams of Oman, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China and Japan, Vietnam has the lowest rank on the FIFA scoreboard. Among these, Oman and Vietnam have never attended the World Cup.

The opponent in the opening match of Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students – Saudi Arabia – is a regular guest of the biggest football festival on the planet. They have each attended the World Cup five times, including once reaching the knockout stage. A victory for Vietnam will be an earthquake, especially when playing on the opponent’s field. But a draw is also an encouraging result for them.

Saudi Arabia has won and has not conceded five matches in a row. They also do this in the last four matches at home. Vietnam is unbeaten in 10 out of 11 matches, but the only defeat of Park’s teachers and students came in the last match, when they lost 2-3 at the UAE field – the team is also from West Asia and has a similar playing style to Saudi Arabia. Arabia.

Vietnam suffered many disadvantages in terms of force when losing midfielder Bui Tien Dung, defender Doan Van Hau, two midfielders Minh Vuong, Hung Dung and striker Cong Phuong. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia possesses the strongest force.

Quang Huy – Nhat Tao – Quang Dung