You can easily convert any video to MP3 file, these tools will come in handy

Many people use the video platform YouTube to listen to songs. However, often you don’t want to watch videos on YouTube, you just want to listen to songs. You can convert such videos to MP3. YouTube to MP3 Converter allows users to separate audio files from videos and convert them to MP3 format. Currently there are many apps available for audio only. You can use these apps by subscribing. These include YouTube Premium, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music. However, if you don’t want to pay to listen to songs, you can convert videos to MP3. There are many apps and websites available to convert video files to MP3 only. With these apps and websites you can easily convert files. Let’s learn more about this.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Download is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android. It allows you to download videos, audio and subtitles from platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and TickTock. You can download a full playlist of channels, including music videos and audio. You can download videos from YouTube. You can edit videos and even create slide shows. You can easily download audio files by downloading the 4K Video Downloader app.

Wondershare UniConverter


You can use this app on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS platforms. This platform allows you to edit downloaded video and audio. Files can be edited in Blu-ray quality.

Use it

  • First open the app and click on the Converter option.
  • Now upload video files by clicking on Add Files in Conversion.
  • Click on the Output Format tab at the bottom of the screen. Now you see the audio section. Select the MP3 option.
  • Different bit rates will now appear. You can download by selecting one of them.



It runs on Windows and Mac OS. It is also a youtube video downloader. You can use this tool for 24 hours free trial period. After that you have to pay the fee. Currently SnapDownloader is not available for mobile.

Use it

  • Copy the URL of any video.
  • Then paste this URL in SnapDownloader and click on search button.
  • Here you will see different quality options. You can choose one of these options.
  • After that you can download the file by clicking on Download Now.



This is a converter tool, which only works on Windows PCs. You can use it to download video and audio in certain formats. It has more features than others. This allows you to download and edit the video.

Use it

  • Paste the first copied URL into it. You can only select one video.
  • Then click on the To MP3 button on the screen. Now a dialog box appears with MP3 bit rates and quality. You can choose the quality as per your convenience.
  • You can add your own presets using the MP3 Preset editor tool. You can then download the file by clicking on Convert.

YTD Video Downloader


This is a great platform to convert YouTube videos to MP3. You can use it on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS platforms. The free version has many features, so there is no need for a page version.

Use it

  • First, paste the video’s URL into the download section of this tool.
  • After downloading the video, go to the next step.
  • Now browse and select the file in the Convert tab.
  • Now select the M3 file from the list.
  • Then click on Convert and check the Same folder as downloads box.



Football: does video refereeing respect the spirit of the game?

In 2017, football France discovered VAR, for Video Assistant Referee, video assistant referee in French. Already used by the cousin of rugby, this device is supposed to help referees make fewer errors, and thus less influence the final result of a match.

Concretely, UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, explains that “The stadium’s VAR team intervenes in the event of an obvious error in the following four very specific situations that could change the course of the match: a goal, an incident in the penalty area, a red card or an error in the identity of the players. players “. Since its appearance, however, the VAR has struggled to gain unanimity, praised on the one hand for sporting fairness but accused on the other of going against “the spirit of the game”.

Technology everywhere

Football, and therefore its refereeing, has never been frozen. Realize: at the origin, in the XIXe century, there were even two field referees, each of the two teams providing an official! In a constantly evolving sport, and in the digital and all-technological age, the implementation of VAR is not an anomaly in itself. “Technology is everywhere in football, nods Paul Dietschy, sports historian at the University of Franche-Comté. It is in the impeccable semi-synthetic turf, in the equipment of the players, supposed to improve their performances, until the electronic stopwatch, much more practical for the referees. “

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With the precision that is its own, video assistance leaves no room for interpretation or doubt to decide whether the ball has crossed the goal line or if a player is out of play, and allows for more equity. between the two teams. Proof by example: on March 27, at the last minute of the Portugal-Serbia meeting, in a qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup, Lusitano striker Cristiano Ronaldo saw his goal be refused, while the ball was fine. and well into the opposing goal.

Impossible to verify, however: for logistical reasons, the VAR and the goal line technology, which is used precisely in this case, are not used during the European qualifiers for the World Cup. Bad luck for the Portuguese, who had to content themselves with a draw… If the VAR was debated at that time, it was precisely because it was conspicuous by its absence.

“The spirit of the game”

With VAR, no more happy mistakes that have made the history of this sport, ” hand of God “ from Diego Maradona to that of Thierry Henry against Ireland in 2009. A very understandable development, given all the extra-sporting issues around a discipline which brews more and more money every year.

So, what’s wrong with video assistance? “To interrupt a match for five minutes and ultimately refuse a goal because of an offside little finger, plague Romain, Marseille supporter and football lover. The problem is not the video, it’s the use we make of it, it goes against the spirit of the game. “ From there to saying that you have to allow yourself a few largesse and voluntarily forget to whistle, there is only one step …

“This is the old dilemma of letter and spirit, explains Paul Dietschy. Should we apply the rule to the letter, however hard it may be, even for an offside of a few millimeters, or can we allow ourselves a margin of appreciation? “ More broadly, the question of video assistance is above all that of the human and interpretation part that we want to leave in the game.

The role of the arbitrator

The problem with VAR is also that of the referee’s disempowerment. What is it for, one wonders, if his assistant is blowing him into the headset what to whistle, or if he passes and repeats the same images in a loop before making a decision? These lengths in a match, which cut the pace and make players and supporters lose patience, also contribute in a way to removing magic from the sport. “Symbolically, football has often been a metaphor for life: sometimes we win, sometimes we lose and sometimes it’s thanks to a twist of fate, an injustice for some and luck for others”, abounds Paul Dietschy.

The difficulty is also this gray area, where everyone agrees to use the VAR, estimating “That you have to use it but not for hours” as Romain says. Where is the limit ? How long does it take for the referees to render their decision? These questions have no rational solution… and remain subject to the appreciation of the arbitrator who is, above all, a human being.

For this Euro delayed by one year due to the Covid, the VAR is present to support the referees. Let’s take advantage: “Perhaps in twenty years, artificial intelligence will have entirely replaced the man in black”, laughs Paul Dietschy. And then maybe we’ll look back with nostalgia back to when the whistle was still in the mouth of a flesh-and-blood referee.



Watch this video before the use of mustard oil, you will get information about being genuine and fake

Mustard oil is a common ingredient in Indian kitchens. Oil is used in many types of dishes. But how do you check that the oil used is pure?

Share video on Twitter will give information about pure oil

The Government of India has shared an easy trick to check. You can find out whether your mustard oil has been mixed with Arjimon oil or not. Arjimon oil is extracted from Arjimon seed. The report showed that Arjimon oil is used to increase the quantity of mustard oil.

According to research, eating fake oil in humans can cause death of red blood cells and cause oxidative stress. Damage to the body is caused by the toxicity caused by Arjimon oil.

How to find the real-fake oil

The Indian government has explained through a video post on Twitter to check adulteration. According to the video surfaced on social media, “Take 5 ml quantity of mustard oil and put it in the test tube. Now add 5 ml of nitric acid to it. Shake the tube gently. If there is no adulteration, there will be no change in color. In case of adulteration, the color of mustard oil will change from orange-yellow to red.

BCCI gave Siraj the option to return to India after his father’s death, bowler turned down

Bharti Singh, who was humming the song in a romantic mood a day ago, today accepted acceptance of Ganja in front of NCB


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Ly Huynh: The imprint from villain role to affection

People’s artist Ly Huynh can play an action role, chase in “Hai Old”, “Plan 99” to an emotional role in “The wind of joking” …

Featured roles by Ly Huynh.

People’s artist Ly Huynh – amateurs Ly Hung – died at his home on the morning of October 22 due to a serious illness, at the age of 78. Ly Huynh’s real name is Ly Kim Tuyen, born in 1942 in Vinh Long. As a child, he learned about Thieu Lam martial arts, traditional martial arts of Tay Son Binh Dinh. In 1965, he opened a martial arts school, began to train many good martial artists.

From 1972 to 1989, he played many films, becoming one of the first Vietnamese to bring martial arts into cinema. He joined First love (1977), Eddy, Hai Old, Hon Dat, Windy season… Two Lua in the Shoulder Eddy winds bring him the prize Excellent actor 6th Vietnam Film Festival (1983). Later, he acted with his son Ly Hung in many films such as Plan 99, The martial artist is reluctant… In 1973, he famously challenged Bruce Lee openly on television. The event was reported by the Vietnamese and Hong Kong press at that time, becoming a beautiful anecdote in Ly Huynh’s life. In 2012, Ly Huynh was awarded the title of People’s Artist. In 2010, he devoted himself to making the last movie – Tay Son Hao Kiet.

Phuc Nguyen (video: Memories of Vietnamese films, Vietnamese films, Movie or cinema)