Vässla, halfway between the bike and the scooter

NEW – Unclassifiable, this electric machine is taking its first steps in Paris, only by subscription.

Electromobility gives birth to strange machines. The latest is called Vässla and comes from a start-up based in Stockholm. The parents liken it to an electric bicycle without pedals but in reality, this unclassifiable machine borrows its references from both the bicycle and the scooter. Its principle is that it dispenses with pedaling to move forward, like a scooter. Just twist the throttle, like on a motorcycle. Three modes are available to the driver to modulate the speed to 15, 20 or 25 km/h. We immediately choose the highest level, the start being a little winded on the first two modes. Apart from the braking which could have been more powerful, the Vässlase drives without apprehension. To the detriment of comfort, however, the saddle holds you back a little and the footrests retract too easily.


Not content to occupy a minimum of space, the Vässla allows you to move around without having to pedal. The Swedish start-up has even thought of those who do their shopping with the design of a basket that attaches to the front and a box at the rear, on the luggage rack. Well thought out, this electric vehicle houses the removable 3.5 kg Samsung battery in the seat tube. The latter tilts to remove the tube from the accumulators. With a full charge, the machine claims a range of 40 km, more than enough to circulate in Paris.

Still, this funny machine is not cheap. It is only offered with subscription plans. The first called Urban Pro is billed at 79 euros per month and commits you for a period of six months. This formula includes top-of-the-range services: a helmet, bicycle insurance, a concierge service capable of answering all your questions, anti-theft protection and a repair and replacement service for the Vässla within 48 hours.

The second subscription formula called Flex is intended for those who commit only for one month. It includes all the services of the Urban Pro but in addition to the monthly fee of 79 euros, you will have to pay a registration fee of 49 euros.