Great preparation of UIDAI on Aadhaar verification, no need for fingerprint scan


  • Great preparation of UIDAI
  • Use of OTP for authentication
  • Authentication from smartphones soon

New Delhi: Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar regulator Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI) is working on a big plan. Users’ smartphones can be used as a universal authenticator. Currently fingerprint, Irish scan and One Time Password (OTP) are used for authentication. But, soon the authentication process from the smartphone can be completed.

Simply put, users had to undergo fingerprint or eye scans to avail benefits like rations and pensions. However, smartphones could soon be used in its place. For this, UIDAI is developing your smartphone as Universal Authentication.

Work to be completed soon
According to UIDAI, work in this direction is in full swing. Therefore, it is expected that this smartphone will soon be developed as a universal authenticator. People will not have to travel to the office or any other government institution to avail government facilities. The Aadhaar Card holder can verify the Aadhaar Card with a virtual smartphone while sitting at home.

Where you can use the smartphone as an authentication
Opening a bank account
Making ration cards and taking rations
Getting a new mobile connection
To make a pension
Making DL
Linking the pan

Authenticator to make 80 crore smartphones
At present there are a total of 120 crore mobile connections. It can use 80 crore smartphones authenticated. No further details have been released. It is also not clear how the smartphone will be used for authentication.

Aadhaar security became a problem
Security can be a major hurdle in making smartphones a base authenticate. Link to Aadhaar Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme. This has helped in curbing fraud worth around Rs 2 lakh crore. Aadhaar number is being used for KYC update as fast as banking and telecom industry. The country has a population of about 700 million and more than half of its bank accounts are linked to Aadhaar. For 3 crore pension account, 10 crore will be done after Aadhaar verification.

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Now you can easily change the address on the Aadhaar card, it will work in minutes; Learn the complete process


  • The address on the Aadhaar card can be easily changed.
  • UIDAI changed method.
  • Proof of residency must be provided.

New Delhi: Aadhar card is an important document for every citizen living in India. Therefore, the information mentioned in the Aadhaar card needs to be accurate. Even a small mistake can be costly. If you want to change the base address, now the process has changed.

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has made some special rules for this. UIDAI has discontinued the facility to change the address in Aadhaar without any proof. In addition, some rules have been changed. Now those who want to change the address on Aadhar card have to follow the new rules.

32 documents are required to change name / address

UIDAI informed that the name will not be changed without proof. UIDAI has mentioned 32 documents, which will be considered for updating Aadhaar. There must be at least one of these documents.

The process of changing the base address

  • To change the address, first go to UIDAI’s official website
  • Now click on Proceed to Update Aadhaar.
  • Enter the 12 digit UID number here.
  • Then verify the Aadhaar details with the help of captcha code.
  • Now enter the registered mobile number.
  • Verify the phone number through OTP on mobile.
  • Now enter the Aadhar card information and enter the new address.
  • Then upload one of the 32 documents mentioned by UIDAI as proof.

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You can connect mobile number to Aadhaar at home, UIDAI has launched ‘Hi’ special service


  • Special service launched by UIDAI.
  • Mobile number can be linked to Aadhaar at home.
  • UIDAI has partnered with India Post Payments Bank.

New Delhi: Aadhar card is an important document for every citizen of India. If some of the information in the base is incorrect, you will face many problems. In addition, mobile number needs to be linked to Aadhaar. You can also update Aadhaar and mobile numbers at home. UIDAI has launched a new service to update mobile numbers in Aadhaar. This will allow you to update your mobile number from home. Let’s find out what this feature is.

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Update mobile number at home

UIDAI has entered into an agreement with India Post Payments Bank (IPPB). Under this you can change the mobile number in the Aadhar card by calling the postman at your home. This facility of IPPB will be available in their 650 branches. The service will have 146,000 postmen and rural postal workers. Soon this service will also build a base for young children. Millions of people who update their mobile numbers will benefit from this new facility of Aadhaar and Post Office. People whose mobile number is blocked or not registered can easily update their number.

You can change the mobile number by going to Aadhaar Center

  • For this you have to go to Aadhaar Enrollment / Update Center.
  • After that you have to fill the form to change the Aadhar card.
  • Fill in the mobile number you want to update and then submit the form.
  • After this biometrics will have to be given for verification.
  • You will now be given a receipt by the executive.
  • This will have a Request Number (URN).
  • You can use this number to check for update status.
  • You do not need to get a new Aadhaar card after updating your mobile number in Aadhaar.
  • Aadhaar related OTPs will come on the same number after the new mobile number is updated.

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Have you lost your Aadhar card? Sit at home and make it like this, home delivery will be done


  • If you lose your Aadhar card, you can order a new one from UIDAI’s website.
  • Lost Aadhar card can be recovered through OTP authentication.
  • A new Aadhar card will cost Rs 50.

New Delhi:Aadhar card is an important document, which is needed in many important places. Aadhar card is often lost and this can lead to problems. In that case you can get a new copy of Aadhar card. You can reprint the Aadhaar card through the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) website.

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An OTP will work

According to UIDAI, lost Aadhar card can be recovered through OTP authentication. This requires the use of the Aadhaar website or the mAadhaar App. There will be a charge of Rs. 50 for reprinting Aadhaar. This will bring the new Aadhar card directly to your address. Let us know the whole process for this.

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Make a new Aadhaar card at home

  1. First go to the official UIDAI website.
  2. Click on the Order Aadhaar Reprint option here.
  3. Now enter your Aadhar Number (UID) or Enrollment ID (EID).
  4. Now fill in the CAPTCHA given below carefully. Then click on Send OTP option.
  5. This will be followed by OTP on your mobile number.
  6. Enter the OTP received on the mobile number and mark the T&C checkbox and submit.
  7. Pay by choosing the method of online payment by clicking on Make Payment.
  8. You will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you can pay a fee of Rs.
  9. After payment, your Aadhar card will be printed and after 15 days it will reach your address through speed post.

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Do with Aadhar card without documents Phone number link: UIDAI

New Delhi: If you want to link mobile number with Aadhar card then this news is especially for you. Now you can link your mobile number with Aadhar card without any documents. Or you can link Aadhar card with mobile number. This information has been tweeted by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) itself.

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UIDAI said that you do not need any documents to link mobile number with Aadhar card. If you can go to any Aadhar Card Center and link your mobile number with Aadhar Card. There are several benefits to linking a mobile number to an Aadhaar card.

OTP is required for Aadhaar related work. Aadhaar comes with a registered mobile number. In addition, OTP is required to download Aadhar card. Therefore, it is very important to link the mobile number with the Aadhar card.

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You can do this by going to the Aadhaar service center

>> Name Update
>> Address Update Email Update
>> Photos, Fingerprint Updates

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Last year, UIDAI had made it possible to print Aadhaar numbers on PVC cards. One can apply online to print Aadhaar on PVC card. The fee is only Rs.

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