Use these special tricks to delete your personal details from Truecaller in just one minute


  • True Caller can be seen in many smartphones today
  • True Caller already knows who’s calling
  • Whether or not to pick up the call can also be decided by looking at True Call

New Delhi: Remove Your Number From Truecaller: A large number of Indian users use the True Caller application. Through this app, users get information about calls coming from Unknown Numbers. Truecaller App has many such special features. Which are very important for the users. It also offers many new features. Learn the details.

True Caller’s database contains many people’s details saved. That is, with the help of a database, we know the details of calls coming from unknown numbers. Anyone can save your number and get your information from True Caller’s database. Also, if you have never used this app, the information on your number can be retrieved with the help of this app. Some people may get this information and use it for wrong purposes.

Today we are going to tell you about some such special tips. This will allow you to delete your details from True Caller’s database. Because, most of the users are not aware that True Caller is giving their users the option to delete personal details. Come on then, with the help of these tricks you can delete your personal details on True Caller.

If you want to delete your personal details from True Caller’s database, you need to deactivate your True Caller account. After doing so, you can delete your personal details from True Caller’s database. It is not possible to delete the account. True Caller gives you no other option for this.

Follow these steps

To delete your account from True Caller, first open your True Caller app
Now go to Settings in the Three Dot menu that appears on the left side.
You will then need to select the Deactivate option.

What to do after deactivating the account
Once True Caller’s account is deactivated, you will need to visit page.
At this point you have to select the option of I’m not a robot.
Then you have to click on the unlisted number.
Within 24 hours of this process, your name or details will be automatically deleted from True Caller’s database.

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