Use these special tricks to delete your personal details from Truecaller in just one minute


  • True Caller can be seen in many smartphones today
  • True Caller already knows who’s calling
  • Whether or not to pick up the call can also be decided by looking at True Call

New Delhi: Remove Your Number From Truecaller: A large number of Indian users use the True Caller application. Through this app, users get information about calls coming from Unknown Numbers. Truecaller App has many such special features. Which are very important for the users. It also offers many new features. Learn the details.

True Caller’s database contains many people’s details saved. That is, with the help of a database, we know the details of calls coming from unknown numbers. Anyone can save your number and get your information from True Caller’s database. Also, if you have never used this app, the information on your number can be retrieved with the help of this app. Some people may get this information and use it for wrong purposes.

Today we are going to tell you about some such special tips. This will allow you to delete your details from True Caller’s database. Because, most of the users are not aware that True Caller is giving their users the option to delete personal details. Come on then, with the help of these tricks you can delete your personal details on True Caller.

If you want to delete your personal details from True Caller’s database, you need to deactivate your True Caller account. After doing so, you can delete your personal details from True Caller’s database. It is not possible to delete the account. True Caller gives you no other option for this.

Follow these steps

To delete your account from True Caller, first open your True Caller app
Now go to Settings in the Three Dot menu that appears on the left side.
You will then need to select the Deactivate option.

What to do after deactivating the account
Once True Caller’s account is deactivated, you will need to visit page.
At this point you have to select the option of I’m not a robot.
Then you have to click on the unlisted number.
Within 24 hours of this process, your name or details will be automatically deleted from True Caller’s database.

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Truecaller has a bang feature, you can call up to 8 people at once


  • Truecaller has three new features.
  • Users can call up to 8 people at once.
  • Spam messages can also be deleted at the same time.

New Delhi: Truecaller has been working on a new feature for the past few days. This feature is intended to enhance the user experience. Now the company has introduced some new features for the users, including the Group Calling feature.

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Group calling feature

Users will be able to make 8 cross-border voice calls at the same time in group voice calling in Truecaller. In addition, it will have an integrated algorithm to filter spam SMS and categorize important information, as well as to remember payments. Users will get a new inbox cleaner feature. In which space can be emptied by deleting unused messages.

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Smart SMS feature

Truecaller says that 80% of the SMS messages received by the user are from business. So they need to be separated. It will have a feature that recognizes spam SMS. The feature is currently rolled out to users in India, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, and will also work offline. This feature will soon be available in other countries as well.

Inbox Cleaner

In Truecaller, users will get a new inbox cleaner. This will allow users to delete all old, useless messages in a few seconds. With the help of Inbox Cleaner, you can go to the menu and see how many old OTP and spam SMS there are.

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WhatsApp New Privacy Policy will be implemented from today, what will happen if not accepted ?, Find out the details


  • WhatsApp’s new policy is effective from today.
  • Users must accept the company’s new policy.
  • If the policy is not accepted, the account will be closed after 100 days.

New Delhi: Instant messaging app WhatsApp has implemented its new privacy policy from today. It is mandatory for users to accept this policy. If you do not accept the new policy, the user will not be able to take advantage of any of the features of WhatsApp. Under this policy, users’ data will now be shared with Facebook.

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The company has now filed a petition in the Delhi High Court amid criticism over WhatsApp’s privacy. The company says most apps and websites have similar policies and collect more data than WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has made allegations against these apps

WhatsApp had filed a petition in the court on May 5. The company says that apps like Zomato, BigBasket, Ola, Koo, Truecaller and Aarogya Setu collect large amounts of data from users. The petition also mentions digital sites from Microsoft, Google, Zoom and Republic TV channels. The company says that after reviewing the privacy policies of many Internet-based apps and websites, it has become clear that the data they collect is similar to WhatsApp’s 2021 update. Many apps store more data than this.

The company said that if its new privacy policy is not approved, it will be difficult for tech companies in the country to operate. The biggest problem will be with the grocery delivery companies.

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The Delhi High Court had in a petition filed against WhatsApp in January said that it was up to the users to decide whether to accept the new privacy policy. If a user does not agree to the terms and does not want to use the app, do not. You can use any other app instead.

What happens if the new privacy policy is not accepted?

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will take effect today. The company has recently answered what happens if it does not agree to these terms. According to the company, the account will not be deleted if the policy is not accepted, but the features will be limited. That is, only certain features can be used.

  • The chat list cannot be used unless you accept WhatsApp’s policy.
  • WhatsApp can answer audio and video calls. Also, if the notification is enabled, you can reply to the message by tapping on it.
  • Missed calls or video calls can be answered.
  • Users will be sent frequent reminders to accept the policy. If you still do not accept the policy, the Inactive Users policy will apply and the company will delete your account after 100 days.
  • After deleting the account, you will not get any kind of backup and you will not be able to restart the account.

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Change or hide your name on Truecaller, learn the simple steps


  • If you want to change your name to Truecaller
  • If you want to delete or edit the name
  • Truecaller is an easy way to hide your identity

New Delhi: If someone calls you, his name appears on True Caller. Even if a person’s name is not saved in your mobile phone, True Caller lets you know immediately Here are some simple tips on Truecaller if you want to hide your identity. You can change your name if you use it. Also your real name on the front can’t be identified. Learn the simple process.

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Change the name to Truecaller

First go to the Truecaller app on Android and iOS phones. Go to the Android menu option and tap on the top right corner.

>> Here you will see the profile. Then tap on Edit your Profile option.

>> A sheet of profile will appear. Then your first name and last name will have to be changed. The same name will appear on the second Truecaller that will place the name here.

>> When this processor is complete you have to tap on save option. Your information will then be saved.

>> Also you can change your name desktop door. For this you have to go to Truecaller’s website. Enter your profile again. Enter your phone number. Then enter the name. Then click on the Save option. All these changes will be visible after two days.

Delete your number from Truecaller

>> First of all you have to go to the Truecaller app of Android or iOS.

>> After that you have to go to More in iOS and Menu in Android.

>> Then tap on Settings. Go back to the Privacy Center.

>> Tap on the deactivation option at this point. You can decide whether to delete the number or keep it here. After selecting this, deactivate the account.

How to unlist your number from Truecaller

>> After completing the above process, go to Truecaller’s Unlist page.

>> Then enter your mobile number and country code.

>> Then go to Analyst option. State the reason for unlisting again.

>> Then enter CAPTCHA. Select the Unlist option again. It will be unlisted from Truecaller in 24 hours.

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