Toyota C-HR Prologue, always more audacity

NEW – Expected next year, the second generation of the Japanese compact SUV digs the furrow of a truly original silhouette.

No question of upsetting everything. The next C-HR launched next year on the market will be largely inspired by the current model. This is revealed by the model of the vehicle that Toyota unveiled as part of the Kenshiki Forum, its annual high mass dedicated to the presentation of its future models and technologies. Toyota design has been too often accused of being bland, all-purpose and not attractive enough, that since designers have found a formal language that seems appreciated by consumers, it would be inappropriate to change it.

Work of the Sophia-Antipolis style office, the silhouette of the second generation of the C-HR digs the furrow of an original style which had shaken up the canons during the presentation of the first generation prototype at the Paris Motor Show. 2014. Between this concept and the production car, the design has in no way been watered down. Its originality did not prevent the C-HR for Coupé High-Rider from quickly finding its clientele. A successful model, this compact SUV will therefore return in the course of 2023 with a formal language in the same as the current one but with less tortured forms, If the silhouette and the size (4.35 m) of the first are preserved, the lines are more refined and futuristic. Note the presence of large wheels and short overhangs, but also trombone-shaped headlamps and rear lights that do not overflow the fenders. In addition, the rear window always appears more inclined.


Sharing many components with the fifth-generation Prius introduced to the market in the first quarter of 2023, the next C-HR will come in two versions: hybrid and plug-in hybrid. The latter should deliver a power of 223 hp.