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Toyota Tundra Capstone 2022 – luxury upgraded pickup

AmericaThe new generation of the large pickup has a new high-end equipment package to increase its competitiveness against rivals such as the GMC Sierra Denali.

Capstone becomes the highest version of the Tundra, with exterior differences such as chrome rearview mirror covers and 22-inch wheels and materials, also the largest rim size ever on a Tundra.

In addition, the pickup model also has a grille with chrome crossbars integrated with LED positioning lights and large “Tundra” letters on the rear door. Steps up and down on both sides and for the rear box are automatically folded and opened.

Tundra Capstone with large grille with integrated positioning lights. Photo: Toyota

If the old Tundra Platinum and 1794 models already had high-end features, the Capstone version takes it a step further with black-and-white contrasting premium leather seats. Heated leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Black walnut trim details on the dashboard, doors and center console. The car has a panoramic sunroof, the Capstone logo glows on the dashboard.

Tundra Capstone is equipped with a 12.3-inch digital clock, a 14-inch infotainment screen compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Other tech features include a 10-inch color HUD display, digital rearview mirrors, a 12-speaker JBL sound system, and a panoramic camera system.

The new generation pickup uses the i-Force Max hybrid system with a 48-horsepower electric motor that combines a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 and a 10-speed automatic transmission. Capstone thus has a capacity of 437 hp and 790 Nm of torque.

Tundra Capstone can carry up to 674 kg of cargo and towing capacity up to 4,690 kg. Customers can also choose the AVS adaptive suspension system.

Vehicles equipped with a range of driver assistance systems such as DRCC active cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, pre-collision warning and pedestrian detection. Other notable features include automatic high beams, traffic sign recognition assist, rear seat check reminder, rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitoring. There’s also parking brake assist – a feature that automatically brakes if a collision is possible while the vehicle is in a parking space.

The Toyota Tundra Capstone 2022 will be available at US dealers this spring. The company has not announced the price yet, but the new version is expected to be higher than the 1794 version currently selling for $ 57,700.

America – England (follow Carscoops)



Electric vehicles: new products for 2022

NEWS – The range of zero-emission models will expand even further this year. Follow the leader.

The electric wave continues on its way. Under pressure from the European Commission which is imposing a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and fine particles to breathe easier in the city and which has proposed the end of the heat engine in 2035, manufacturers have no other choice than to change their economic model and convert their production to this technology. With more or less grinding of teeth and pain. In recent weeks, the announcements have multiplied. Some manufacturers have already indicated that from a very near deadline, they would only launch electric vehicles. This is the case, for example, of Alpine and Jaguar, which will become 100% electric brands in 2025 and which are counting on this windfall effect to relaunch themselves. This paradigm shift, which redistributes the cards, encourages new players to invest in the automotive market. The year 2022 will therefore be marked by numerous launches of a new generation of electric vehicles and the renewal of models already on the market.



On the Ingoltstadt side, the year 2022 will see the expansion of the e-Tron range of electric vehicles with the marketing of the final version of the A6 e-Tron sedan presented as a concept at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2021. This model will inaugurate the PPE platform jointly developed by Audi and Porsche. Like the Audie-Tron GT, the A6 uses 800-volt technology to recover 300 km of range in just 10 minutes. The ring manufacturer will also launch an electric version of the Q5 and renew its e-Tron crossover.


The BMW i7. Uwe Fischer

While it has just launched the IX and the i4 sedan, the Bavarian manufacturer will continue to enrich the portfolio of the BMWi family with the electric variant of the new generation of the 7 Series. The technology should be close to that of the ‘iX. This SUV will be available in the M60 version of 619 hp. The 3 Series sedan and the next generation of the X1 SUV could also be enriched with a zero-emission version.


Emanating from Seat, this new brand will enrich its Born compact sedan with a VZ version equipped with a 230 hp engine powered by a 58 kWh battery. Autonomy is announced at 417 km.

Cupra Born. Cupra



After the city car 500e, the Turin-based firm should continue its effort in the electric sector with the completely renewed 500X and sharing its platform with other compact models of the Stellantis group.


Hyundai Prophecy concept. Hyundai

After the Ioniq 5 crossover launched in 2021, the Korean manufacturer is continuing to develop its Ioniq range based on the E-GMP platform with the Ioniq 6 sedan. Its style will be less original than that of the Prophecy concept.


The American manufacturer integrated into the Stellantis group could well create a surprise at the end of the year 2022 with a small electric vehicle placed below the Renegade.


The future Kia Niro EV. Kia

Before summer 2022, the Korean manufacturer will renew the e-Niro. Unveiled at the last Seoul Motor Show, this model will swap its sedan architecture for that of an SUV. The end of the year will see the arrival of a high-performance version of the EV6 raised sedan. Called GT, this model will be equipped with two engines for a total power of 430 kW (585 hp) and a torque of 740 Nm. 100 km / h are reached in 3.5 seconds and the top speed is 260 km / h.



With the SUV architecture, the RZ will be the second vehicle of the luxury brand of Toyota but the first on a dedicated platform, common to most of the electric vehicles of the Japanese group.


Mercedes EQE. Mercedes-Benz AG – Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans / Daimler AG

The firm with the star is, of all the premium players, the manufacturer which currently offers the most developed range. It will be further enriched in 2022 with an EQE, a sedan borrowing its stylistic codes and its technology from the EQS. The price will start under 90,000 euros for this model with a range of 660 km. The EQS range will also be enhanced with an AMG 53 version. The Citan developed on the basis of the Renault Kangoo will also be available in an electric version.

MG Motor

MG Motor MG5. MG Motor

The Chinese manufacturer is stepping up its offensive with the MG Marvel R, an SUV available with two variants of transmission and power. The rear-wheel drive version is equipped with a single 180 hp engine. The Performance version combines two engines, one per axle, for a power of 288 hp. The range starts at € 39,990. The MG Motor offer will be completed in the first quarter of an MG5 station wagon with a 156 hp engine on the front axle. The price will start under 30,000 euros.


Jay McNallyMcNally Multi Media

Scheduled for 2021, the Ariya, the Japanese brand’s first electric SUV, will arrive in the first half of 2022 with several versions of transmission (two or four-wheel drive), power and battery.


An electric Macan prototype on the Weissach circuit. CB

While the Taycan electric sedan will continue to develop with the arrival of several versions of the Sport Turismo body variant, the electric Macan will make its debut. It will be the first vehicle from the Zuffenhausen brand to launch the PPE platform shared with Audi.


François Flamand / François Flamand / DPPI Media

Among the electric pioneers, Renault is moving up a gear with its first compact model designed on the Alliance’s CMF-EV platform. Launched during the first half of 2022, the Megane E-Tech Electric will see its price start at € 29,200 (ecological bonus deducted) with the 40 kWh battery allowing a range of 300 km.



Based on the Enyaq IV SUV, the Czech manufacturer will launch a Coupe version with a low roof in spring 2022. Still based on the VW group’s MEB platform, this new model will borrow its technical characteristics from the Enyaq IV.


Subaru Solterra. Subaru

Developed jointly by Subaru and Toyota, the Solterra SUV will arrive in the middle of the year. Cousin of the Toyota bZ4X, it takes over the technology. This 4.70 m vehicle will be available in two versions – traction or four-wheel drive – and two power levels (150 or 160 kW). The battery has a capacity of 71.4 kWh.

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Tesla Model S. You’re here

The American manufacturer is going to renew the Model S sedan. The style is evolving smoothly, as the first photos published by the manufacturer suggest.


Toyota bZ4X. Toyota

The result of a partnership with Subaru, Toyota’s new electric platform will give rise to an extended range of zero-emission models. The first, the bZ4X SUV, will be launched in the first half of 2022. Two versions are on the program. The entry level is powered by a 204 hp electric motor installed at the front and reaching 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds. A 4-wheel drive version of 217 hp is also programmed. With the 71.4 kWh battery, Toyota announces a range of 450 km.


Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Volkswagen AG / Volkswagen AG

The German brand continues to develop its ID range based on the modular MEB platform. The year 2022 will be devoted to the launches of the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX, the flagged versions of the ID.4, but also of the ID. Buzz. This eagerly awaited vehicle is the Combi of the 21st century.



Toyota: an offensive of 30 electric models

NEWS – The world number one has announced that it wants to launch 30 electric vehicles by 2030.

Hybrid vehicle champion, Toyota does not intend to lag behind when it comes to electric vehicles. After having delayed for a long time and showing a certain degree of caution, the world number 1 has in turn decided to follow in the footsteps of its competitors who are increasing the number of battery-electric vehicle programs. Truth be told, Toyotan had no choice but to go with the flow. The European Commission has announced that it wants to ban the sale of thermal vehicles from 2035. Some European commissioners are campaigning for this deadline to be brought forward. Mercedes has already announced that it would be ready to switch its range to all-electric from 2030 if market conditions allow it.


While it has already unveiled a first battery-powered electric vehicle, the bZ4X SUV, in early November 2021, the Japanese manufacturer is now presenting its roadmap. It will launch no less than 30 electric models by 2030 on the market. These vehicles will be divided between the Toyota and Lexus brands. Its luxury brand will now only offer vehicles with zero emission technology in the European, Chinese and North American markets. It intends to cover all market segments in 2030, including that of sports models with the RZ. For this vehicle, Lexus announces a range of around 700 km. In 2030, the high-end brand of Toyota believes it has sold 1 million units of these vehicles. By adding the Toyota brand program, the Japanese group hopes to sell 3.5 million electric vehicles by 2030. Most of these models will be based on the modular bZ platform developed jointly with Subaru. As we know, the first vehicle of this offensive will be the bZ4X launched in the first half of 2022. The Japanese manufacturer plans to apply its technology to a large number of silhouettes and architectures. For Europe, the manufacturer has developed a small crossover called for the moment bZ small crossover.

Toyota will also continue to offer vehicles with combustion engines, hybrids and plug-in hybrids for markets that demand them.

Mr. Akio Toyoda, Chairman of the Toyota Group. Toyota



Toyota bZ4X, first in line

NEW – The Japanese giant is finally entering the electric vehicle market with this compact SUV. He inaugurates the Toyota bZ brand.

A pioneer of hybrid technology with the Prius, the giant Toyota will not have rushed things to invest in the 100% electric vehicle market. In the eyes of posterity, hydrogen technology has even preceded electricity. While the ecological transition is accelerating and the trajectory of reducing CO emissions2 hardened, the manufacturer could no longer stay away from this market which is growing at high speed. In France, over the first ten months of 2021, 122,518 100% electric vehicles were registered, compared to 113,353 plug-in hybrid models. Announced last year, the electric program of Toyotapassed by the birth of a new brand called bZ, for “beyond Zero”.

A lowered center of gravity


The first vehicle of this new zero-emission family is an SUV of the Rav4 size. The look of the bZ4X – what a funny name – moreover evokes the compact SUV of the manufacturer but its tapered shapes, in particular its pointed nose that the designers have baptized “hammerhead”, propel us into the world of tomorrow. Imagined as a task, the black wheel arches which extend over the fenders and cover the headlamps constitute the main originality of this silhouette. The bZ4X inaugurates a new platform developed in cooperation for electric vehicles. It houses the batteries under the floor and makes it possible to reduce overhangs and lower the roof by 85 mm compared to the Rav4, to the benefit of the center of gravity. At the same time, the wheelbase has been lengthened by 160 mm compared to the hybrid SUV, for the benefit of roominess.

The Toyota bZ4X’s seven inch instrumentation cap. Toyota

The interior atmosphere is clearly inspired by what can be found here and there with a large central slab in the continuity of the central tunnel. The main originality comes from the seven-inch instrument cap, facing the driver.

Two versions are on the program. The entry level is powered by a 204 hp electric motor installed at the front and reaching 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds. Similar performance to the VW ID. 4. A 4-wheel drive version of 217 hp is also programmed. With the 71.4 kWh battery, Toyota announces a range of 450 km. On a 150 kW fast terminal, we had to be able to recover 80% of the autonomy in 30 minutes. For the first time at Toyota, the battery is water cooled. The bZ4X will also be the brand’s first model to introduce electric steering. It can also optionally embed solar panels on the roof to recharge the battery. According to the manufacturer’s calculations, this roof can produce enough energy in a year to travel 1,800 km. This vehicle will be marketed during the first half of 2022.



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Correlation of sales of automobile manufacturers in Vietnam

VinFast is the largest car seller in the market in September, and accumulated from the beginning of 2021, Toyota reclaims the throne from Hyundai.

The Vietnamese auto market entered the last quarter of 2021 with many optimistic signals when the Covid-19 epidemic cooled down in many provinces and cities, and car business gradually resumed. The previous 9 months recorded a 46% decrease in sales compared to the same period in 2020. The sales rankings of the firms also changed a lot.

Toyota with 37,905 vehicles, returning to the number one position in Vietnam’s auto market in terms of passenger car market share after 9 months of 2021, but the gap is only 59 vehicles compared to rival Hyundai, which is distributed by TC Motor. In the same period of 2020, Hyundai is the market leader when selling 3,237 more cars than Toyota.

The B+ CUV model, Toyota Corolla Cross rolled in Binh Thuan. Photo: Toyota

For the Japanese automaker, the weakness of key models such as Fortuner and Innova is offset by the stable and largest attraction of Corolla Cross in the market. The Vios sedan is still the best seller in the B-segment sedan segment, but the market crown is difficult to keep before the power of VinFast Fadil.

Hyundai, in terms of total vehicle sales (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles), is the market leader. The race for market share of cars sold between the Korean automaker and Toyota has been fierce from the beginning of 2021 until now.

Hyundai’s great advantage that was once in 2020 is no longer maintained against its Japanese rival. After 9 months, Hyundai sold 37,846 vehicles. B-class sedan, Accent is the company’s main product when selling 11,644 cars.

That is the popular car brand with the most impressive sales growth, 35%, in contrast to the decline in market share of most brands. No other car company has achieved such good business results as Kia, not including Peugeot with small sales.

Kia Sonet, a rookie CUV class B- was launched on October 9 in Quang Nam.  Photo: Dac Thanh

Kia Sonet, a rookie CUV class B- was launched on October 9 in Quang Nam. Photo: Dac Thanh

27,595 cars sold after 3 quarters of 2021 put Kia in the top 3 car brands with the largest sales in the market. The company has just launched a series of new cars in early October such as Sonet, Carnival (Sedona), K5 (Optima).

VinFast for the second month in a row selling the most cars in the market. In September, the Vietnamese car company had a total of 3,497 cars delivered to customers. Accumulated from the beginning of the year, VinFast sold 25,527 cars, ranking fourth in the list of firms with the largest market share.

Fadil continues to be the golden egg laying hen of VinFast with sales of more than 2,500 vehicles in September. Accumulating from the beginning of the year, the A-size hatchback model sold 17,668 vehicles, leading the entire Vietnamese market.

Mitsubishi sales decreased slightly by about 1% over the same period in 2020. The company sold 16,978 vehicles after the first 9 months of 2021. The Japanese automaker’s product range has almost been upgraded in 2021.

An Xpander model at a dealer in Hanoi.  Photo: Mitsubishi

An Xpander model at a dealer in Hanoi. Photo: Mitsubishi

Xpander is still the sales star of the company with a market share of more than 53%, reaching 9,093 vehicles after 3 quarters of 2021. Particularly in the MPV segment priced at less than a billion dong, Mitsubishi Xpander continues to be the best-selling name.

Mazda share the same roof as Truong Hai, but the sales are different from Kia. The Japanese brand has 16,420 cars to customers after 9 months. Compared to the same period in 2020, Mazda sales decreased by 16%.

Ford and Honda all have sales of less than 15,000 vehicles after the first 3 quarters of 2021. Ford relies heavily on its flagship product Ranger, a pickup model that will be assembled in Vietnam from the second half of July. While Honda depends on the B-class sedan, City also assembles domestically.

New generation City in a test drive event for the media in Hanoi, December 2020.  Photo: Luong Dung

New generation City in a test drive event for the media in Hanoi, December 2020. Photo: Luong Dung

Suzuki Yes, XL7 is currently the sales star of the company, but the sales level in the overall segment is still small. Accumulated to September, the Japanese automaker sold 4,510 cars, 163 more cars than the company ranked behind, Peugeot. With Isuzu, two models classified as passenger cars, including D-Max and mu-X, sold only 190 vehicles, contributing about 3% of the Japanese automaker’s overall sales.

Thanh Nhan


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Toyota Supra 35th Anniversary Edition

JapanToyota introduced the 35th anniversary GR Supra, limited to 35 units, priced from 59,000-71,000 USD.

The GR Supra is based on the RZ and SZ-R versions, developed specifically for the Japanese market. Not everyone can easily own this special model, instead, Toyota will randomly draw 35 lucky people who are allowed to buy among registered customers.

Pair of Supra 35th Anniversary Editions, including SZ-R 35th Anniversary Edition (yellow) and RZ 35th Anniversary Edition. Photo: Toyota

The RZ 35th Anniversary Edition is equipped with the same engine as the GR Supra 3.0, a 3.0 V6 engine with a capacity of 382 horsepower and maximum torque of 500 Nm. However, the difference lies in the Matte Storm Gray metallic paint, red leather seats, wireless phone charging.

Meanwhile, the SZ-R 35th Anniversary Edition is decorated with sporty red brake calipers, matte black exterior mirror caps, Alcantara leather seats and sport pedals. Optional 5 exterior colors. The car uses a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 255 horsepower, maximum torque of 400 Nm.

Both versions are equipped with rear-wheel drive, combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Set of 19-inch cast aluminum wheels with matte black paint. The interior is decorated with carbon fiber details on the dashboard with the words “35th Anniversary”.

Toyota GR Supra RZ 35th Anniversary Edition costs 59,000 USD, SZ-R 35th Anniversary Edition version costs 71,000 USD. According to the plan, Toyota will receive online car purchase registration until the end of August and on September 7 announced the results of 35 lucky customers.

Minh Vu


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Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 priced at 4.06 billion

The new generation Land Cruiser uses TNGA chassis platform, turbocharged 3.5 V6 engine, TSS safety technology package, sold in Vietnam from August 5.

The new generation Toyota Land Cruiser was quickly brought to Vietnam only about a month after its global launch on June 9. Toyota’s enthusiasm this time is much different than in the past, where its new or upgraded models in Vietnam often lag behind the international market by 1-2 years.

When Toyota’s market share and brand appeal somewhat decline, the company needs a boost in image to quickly refresh itself. Before the Land Cruiser, Toyota did the same thing with the Corolla Cross, the CUV model that is currently the main sales force of the Japanese joint venture in Vietnam.

Design Land Cruiser 2021.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 (200 Series) is the continuation of the Series 100 generation launched in September 2009. The brand’s enduring iconic SUV enters a new chapter using the new GA-F platform, based on the TNGA chassis architecture.

The length, width and height parameters of the car are 4,990 mm, 1,980 mm, 1,945 mm, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,850 mm. These figures are similar to the old generation, but the weight of the Land Cruiser (unladen 2.47-2.57 tons) is lighter, the center of gravity is lower than the old generation.

After about 14 years from the first generation of the Series 100, the design of the new Land Cruiser has not changed much. The square, unpolished lines are still there. The car has a changed steering wheel with stronger, more urban horizontal bars. All lights on the car are LED. Headlight with positioning strip and feature to balance the angle when cornering.

The off-road multi-purpose vehicle uses 18-inch alloy wheels. Dual wishbone front suspension and 4-link rear.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser cockpit is easy to deceive the first impression of many people when the design is practical, not many modern features but contains dozens of technologies. The car has full leather seats, a wood-leather steering wheel, 4-way power adjustment. 10-way electric driver’s seat with memory position, 8-way power passenger seat. The second row of seats is perforated for ventilation, the third row reclines 50:50, electrically folding.

New Land Cruiser cockpit.

New Land Cruiser cockpit.

Touchscreen 12.3-inch central entertainment screen, compatible with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. The car has a sunroof, 4-zone climate control. Electronic handbrake. Electric trunk, hands-free opening.

The Vietnamese version does not have a head-up display (HUD) but comes with a long list of safety technologies. In particular, the TSS safety technology package is the main highlight with many features such as: active cruise control, 360-degree camera, lane-keeping assist, cross-traffic alert, camera detection and warning. rear, blind spot warning, tire pressure warning, 10 airbags…

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 is equipped with a new 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine, with a capacity of 409 horsepower at 5,200 rpm, maximum torque of 650 Nm at 2,000-3,600 rpm. 10-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive. The car offers 3 driving modes Eco (economy), Normal (normal) and Sport (sport) with the multi-terrain adaptive system, Navigator navigation.

Land Cruiser only sold one version in Vietnam, priced at 4.06 billion VND. Particularly for pearl white, the price of the car increased by 11 million VND.

The price of more than 4 billion VND of Toyota Land Cruiser reaches the threshold of luxury E-size SUVs such as BMW X5 priced at 4.3 billion VND, Volvo XC90 4.6 billion VND, Mercedes GLE 4.4 billion VND. However, with a separate chassis structure for better off-road capabilities, many safety equipment and accompanying technologies, the Land Cruiser still has its own value for the rich Vietnamese.

Thanh Nhan
Image: Toyota


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Toyota launches driverless shuttle service

AmericaThe Japanese automaker and its partners have begun to exploit free service in Indianapolis, including 5 Lexus RX 450hs until the end of November 19.

Toyota Mobility Foundation partners include Energy Systems Network, Indiana Economic Development Corporation and May Mobility, a leader in self-driving vehicle technology and shuttle services. In the notice issued on June 22, the parties said that the service has started from June 1 and will operate until the end of November 19.

Lexus RX 450h as shuttle. Image: Via Arlington

One key takeaway is that the service will be free and operate within the busy downtown area of ​​Indianapolis as well as the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The fleet includes 5 Lexus RX 450hs and one Polaris GEM with wheelchair access.

There are 9 pick up and drop off points with travel time between points about 10-15 minutes. Each vehicle can only carry one small family and masks are mandatory for all passengers. All vehicles are equipped with partitions and UV-C germicidal lamps.

The RX 450h is the most advanced version of the 2020 RX. The 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine combines with two electric motors for a total capacity of 308 horsepower. The car uses a CVT gearbox combined with a full-time 4-wheel drive system.

America – England (according to the WRTV)


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Toyota Altis reduced by more than 60 million

HanoiBoth versions are discounted, but 1.8E version has a better discount than 1.8G, the lowest selling price is about 670 million VND.

Specifically, both versions are offered for sale by dealers with a reduction of 35-45 million in cash and 12-15 million accessories. This discount can be converted from cash to accessories or body insurance. However, there are some agents that convert all into cash.

Version Listed price Price Reduction rate
1.8 E 733 670-685 48-63
1.8 WOOD 763 720-740 23-43

(Unit: million dong)

This reduction may vary by dealers or depending on the point of the month, according to some sales staff the price at the end of the month running the target may be reduced more deeply. Currently, Altis has two versions 1.8E and 1.8G, dropping version 2.0 as before. Equip the respective upgraded versions.

Corolla Altis upgraded version at the dealer.

While Toyota Vietnam has not announced any promotions, dealers said that their discount is simply to stimulate shopping demand and there is absolutely no information on when the new generation will be sold.

All cars are produced in 2021 and have all colors for customers to choose from. Previously, Altis was the best-selling C-size car in the segment, but then Mazda3 and Cerato improved in terms of design and features to surpass the Altis.

In addition to strong competition from rivals, the C-segment sedan segment is also selling slower because customers are turning to buy more high-rise models of B and C sizes. In the segment Altis is currently the slowest-selling model in the first 5 months of 2021.




Electric cars: Mercedes and Toyota premieres

Each in their own register, these two manufacturers swell the ranks of the electric.

At first we thought it was a joke. With most of the world living under the pandemic regime, an auto show opened to the public yesterday in Shanghai. It gives pride of place to zero emission models. Toyota is unveiling the bZ4X concept there, which prefigures its first 100% electric vehicle scheduled for the end of 2022. As much as its surname is tortured (bZ: Beyond Zero), the balanced and dynamic lines are as realistic.

The first of the seven models in the bZ family, this SUV inaugurates the e-TNGA modular electric platform developed in cooperation with Subaru. Toyota maintains the suspense on the borrowed technologies, but we already know that the steering is by-wire and that solar charging will be available. The shape of the steering wheel is more like science fiction than an automobile. The production vehicle from the bZ4X is part of a vast program to reduce the carbon footprint that will result in the launch of 70 electrified models by 2025.

The interior of the Toyota bZ4X concept. Toyota

In an other

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