These foods, which are considered healthy, can make you sick due to negligence

Toxic FoodsMost of the food items bring health benefits if consumed in limited quantity. But if there is a mistake in choosing the quality of food even after keeping the right quantity, then it can have a bad effect on health. For example, foods like almonds and cherries, which are very healthy, can also cause illness if you do not pay attention to them properly before buying and eating them.

1. Cherry
We all love the juicy and sour-sweet taste of cherries. While eating cherries, special care should be taken that you do not eat cherry seeds. Because its seeds contain hydrogen cyanide, which is fatal for the body.

2. Apple
The more beneficial the apple is for our health, the more dangerous its seed is. Therefore, while eating apples, you should be very careful that you do not eat apple seeds. Problems like loose motion to stomachache can be due to its seeds and if eaten in excess quantity, life can also get in trouble.

3. Almonds
We all eat almonds for the health of the mind and body. Especially we like to feed almonds to children for their health. But it should always be kept in mind that when you buy almonds, they should be processed. Unprocessed almonds can cause harm to health.

4. Potatoes

For many different reasons, potatoes are considered a harmful vegetable for health, although potatoes are very nutritious and beneficial if eaten in the right way. Potatoes should not be reheated once made, nor should potatoes that have been kept cold for a long time should be eaten. Green potato should never be eaten nor should it be added to the vegetable. Because raw potato is toxic.

5. Tomatoes

Tomato is very beneficial for health due to lycopene. However, in the summer season, instead of tomato vegetable, you should consume it more in the form of salad, soup and juice. But while using tomatoes, make sure that you remove the small green stem like the crown on it. Where is the tomato attached to the plant? Because this stem is toxic and can cause stomach cramps or pain.

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Health Tips: These daily things can be fatal for the body, keep caution like this

We make various efforts to keep the body healthy. Special attention is paid to food and food and eat healthy food only. But healthy food can also harm our body. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take special care of some things while eating it, so that it will be beneficial for our body.

Cherry Seeds
Consumption of cherries is beneficial for health. Cherry keeps our body’s digestive system healthy. But in the middle of it there is prusic acid which is considered toxic. Therefore, do not eat its seeds while eating cherries. However, if you eat this seed by mistake, it also comes out of the body system.

Apple seeds
Apples are considered very healthy for health. Its intake helps in keeping diseases away from the body. But its seeds contain some amount of cyanide, which is harmful to the body. Due to this, problems like breathing and seizures can be encountered. However, the seed has a protective coating that prevents cyanide from entering the body system. But its seeds should be eaten only after removing them.

Nutmeg should be used in small amounts because eating a spoon of it can be harmful for the body. It contains a chemical called myristicin, which can cause dizziness, hallucinations, lethargy etc.

Green potato
Eating green potatoes is not safe. Green or sprouted potatoes contain a toxic substance called glycoside that can cause problems such as nausea, diarrhea, and headaches.

Raw mango and raw beans
Raw mango peels and leaves contain toxins. Due to which people with allergy problems may experience rashes or inflammation. At the same time, raw beans contain lactin. Eating it can cause vomiting – diarrhea.

Bitter almonds
Migdalin, a chemical found in bitter almonds, makes cyanide in the body. This can cause problems like abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

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