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Vietnam finishes early SEA Games 31 golf course – VnExpress

Vinh PhucAt noon on June 16, the home team soon ended their journey to find a medal on Par72 Dam Vac field when they lost the opening round of the team content.

The team section in a duel format consists of eight men’s and six women’s teams. The Vietnamese men’s team – Anh Minh, Khanh Hung, Nguyen Dang Minh met Singapore from hole 1, while the women’s team – Khue Minh, Le Thi Thanh Thuy met Malaysia from hole 10.

Minh won a match in the men’s team competition. Screenshots

Each pair of matches has three men’s matches, two women’s matches, of which one point is won, and 0.5 is a draw. Men’s team touch two points, women touch 1.5 points will win the right to continue, draw will play the extra hole, applied to the final.

The Vietnamese women’s team lost both women’s matches, both ended after 15 holes, of which Khue Minh lost 5 ups, Thanh Thuy lost 4 ups.

In the men’s branch, after Khanh Hung lost 3 ups, the match between Dang Minh and Anh Minh was not over yet. Dang Minh was one hole ahead of his teammates, leading Ryan Ang John through the first 10 holes. However, Singapore’s representative balanced the game on hole 11 and from there to hole 17 he was led back by 1 up.

When Dang Minh went to the green of the par5 18 hole, Anh Minh had just won a 2 up match against Hiroshi Tai Harahara. At that time, Dang Minh needed to eat the last hole to share points with the opponent to help the home team hope to enter the next round through the extra hole with Singapore.

However, this task is difficult to perform because Dang Minh’s ball is in the rough behind the green while Ang is on the front side of the green. The ball closer to the pennant than Dang Minh must chip and Ang put at least five meters from the hole. But from this distance, Ang still scored a birdie to beat Dang Minh.

The semi-finals will take place from 8am on May 17, with the men’s arm consisting of pairs Singapore – Thailand, Indonesia – Malaysia, the women’s branch consisting of Thailand – Philippines, Malaysia – Singapore.

In this year’s SEA Games golf, Vietnam sets the target of “in the top 10 in individual stroke play”. Yesterday, the men’s team exceeded the plan – Anh Minh finished sixth (point -5) and Khanh Hung finished T10 (even par) while the female team almost finished – Khue Minh finished first but 11th (point +6) .

Quoc Huy


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Legs running 200m twice broke the national record at SEA Games – VnExpress

HanoiAfter breaking the national record for seven years with the morning elimination competition, Ngan Ngoc Nghia broke the record he had just set when he won a silver medal on the afternoon of May 14.

With 20 seconds 81 In the morning competition, Ngoc Nghia set a new national record on the 200m track. This parameter is 8% faster than the old record of 20 seconds 98 that senior Le Trong Hinh set when he won the 28th SEA Games gold medal in Singapore in 2015.

But the new record set only lasted for more than six hours, because on the 200m final track at 16:15, Ngoc Nghia herself pushed her limit. Although not catching up with Puripol Boonson – the Thai runner who finished first with 20 seconds 37, the Vietnamese athlete still made a spectacular breakthrough in the last meters to overtake another Thai runner Chayut Khongprasit, to finish second with 20 seconds 74withdrawing 7% more seconds from the record in the morning.

Ngoc Nghia (bib number 800) made a spectacular breakthrough in the last meters…

He beat Chayut with a spectacular dribble right in front of the finish line to outperform his opponent by 0.03 seconds and set a national record.  Ngoc Thanh's photo

He beat Chayut (bib 702) after a spectacular dribble right in front of the finish line to outperform his opponent by 0.03 seconds and set a national record. Image Ngoc Thanh

“In training and competing for many years, I have always set a goal to break Mr. Hinh’s record in 2015, and today I did. This is the result that my teachers and I have worked hard and diligently with. Prepared for more than half a year,” Ngoc Nghia said six when she reached the finish line.

The 22-year-old runner from Son La is satisfied with the national record he just broke on the final track, but still looks regretful when he only finished second. “It would be better if I realized my wish to receive the gold medal and sing the National Anthem in front of my family and home audience today. But the silver medal is still my motivation to strive for the next awards,” Ngoc Nghia said. .

Ngan Ngoc Nghia was excited after knowing that she broke the national record for the second time.  Photo: Ngoc Thanh

Ngan Ngoc Nghia was excited after knowing that she broke the national record for the second time. Image: Ngoc Thanh

Puripol Boonson, with 20 seconds 37, also set a new SEA Games record in the men’s 200m event. The old record – 20 seconds 69 – belonged to fellow countryman Reanchai Seeharong, set in 1999 in Brunei, seven years before Puripol was born.

According to Ngan Ngoc Nghia, Puripol’s victory and the fact that he himself only surpassed Chayut in the last meters reflects the strength of the short-distance running team in Thailand. But this is also a competitive motivation for him and his teammates to try harder in the next tournaments.

Nhat Tao


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Kickboxing boxer craves to hug his father when he wins a gold medal – VnExpress

Bac NinhDespite the pressure and fatigue of waiting since afternoon, Nguyen Quang Huy overwhelmed Thai boxers to win the Low Kick gold medal in the -60kg SEA Games category at the end of May 13.

“At this moment, I’m really tired, I just want to go home and hug your father. But at the same time, I feel lightheaded and happy, which is hard to describe,” said the Bac Ninh martial artist. Interrupted because both tired and emotional.

Quang Huy on the podium received a gold medal in the Low Kick content of the men’s -60kg class at 23:45 on May 13. Image: Giang Huy

The men’s -60kg Low Kick final between Quang Huy and Thai opponent Chai Kampanart Valsiripattanachai took place in the last of 12 kickboxing finals on April 13, and also the last match of this subject at SEA Games 31. Two martial arts The doctor started fighting at nearly 23:30.

Before Quang Huy entered the competition, his teammates all fought and won convincingly. Huynh Van Tuan (Full Contact class -51kg male), Nguyen Thi Hang Nga (Full Contact class -48kg female), Huynh Thi Kim Vang (Full Contact class -65kg) and Nguyen The Huong (Full Contact class -67kg) respectively brought won four gold medals for the Vietnamese kickboxing team – reaching the achievement target set at this year’s SEA Games.

Quang Huy, therefore, is under great pressure in the role of closing the match day of the whole team. “If I don’t fight well, I will be very sorry to myself, to the fans and the teachers on the team,” the boxer continued. “The pressure is bigger and more or less tiring for me, when I have to wait all the way from mid-afternoon, and look at my teammates in turn from 6pm.”

Quang Huy in an accurate blow to his Thai opponent in the final.  Photo: Giang Huy

Quang Huy in an accurate blow to his Thai opponent in the final. Image: Giang Huy

In the previous two matches, Quang Huy won easily with a score of 3-0 against boxers Vannthong Chhut (Laos) and Emmanuel Cantores Dailay (Philippines). But the final became more difficult than Quang Huy. In addition to the pressure and fatigue he had to endure while waiting for the ring, his opponent Chai Kampanart hit his feet very hard. “The Thai athlete made a lot of very strong kicks, some of them hit my stomach, making me want to collapse in the ring,” this boxer said.

But as Quang Huy admits, the overwhelming moral support from the stands helped him to stand, and then return the blow accurately. This boxer continuously scored, and again won 3-0, winning the first gold medal after attending the SEA Games twice.

Quang Huy enlisted as a martial artist in Hanoi. But he is originally from Bac Ninh, and his family still lives in this city, only about 2 kilometers from where Quang Huy played. Therefore, even though the match took place very late, about 500 spectators, including Quang Huy’s family members, still enthusiastically cheered. They created a fiery atmosphere in the gymnasium to ignite the fire of their hometown children.

“I have never fought a special battle like this. I am really grateful to the fans for taking the time, staying until almost midnight to watch, cheer and give me strength to win”, Quang Huy speak.

Quang Huy folded his hands and turned around to thank the fans who stayed at the stadium until midnight to support him.  Photo: Giang Huy

Quang Huy folded his hands and turned around to thank the fans who stayed at the stadium until midnight to support him. Image: Giang Huy

With Quang Huy’s victory near midnight, Vietnamese kickboxing completed the target of winning 5 gold medals. Plus 6 bronze medals, the team once again ranked first in the entire team at SEA Games 31. Three years ago, in the Philippines, for the first time kickboxing was included in the SEA Games medal competition program, Vietnam also won first place in this sport with 4 gold medals and two bronze medals.

Nhat Tao


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Teen running legs and 100m golden dream for Singapore – VnExpress

HanoiWith a personal best of 10.39 seconds, Marc Brian Louis is one of the brightest candidates in the men’s 100m run at SEA Games 31.

Louis’ most impressive achievement so far is the 400m hurdles championship in the Asian youth athletics tournament. In the final competition in Hong Kong in 2019, Louis made a spectacular breakthrough to finish first despite being left behind by the leader Fahad El-Abdulla with a distance of five meters when he was still 40 meters from the finish line. It is also the first and only gold medal of Singapore athletics at the Asian youth tournaments to date.

“At the time, I couldn’t believe what had just happened,” Louis said. “I had to wonder ‘Is it really real?’, but I won”.

Having a strong point in hurdles, but at the 31st SEA Games in Hanoi, Louis will compete in the 100m content. In December 2021, the 19-year-old athlete achieved a time of 10.39 seconds at a competition in his hometown, and this was the basis for the Singapore athletics team’s coaching staff to set a new challenge for Louis.

Louis set his personal best with 10.39 seconds in December 2021.

For comparison, the legendary Kunalan was two weeks behind at the age of 26 when he reached 10.38 seconds at the 1968 Olympics, and this parameter was Singapore’s national record for 33 years. Shyam, with 10.37 seconds, set a new record in 2001, at just 25 years old. Louis, still in his late teens, still has many years to go before his peak of physical strength and maturity. in the spirit of top competition.

The 100m gold medals at the last two SEA Games belonged to Malaysian athletes, with Khairul Hafiz Jantan’s time of 10.38 in 2017 and Muhammad Haiqal Hanafi’s 10.35 seconds in 2019. The loss was not too much, showing that Louis is a real champion candidate in Hanoi.

Louis’ talent revealed very early. As a teenager, the boy won a silver medal at the national school sports tournament for three years in a row. Louis, thanks to that, got a place to attend the Singapore Sports School, but the time here was not really smooth. The boy left after only a year. Louis has never explained why, but has shared feelings of disappointment and willingness to give up athletics.

The advice of Berner Yu – who coached Louis since the age of eight – got him back on the track. The 400m hurdles champion at the 2019 Asian Youth Championship is the result of this comeback. According to Mr. Yu, Louis has changed his practice, self-care, diet and rest in order to give his best.

Louis is Singapore's golden hope.  Photo: ST

Louis is Singapore’s golden hope. Image: ST

“Louis is more mature after the race in Hong Kong,” the trusted teacher confirmed.

Louis is determined to make the most of the opportunity to compete for a gold medal in Hanoi, after being postponed his military service. According to Singapore’s draft regulations, the 19-year-old athlete should have enlisted in January.

Coaches Yu and Louis both increased the frequency of training sessions to prepare for the SEA Games, from six to nine. The young sprinter star began to feel nervous on the flight to Hanoi, but quickly calmed down.

“I think the upcoming SEA Games 31 is an opportunity to experience. If I win a medal or set a new personal record, that’s great, if not, that’s okay,” Louis said.

Thanh Quy (according to SG31, Strait Times)


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Robben runs his first marathon

NetherlandsFormer Bayern and Real star Arjen Robben completed the first marathon with a record of nearly 3 hours and 14 minutes in Rotterdam on April 10.

Robben (right) on the track of the Rotterdam Marathon Sunday, April 10. Image: PA

According to British newspaper Sportmail, with a pace of 4 minutes and 14 seconds per kilometer, Robben was in the first half of a total of 11,720 legs that ran for most of the 42,195 km race. The speed of the former Dutch player decreased significantly in the last 10 km, but he still finished after 3 hours 13 minutes 56 seconds, ie an average pace of 4 minutes 36 seconds.

“The former Dutch winger showed he still has a passion for speed as he overcame a painful hurdle to complete the Rotterdam Marathon on Saturday 10/4.” Sportmail commentary on Robben’s first marathon.

Robben completes first marathon

However, the 38-year-old former player is not very excited after this experience. Robben said: “Really not happy at all. I finished the race, but not happy at all. This was a real fight. The fans on both sides of the road helped me a lot. Thank you to everyone who helped me finish the race. At first, I was concerned with the timing, but then I just tried to survive the first marathon. But I felt something affecting my body, but I still did. can reach the finish line”.

Robben became the fastest player in the world, with a speed of 37 km / h when racing with midfielder Sergio Ramos in the Netherlands’ 5-1 victory over Spain in the 2014 World Cup. A year earlier, FIFA confirmed. Former Arsenal player Theo Walcott is the fastest player in the world with a speed of 35.7 km/h.

The chip times showed that Robben kept pace enough to achieve sub3, before losing strength near the end of the competition.  Photo: NN Rotterdam Marathon

The chip times showed that Robben kept pace enough to achieve sub3, before losing strength near the end of the competition. Image: NN Rotterdam Marathon

Robben is not the first soccer player to try his hand at the marathon. In 2013, Kevin Kilbane – a former Republic of Ireland player who played for Everton and Wigan – completed the London Marathon with almost the same time as Robben at the Rotterdam Marathon on April 10.

Scotland defender Christian Dailly is said to have a better record in the same year, finishing with 3 hours 6 minutes 26 seconds. Former Leicester midfielder Muzzy Izzet needed more than 16 minutes at the track in 2011, while former Man Utd player Dwight Yorke made a record of 3 hours 31 minutes 56 seconds.

Another former Man Utd striker, Michael Owen lost 3 hours and 45 minutes at the 2014 London race. The former England striker later admitted training for the marathon was very different from a football career based on strength and speed.

A year after retiring in 2019, Robben returned to his boyhood club Groningen. But in the summer of 2021, he retired for the second time due to a persistent injury. In the first match of the Dutch championship of the 2020-2021 season, Robben injured his calf and played only 28 minutes. The Dutch star needs seven months to recover, returning in April 2021, and making just six more appearances in the Dutch championship.

At his peak, Robben was one of the best wingers in the world. He won 20 titles with Bayern, including eight Bundesliga and one Champions League. Robben has also had two Premier League titles with Chelsea and one La Liga with Real Madrid.

For the Netherlands, Robben scored 37 goals in 96 matches, and was the inspiration to bring the Netherlands to the final of the 2010 World Cup. If he successfully takes advantage of the opportunity to face goalkeeper Iker Cassillas this match, the Netherlands can be. won and won the World Cup for the first time.

Hong Duy


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Two memorable rounds of golf by Justin Thomas

AmericaJustin Thomas is fifth with a score of -10 after two rounds of the Valspar Championship, and this result is divided equally in the second half of Cooperhead par71 in Florida.

The opening round on March 17, Thomas started from hole 1, “break even” – birdie compensated bogey after nine holes. In the second half, he scored three birdies and an eagle, closing the round with a score of -5, two strokes from the top of the table.

In the second round on March 18, the American golfer entered the game from hole 10, scoring five birdies through nine holes. On hole 5, Thomas had his seventh birdie, from a 13.1 meter putt.

Thomas celebrates birdie on the 5th hole of the second round of the Valspar Championship on March 18. Photo: AP

However, the closing phase of this hole and the birdie on hole 1 only helped him “break even” in the first half of the field due to a double bogey on hole 7.

In fact, Thomas took the top spot with a -12 when he entered the par4 7th hole. But this hole, he lost six strokes. Thomas hit the rough on the left of the fairway, the second shot was blocked by the trees, into the wasteland on the starboard side, behind the green. He hit a bunker due to lack of power on the third shot. Thomas double bogey the hole after the exit and two more putts.

At the end of the round, Thomas admitted his mistake on his second shot on the 7th hole. “I shouldn’t have tried to bend the ball with a 52-degree wedge through the trees ahead. I should have just got closer to the bunker in front of the green. That position is easy to hold. par. Besides, the rough grass is too dry, so the clubface can’t be eaten much. Therefore, the ball path does not have the necessary curvature”, Thomas analyzed the cause of the “break” of hole 7.

At the end of the second round, Thomas scored -10 but was four strokes off the top of the table. The spot went to Matthew NeSmith after a no-bogey, with eight birdies and an eagle. Valspar Championship gathers 144 competitors for a prize fund of $7.8 million.

Last week, Thomas defended the title of The Players – the PGA Tour tournament but finished at T33 (-3), and Cameron Smith held $ 3.6 million when he became the new owner of this title at -13 points.

Thomas is 28 years old, over eight years professionally won 14 PGA Tour Cups, including the 2017 PGA Championship major, and accumulated five weeks of being the world number one.

Quoc Huy


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Fowler is formidable thanks to swing correction

American golfer Rickie Fowler, after adjusting his swing technique, achieved high professional stats at the first round of Farmers Insurance Open, on January 26.

The prize belongs to the PGA Tour, with a prize fund of $8.4 million, of which the first two rounds, the players alternately hit the North and South courses in the Torrey Pines golf complex in San Diego, California. From round 3, only the South court is used.

On opening day, Fowler hit North Course, no bogey, scored six birdies and finished T5 with a -6, three strokes from Billy Horschel at the top of the table. This is Fowler’s best foreplay in 13 appearances.

“I swing the club slower, maybe only 60% power. This is to increase ball control. When this is okay, I’ll speed up. I think peak swing time probably takes three hours.” Fowler jokingly explains the current swing.

Fowler swings the club slower to get on the green better. Photo: Twitter / Golf Central

Despite swinging slower than before, he still hit 306.5 yards on two holes averaged by the PGA Tour, hitting nine of the 14 fairways.

Summarizing the round with 156 players, only Fowler went to the green according to absolute standards. “I think things are going in the right direction,” Fowler said.

Those are positive steps forward for Fowler, after nearly three years of backtracking.

Golfer born in 1988 on the PGA Tour since 2010, after nine years of winning five titles, including the 2015 The Players Championship event and two first places on the European Tour (now DP World Tour). On January 24, 2016, he ranked fourth in the world.

With these victories, Fowler is an A-list star. But after holding the Phoenix Open, Fowler was thirsty for the title, lost his form and ranked 101st in the world when he entered the Farmers Insurance Open. In the last five tournaments, he only returned to T3 once, leaving the rest outside of T40 or “early leaving”.

Last week, Fowler was eliminated from American Express – the first event on this year’s individual schedule – after 2.5 months of putting the club away to take care of his first daughter, born in November, with his wife. poor iron performance. Last season’s PGA Tour recorded Fowler’s first absence from the FedEx Cup playoffs.

Quoc Huy


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Can Hamilton finish without a tire change in Turkey? – VnExpress

The controversy within Mercedes in the middle of the race last weekend made many spectators think that Lewis Hamilton had lost many valuable points when following the direction of the home team.

Faced with the opportunity to finish in the top 3 or even win, Lewis Hamilton has repeatedly rejected advice from Mercedes when they remind him to change tires and when to change tires. Hamilton started in 11th place but by the time the race was only 15 laps, the British star had risen to fourth and could see rival Max Verstappen right in front of him.

Verstappen went to the pit to switch to new intermediate tires and Hamilton, despite having worn tires, still kept the pace. Under those circumstances, it’s not uncommon for Hamilton to turn down a pit request. The home team’s reminder, according to Hamilton, is “still a risky choice”.

Hamilton was disappointed when the defeat in Turkey cost him his personal top spot to Max Verstappen. Photo: AFP

If the British driver does not change, his tires can hold long enough to finish on the podium. In this case, if the track dries quickly at the end of the race and the drivers have to return to the pit to switch to dry-weather tires, then the chance of victory is even within Hamilton’s reach. However, this choice is risky as Hamilton’s tires can lose significant traction in the last laps and he could plummet to sixth or even seventh place. Or a tire could blow out from wear and force him to give up – worst case scenario.

But if Hamilton goes to the pit, he will definitely drop to fifth. There will be a chance to finish fourth or maybe even third, but risky overtakings will determine success or failure. “If I don’t change the tyres, you don’t know if I’ll hold my position, but I’m a risk taker so I’d like to take the risk. It’s hard to give up something when you don’t get a look. overall,” Hamilton said.

Mercedes gave Hamilton a few minutes to weigh the pros and cons and make his own choice. But in the end they called about the pit. The British driver then finished fifth and was eight points behind Verstappen, who now leads one of the tightest title duels in years by six points with just six races remaining in the season. .

Who was right? Should Hamilton stay to the end, betting the tires will work and he can keep third? Or should the British driver listen to the home team and go to the pit as soon as they ask for the first time, 10 laps before Hamilton actually goes to the pit?

Even looking back at racing, it’s hard to be certain of the correct answer, though with nearly 15 years of experience in F1 and seven world championships, Hamilton’s racing intuition is arguably one of the best. The most valuable weapon Mercedes has in this team’s tactical arsenal.

At about 20 laps, the track is gradually drier, there are still some sections of the road with rain, but there are very few puddles left. The fact that it stopped raining was not enough to switch from a rainy tire to a normal tire. So some racers delay changing tires to wait for the road to dry completely before returning to the pit. In the case of returning to the pit early to switch to normal tires like Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin), he encountered a disastrous race when he had to return to the pit one more time to return to using rainy tires.

The rain made the race in Turkey a real brainstorm.  Photo: AFP

The rain made the race in Turkey a real brainstorm. Photo: AFP

The rain subsided to drizzle and completely stopped in the second half of the race, but the track never really dried up. Assuming that an intermediate tire is capable of draining 30 liters of water per second from the track surface when it is traveling at 300km/h, one would expect that 20 cars with four tires each would be fast. quick drying of the track, but that didn’t happen in practice.

Before the race, the Mercedes computer model predicted the track would be dry on lap 10, while Hamilton himself predicted the road would start to dry on lap 30. However, after 58 laps, the road was still not ready for the race. normal tires, making tactical calculations much more complicated.

At this time of transition, changing to a new tire is also difficult when the operating temperature range of the tire in the rain is lower than that of a normal tire. The super-soft compound on the intermediate tire has “granulated” on the surface, meaning that the top layer of rubber rolls into tiny balls that stick to the tire’s surface instead of splashing out onto the track. For the first few laps, the racers will struggle to achieve performance until the problem is solved, the rubber on the tire surface starts to smooth and then bring out its true performance.

Therefore, the problem of controlling the temperature of the tire when changing a new tire causes a headache for racers, in many cases the tire surface has become grainy after only a few rounds of new tire change and the performance declines rapidly. Two drivers changing tires at this time, Charles Leclerc and Hamilton, both struggled with this problem, leading to them being nearly overtaken by their opponents behind. However, after only a few rounds, they all passed the challenge.

Overall, when looking back at the race, the right time to stop the tire is between laps 35 and 42, when Red Bull called Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez, and Mercedes called Valtteri Bottas to the pit. Before Perez returned to the pit in lap 37, the Mexican driver fought fiercely to hold Hamilton and hold on to fourth place. After Bottas and Verstappen’s pitfalls, they remained ahead despite temporarily handing the lead to Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who ran impressively in third for more than half the race.

When the race is only 18 laps, the gap in the top 4 is only 15 seconds. Hamilton is only three seconds behind Verstappen and both are about the same speed. At this point, Hamilton and Leclerc both found they had more than enough power to maintain the starting tires until the end of the race. So when Mercedes first called for the pit, it was not uncommon for the British driver to refuse. However, the situation quickly reversed after a few rounds.

Suddenly, Leclerc’s tires began to deteriorate rapidly and Bottas after a few laps of stability with the new set of tires soon shortened the distance and easily overcame the opponent to regain the top position when the race was only 10 laps. Hamilton has yet to change the tyres, but now Mercedes believes the game is settled. Hamilton’s tires were pitted and the German team feared they would soon fail.

Some of the racers’ tires were worn out and Pirelli immediately advised the teams not to run the starting tire until the end of the race. Mercedes knew they were in the middle of the line and now had to adopt a recovery strategy soon so they decided to call Hamilton in for a tire change.

They still let Hamilton go free for the next few laps in the hope of a safety car, but time passed without incident on the track. Mercedes finally asked the British driver to pit with still a chance to finish in fifth place, ahead of the potentially dangerous Pierre Gasly. They found that the longer the delay, the greater the risk of breaking the battle.

Around this time, Mercedes also correctly concluded that Hamilton’s current intermediate set of tires would not be able to complete the race. Monitoring the temperature, they could see that the British driver’s performance was rapidly declining, and looking at the tire with the naked eye, they could start to see some of the core part of the tire rising above the left front tire. The white threads in the core become visible when there is no more rubber on the tire surface and it is clear that Hamilton is at risk of not only deterioration in performance but also possible tire failure.

Hamilton finally finished the piston while running 3rd on the 50th lap, when the race was only 8 laps. At that time, the British driver was slower than Perez by one second per lap, but led by 12.5 seconds. But in the next laps, even though Hamilton had new tires, the Mexican driver still ran faster each lap by about a second.

Hamilton's car.  Photo: AFP

Hamilton’s car. Photo: AFP

Had Hamilton not changed his tyres, he would have had to defend with a 10 or 11-second advantage over eight laps against a car that was two seconds faster each lap and a Leclerc not far behind Perez either. This will be a huge challenge even if Hamilton’s tires don’t degrade in the next laps.

A real-life example of a racer who managed to maintain the starting tire until the end of the race was Esteban Ocon, who suffered a severe drop in performance by 3-5 seconds per lap in the last few laps. After the race, Ocon and Pirelli admitted the French driver had too much luck to be able to finish so safely.

After returning to the track with a tire change, Hamilton still had a chance to take fourth place from Leclerc, but things did not go well for him. Hamilton’s tires quickly became grainy in the next laps, instead of chasing Leclerc, the British driver fell behind and tried to keep a safe distance with Pierre Gasly in the back.

Even after talking to the engineers, Hamilton seemed unsure if they were making the right call. “You have to listen and rely on the advice of the home team and accept the choices they make and hope it’s the right choice,” he said after the race. “I always say that we win and lose as a team. I listened today. Should I not change the tyres? Who knows if it’s right or wrong? Some people have fallen deep and panic in the area. the last stage. If I don’t change the tyres, I’m not sure I’ll hold my position.”

Mercedes chairman Toto Wolff said: “There were two options that sounded pretty good. Unfortunately, the rate of decline was much faster than expected. We were about to fall under the threat of Gasly and us. forced to go to the pit to keep at least 5th place. If we had to do it again, we would have played 10 laps earlier and fought on the right track and probably finished third or fourth.”

Chief engineer Andrew Shovlin said Mercedes’ goal is to ensure safety and minimize risk: “Lewis is always looking at what’s ahead and what’s best he can get and we won’t. expected nothing but disappointment in 5th place. He understood the reason. It was just disappointment. There was a time when he thought he would be on the podium but it didn’t come true. The decisions made are rational and in a championship war you must avoid risks and eliminate losses to the maximum extent.Although these decisions are difficult, you must be strong and you have to do them to be safe.”

Minh Phuong


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Round of ‘one green one putt’ of Australian golfers

AmericaCameron Smith on August 6 used just 18 strokes for the whole second round at WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational on the PGA Tour at TPC Southwind in Memphis, Tennessee.

Smith is famous in top golf with his mullet hairstyle. Photo: USA Today

With a stellar hole-closing performance, Smith hit the record for “least putt” in PGA Tour history from 1929, including his time under the Professional Golf Association of America (PGAA). The Australian golfer is the 12th person named in the list of record holders in this statistic.

On leg two FedEx St. Yesterday’s Jude Invitational, Smith closed four holes without a putt – holes 3, 4, 8 and 16 with eagle-par-par-birdie results respectively, in which the first phase came from the bunker, the remaining three times were chips from green edge. This number of no-putts made up for two putts holding par on holes 2, 11, 13 and 18. He reached 33.5 meters in total put distance, throughout the no-bogey lap, and also topped the tournament in closing performance. .

“I couldn’t believe it when I counted the putts. Even on the 17th hole, I thought to myself ‘there must be something wrong,'” Smith said. Golfweek.

Yesterday, Smith scored round -8 – one eagle, six birdies on par70. Finishing the match “like a field”, he jumped 11 places to T2 with a score of -11 after 36 numbers, next to Abraham Ancer from Mexico. Both ways Harris English is at the top of the table by two strokes. The top 20 after two rounds recorded three American players in the top 7 in the world (OWGR table) – Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas and Bryson DeChambeau, of which Thomas was the defending champion. They are standing at T13 (point -6), one stick above compatriot Phil Mickelson.

Smith has won three PGA Tour championships over eight professional years. Last week, he attended Tokyo 2020 with a “modified mullet” hairstyle, finishing T10 at -14 through 72 holes on par71.

FedEx St Jude Invitational 2021 brings together 66 competitors, including the top 50 in the world. The bonus fund reached 10.5 million USD, of which 18% went to the champion. From next season, the tournament leaves the World Golf Championship, but will open a series of three playoff events that determine the final outcome of the FedEx Cup.

Quoc Huy


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Venezuelan athlete breaks world record for triple jump – VnExpress

JapanIn the decisive jump on the evening of August 1, Yulimar Rojas broke the 26-year female triple jump world record, and won a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Rojas in the jump to set a world record on the Olympic field, Sapporo on the evening of August 1. Photo: AFP

Rojas performed six jumps in the final on the evening of August 1. In the first turn, she achieved a time of 15.41m, thereby breaking the Olympic record set by Cameroonian athlete Francoise Mbango at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (15.39 m).

This achievement helps Rojas maintain the lead in the next jumps. The Venezuelan female athlete achieved 14.53 m in the second round, 15.25m in the fourth round, and no points were counted in the third and fifth rounds.

But in the decisive turn, Rojas, with a relaxed mentality, was ecstatic to reach 15.67m. This parameter broke the world record that has existed for 26 years, set by Ukrainian legend Inessa Kravets with 15.50 meters since 1995.

Rojas burst into tears when the referees raised the white flag, determining the last jump was valid, meaning the result was recognized. She is a top candidate for a gold medal when she is ranked one in the world. Portuguese athlete Patricia Mamona won the silver medal with 15.01m, while the bronze medal went to Spanish athlete Ana Peleteiro with 14.87m.

Venezuelan athlete breaks world record for triple jump

“It is not surprising that Venezuelan athlete Yulimar Rojas won a gold medal in the women’s triple jump final and set a world record,” the Olympic website wrote.

At Rio 2016, Rojas only achieved 14.98m and won a silver medal. Five years later, the athlete born in 1995 completed the goal of changing the medal’s color and setting a world record.

“I’m speechless, I can’t describe this feeling and this moment. Gold medal winner, with an Olympic record and a world record. It was a great night,” Rojas shared. touch.

Rojas also brought home the first gold medal for Venezuela at this Olympics. Before that, this South American country had three silver medals in mountain biking and weightlifting.

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