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The 90-year-old actor flew into space

AmericaWilliam Shatner, actor in the Star Trek series, became the oldest person to fly into space, while making a journey on Jeff Bezos’ ship.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Shatner, a 90-year-old Canadian actor, in tears after finishing an 11-minute flight to the edge of space and back to the Texas desert, USA on October 13.

The New Shepard rocket, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company Blue Origin, took off at 9:49 a.m. (Hanoi time), after two delays. Blue Origin director Audrey Powers, Planet Labs co-director Chris Boshuizen and Medidata Solutions background researcher Glen de Vries were also aboard the New Shepard passenger cabin.

Jeff Bezos was on hand to greet the crew members upon their return, with applause and celebratory champagne.

William Shatner (left) burst into tears next to billionaire Jeff Bezos after landing in the desert in Texas, USA on October 13. Photo: Blue Origin.

The crew spent several minutes in zero gravity while ascending to an altitude of 106 km, 6 km above the internationally recognized Karman space boundary line.

Like about 600 astronauts before him, Shatner was amazed at the experience of zero gravity and the beautiful Earth as seen from space.

“What you gave me was the most impressive experience I could imagine. I was really moved by what happened,” Shatner told Bezos.

In July, Blue Origin had its first passenger flight into space with the participation of billionaire Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, pilot Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old passenger from the Netherlands. youngest space tourism.

William Shatner is best known for his role as Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise in the sci-fi series Star Trek. The intergalactic voyages of the USS Enterprise drew Americans’ attention to space, as the United States launched its space program.

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Teenager sacrificed his life to save mother and daughter in a fire

IranAli Landi, 15, died of severe burns after rushing into a burning apartment in the city of Izeh, saving mother and daughter from dying.

Landi took her last breath on September 24 at Emam Kazem hospital in Isfahan, after two weeks of treatment. Images of him smiling today flooded the Iranian newspapers, as Landi was hailed as a true hero.

This teenager on September 9 saved an 80-year-old woman and her daughter from a burning apartment in the city of Izeh, then tried to throw a gas cylinder outside to prevent the fire from spreading. wide.

The mother and daughter were not seriously injured, while Landi suffered burns to 90% of her body and was transported from her hometown of Izeh to Emam Kazem hospital for treatment.

Ali Landi. Photo: Twitter/GEsfandiari.

The Iranian media and people praised Landi’s courage, calling on the Iranian Ministry of Education to include his story in textbooks.

The Office of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei sent condolences to Landi’s family. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi urged the country’s artists to “tell the story of their act of sacrifice as national heroes to inspire generations to come”.

Video on social media showed a squad of soldiers carrying Landi’s coffin out of Emam Kazem hospital, before being transferred to his hometown of Izeh for burial. Other Iranian soldiers in military uniforms and military uniforms stood on both sides of the road, raising their hands as he passed his coffin.

Iranian teen sacrifices himself to save people trapped in burning house

Iran’s honor guard carries Ali Landi’s coffin from Emam Kazem hospital in Isfahan on September 24. Video: Twitter/mohammademali.

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Stabbed to death on the street for refusing to marry his cousin

IraqGirl Nourzan Al-Shammari was murdered on the streets of Baghdad after refusing to marry her cousin.

Nourzan Al-Shammari, 30, was stabbed repeatedly by three men wearing headscarves on the streets of Baghdad last week, after returning home from work. According to local news agency Alsumaria News, Al-Shammari’s murder was an “honor killing”, as she had previously refused to marry her cousin according to family arrangements.

Iraqi police arrested Al-Shammari’s brother on suspicion of taking part in the killing, while two other suspected cousins ​​fled. Iraq’s Interior Ministry’s Director of Information and Relations Saad Maan also confirmed that several suspects had been arrested, but did not identify them.

“A team of experts and investigators has been appointed to find the culprit,” Maan said.

Nourzan Al-Shammari. Photo: Instagram/n_oora.80.

According to sources, this is not the first arranged marriage Al-Shammari has had to go through. She was once forced to marry her uncle when she was 13 years old. After the “divorce”, she was forced to marry his son and also her cousin.

Due to his firm refusal, Al-Shammari, who works at a pastry shop, was repeatedly threatened. Relatives said she recently frequently shared posts on social media, saying she felt unsafe.

Al-Shammari’s murder has sparked outrage in Iraq. Social media users constantly share her name as a keyword to protest violence and custom against women.

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Hire bodyguards, fierce dogs to deal with ‘mango bandits’

IndiaA couple in the state of Madhya Pradesh recruit 4 bodyguards and 6 fierce dogs to protect rare and expensive mangoes in their garden.

Sankalp Parihar, the owner of an orchard in the city of Jabalpur in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, made headlines last week for hiring bodyguards and fierce dogs to prevent thieves from stealing Miyazaki mangoes from his garden.

Miyazaki mango tree was bought by Parihar on a train without knowing it was the most expensive mango in the world. Until last year, when the tree produced unusual ruby-colored fruit, Sankalp curiously went online to find out and know information about it.

The Miyazaki mango gets its name from the town of Miyazaki in Japan, which started producing this mango about 50 years ago. Miyazaki mangoes are often used as luxurious and expensive gifts.

Bodyguards and fierce dogs protect the Miyazaki mango tree in Jabalpur city last week. Image: Twitter/Naveed Trumboo IRS.

News of the Miyazaki mango tree in the Parihar garden spread everywhere, causing many thieves to prowl, even trying to steal the tree. To deal with this situation, the Parihar couple decided to hire bodyguards and fierce dogs to protect the mango tree.

He and his wife said many mango growers and fruit lovers have contacted, saying they are willing to pay any price to get the Miyazaki mango tree or fruit.

The Madhya Pradesh State Horticultural Authority examined the Parihars’ mango trees and confirmed they were indeed rare. Scientists from Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University in Jabalpur are also planning to study this fruit.

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The gang is suspected of planting people in the airline

Australian media said that the gang sent people to infiltrate Qantas airline to facilitate drug trafficking.

The Nine newspaper and Australian television program 60 Minutes conducted an investigation, saying that an intelligence operation codenamed Project Brunello by the country’s law enforcement had uncovered a “significant” number of employees. Qantas airline staff – up to 150 – are involved in the activities of organized crime groups.

The investigation raised a number of allegations, including that a member of the Comanchero crime gang was working as a Qantas middle manager at Sydney Airport and used this position to recruit criminals to transport drugs. . Qantas’ shipping and cargo handling departments were identified as having the highest risk of criminal infiltration.

A Qantas plane in Sydney, Australia, in March 2020. Image: Reuters.

Qantas Group Chief Security Officer Luke Bramah said the reports were “disturbing” and that he had written to four intelligence agencies seeking more details. “Since we follow the entire government verification process, we find this information very disturbing,” Bramah said.

Qantas security chief added that the company has not been notified of any investigation into corporate employees suspected of being involved in organized crime.

“If concerns concern any of our employees, we will actively assist in the investigation and take appropriate action,” Bramah said.

Qantas is the only commercial airline to have a trusted certification with the Australian Border Force (ABF), which means that every employee involved in international air transport must pass an air level test. suitability.

“We have not been alerted by the ABF of any employees who failed this test,” Bramah said.

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Loss of 14 loved ones in Israeli air strike

A week after the cease-fire between Hamas and the Israeli army went into effect, the Gaza Strip began to clear the debris from what is believed to be the most serious conflict since 2014. Several streets in Gaza City have been cleared clean up, broken glass panels are also cleaned up.

Traffic began to flow again. But as they passed through Wehda Street, which was once a bustling center with shops and cafes, they couldn’t help but linger on the current scene.

Abu al-Ouf stood by his wife’s bedside at a West Bank hospital this week. Image: Washington Post.

The entire apartment building here, where the family of Abu al-Ouf lived, collapsed early on the morning of May 16, turning into rubble after Israeli air strikes. 14 members of his family were killed. The Israeli government said it targeted Hamas, the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, and that the casualties were “unintended”.

Nearly two weeks on from that strike, wreckage remains with scattered household items, like a stuffed animal, a book or a torn sofa.

Abu al-Ouf could not think of rebuilding. He now has to focus on taking care of his wife and surviving children.

“I told her to be strong and get well soon to see her children again. I told her to come back to us,” he said.

11 days of fierce fighting left 254 Palestinians dead, including 66 children, and wounded more than 1,900, while claiming the lives of more than 10 Israelis. Abu al-Ouf lost many loved ones “in seconds”.

He did not know when he would see his wife again, but giving her treatment in Gaza was not a wise choice. The medical system here is struggling to treat the injured. Strict blockade orders imposed by Israel and Egypt make it difficult for many patients to access care.

“I was very distressed, but I tried to hide it. The head of the family must be able to control everything,” Abu al-Ouf said.

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