These symptoms can bother the patients of Kovid-19 later

Covid-19 Symptoms: Coronavirus is so dangerous that it has brought the whole world to a halt and has posed a threat to every human being. Earlier corona was being seen as just an infection but now if you are infected with coronavirus then it may also happen that you remain troubled for a long time. At the same time, Kovid-19 is becoming more and more challenging day by day.

Let us tell you that it may take at least 2 weeks for a patient of Kovid to recover, but do you know that the effect of Kovid can last for 3 months. Yes, Long Kovid-19 patients have seen many symptoms related to it for at least 3 months. In such a situation, we will tell you here what are the symptoms that can bother people infected with corona for a long time. Let’s know.

How long can the symptoms of Long Covid-19 last? The symptoms of covid can also go on for a very long time and such patients are not able to return to work even after 6 months. This means that even after recovering from Kovid-19, corona patients can remain troubled.

Symptoms of Long Covid-

TirednessLong Kovid can disturb patients for many months by bringing fatigue. These symptoms have been seen in 80 percent of Kovid patients. So do not be careless in your care in the time of Corona.

post exertional malaise– This is a situation when there is a small problem which can be physical or mental. Due to this, people see very serious symptoms later on. Apart from this, patients of Long Kovid may have problems like headache, muscle pain, trouble sleeping, increased heartbeat, breathlessness, dizziness, difficulty in balancing etc.

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