SmartTracker: This small device of Rs 600 will keep your important items including smartphones, see details


  • Panasonic Seekit Loop SmartTracker is abandoned
  • The features of the device are overwhelming
  • Pay special attention to the important items of the users

New Delhi: An amazing smart device is available on Amazon at a discount of up to 70%. The device is called Panasonic Seekit Loop SmartTracker. This device is basically a small chip. Which you can attach to a phone, car or home key, camera, purse, laptop bag or any other item. The Panasonic Seekit Loop SmartTracker can be connected through the app in the phone. Learn how Panasonic Seekit Loop SmartTracker works and what it has to offer.

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The very useful Seekit Loop SmartTracker is available in the cell for only Rs. 629. The base price is Rs 1,999. There is a discount of more than Rs 1300 on this device.

How does this device work?

The Panasonic Seekit is a smart chip-like device that can be downloaded to the phone through the app. You can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can connect the device to phone, laptop, key, camera or any other device. To attach it, you’ll find a keychain and double-sided tape in its box.

To find any device or key to connect, you’ll need to click Buzz in the phone app, then the Panasonic Seekit will ring and the LED indicator will light up in the dark. If your Panasonic Seekit is disconnected, it will be notified over the phone. It also has a Last Scene Location, which will let you know where the device ends up. Double tapping by Panasonic Seekit will also bring the phone to ring tone in silent mode. In case of any threat, pressing Panasonic Seekit three times will send this alert notification to Contact Phone number with GPS Location and three nearby locations.

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