Sleep a lot while doing office work, then follow these tips

Work From Home Job: Although many people try to get enough sleep, but due to one reason or the other, many people are not able to get enough sleep. It is very important to take sleep properly whether it is day or night because our body does not get enough sleep. Many systems of the system do not do their work properly. On the other hand, if you do not get enough sleep at night, you get sleep throughout the day and in this case your work is also not done properly. At the same time, nowadays the work of most people is going on from home, in such a situation many people keep working till hours and hours. Due to which you are not able to sleep properly at night, due to which you keep falling asleep while studying, while doing office work, while exercising. So in such a situation you need to adopt some tips. Let’s know.

go well- A 10-minute walk can increase your energy for two hours. This is because oxygen reaches the brain and muscles through the veins. Therefore, do not drink coffee when you are very sleepy, but try to walk first. get up from your seat and take a short walk

Give rest to eyes One of the reasons for sleepiness is also eye problems, where more pressure on the eyes can aggravate the problem.

take a deep breath- Taking deep breaths increases the oxygen level in the body, which lowers the heart rate and also brings BP under control. Therefore, if you feel sleepy while working, then take a deep breath and walk.

increase the light- If you are sitting in an environment where the light is very less then you will fall asleep. In such a situation, try to increase your light source while working.

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World Sleep Day 2021: Know the benefits of good night sleep, tips and who needs it

World Sleep Day 2021: Getting 7-9 hours of sleep is important for your overall health. Experts say that currently about 35 percent people are unable to sleep well at night due to stress and busy schedule. World Sleep Day is celebrated every year on 19 March. On this occasion, know why you need a good sleep time.

Sleeping is an important task that relaxes your mind and cleans your body and makes you feel energized. We spend one third of our life in sleep. Lack of sleep has been linked to many health problems. Less sleep can make the brain unable to function properly, which puts you at risk of becoming irritable. Bad sleeping habits can also be associated with depression and excessive swelling in the body.

  • Benefits of getting a good night’s sleep
  • Sleep is good for your heart health and reduces the chance of stroke in addition to heart attack.
  • Sleep is not only important for physical health but is also beneficial for your mental well being.
  • A good sleep routine will also help in combating depression, stress and even inflammation.
  • It will also work to increase the work of your immune system and can give you freshness.
  • This will help you to concentrate on work, which will increase your productivity more.
  • Important tips for good sleep
  • For a good sleep routine, make a schedule of sleeping and waking at the scheduled time, even follow on holidays.
  • Avoid the use of caffeine and alcohol and do not watch TV and use mobiles an hour before bedtime.
  • Try to ensure the proper temperature of the room and try to make the bedroom cool and dark.
  • Contact a specialist if you have sleep problems and try to understand if you have sleep apnea.

How much sleep does each age group need

Group age time

Newborn 0-3 months 14-17 hours

Infant 4–11 months 12–15 hours

Child 1-2 years 11-14 hours

Pre school 3-5 years 10-13 hours

School age 6-13 years 9-11 hours

Teens 14–17 years 8–10 hours

Young adult 18-25 years 7-9 hours

Adult 26-64 years 7-9 hours

Older adults 65 years or more 7-8 hours

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