World Cup 2022: who are the top scorers in the selection?

One step away from becoming the most prolific French scorer in national team history. By scoring twice during Les Bleus’ victorious entry into the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (4-1 victory against Australia), Olivier Giroud joined Thierry Henry at the top of the ranking of the top scorers of the France team (51 goals).

If the AC Milan striker were to score an additional goal in the blue jersey, he would become the top scorer in the history of the France team. In the process, Olivier Giroud (115 caps) would take 50th place in the ranking of top scorers in the national team, all nations combined. He would then be tied with the Dane Poul Nielsen (52 goals in 38 games between 1910 and 1925), just behind the Englishman Wayne Rooney (49th with 53 goals).

Cristiano Ronaldo far ahead

In first place, the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (37) seems untouchable for the moment. Author of 117 goals in 191 games since 2003, the striker who has just left Manchester United has a 27-goal lead over his main rival, Lionel Messi (3rd). The latter, aged 35, is playing his last World Cup with Argentina and does not seem able to catch up with him.

Three men retired for more than fifteen years complete the first five steps of the ranking: the Iranian Ali Daei (2nd, 109 goals), the Malaysian Mokhtar Dahari (4th, 85 goals) and the Hungarian player Ferenc Puskás (5th, 84 goals). The player who gave his name to the award for the most beautiful goal of the year was caught last June by Indian striker Sunil Chhetri, himself closely followed by Ali Mabkhout (United Arab Emirates, 80 goals).

The World Cup, an opportunity for several players

All these players surpass in number of achievements the Brazilian legend Pelé (8th). The most prolific striker in the history of football, author of more than 1,200 club and selection goals, has scored “only” 77 times during his international career.

He should even be overtaken by his compatriot Neymar (11th), who is only two short lengths from the Santos icon. Brazil is also the country best represented in the top 50 international scorers, with also Ronaldo (30th, 62 goals) and Romario (41st, 55 goals).

Several players also hope to take advantage of the 2022 World Cup in order to increase their counter. This is the case of the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani (34th, 58 goals) and his compatriot and teammate at the forefront of Albiceleste Luis Suárez (18th, 68 goals). The latter could overtake FC Barcelona star Robert Lewandowski (16th, 69 goals), who is also competing with Poland. Finally the Belgian Romero Lukaku (24th) should take advantage of the World Cup to bring his total goals above 65.



Australian swimmer Maddie Groves slams door to Olympic selection denouncing sexism

Two-time Australian Olympic swimming medalist Maddie Groves slammed the selection door for the Tokyo Olympics, denouncing the presence in the sport of “Misogynistic pervert”.

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The 26-year-old, silver medalist in the 200-meter butterfly and the 4x100m relay at the Rio de Janeiro Games in 2016 announced her decision on Instagram on Thursday, June 10, while the selection process for the Olympics July is due to start on Saturday June 12 in the city of Adelaide.

“May this be a lesson for all misogynistic perverts”

“You can no longer exploit young women and girls, she wrote in her message, Shame them with their bodies or fear for their health and then expect them to represent you so that you can earn your annual bonus. It’s over ! “

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The swimmer does not give any indication of the identity of the persons concerned. She complained last November on Twitter about a “Person working in swimming who makes me feel uncomfortable by the way he stares at me in my clothes”.

A few days later she denounced a “Sinister comment” done by an unidentified coach, who later quickly apologized, “Maybe because the team psychologist told him to do it”.

No formal complaint

Swimming Australia president Kieren Perkins regretted that the swimmer did not file a formal complaint. “The reality is that all we know is what is on social media, she has not contacted Swimming Australia at any point, we have not been able to speak to her directly and talk about her concerns to understand this what happens “, did he declare.

“Unfortunately, social media posts do not represent an admissible complaint for us. We have to sit down with the people and talk about it ”, he added. “We would really like to do this and we wish Maddie would come and talk with us if she thinks she can do it.”, he continued.

Despite her withdrawal, Maddie Groves clarifies that she does not intend to end her career, saying she is looking forward to “Participate in other competitions later this year”.



Five cars to find under the tree

SELECTION – These are the favorites of the Figaro. Three models are sacred monsters; the fourth approaches it; the fifth is already a phenomenon.

In order to turn our backs on the gloom for a moment, we have selected five cars that deserve to appear at the foot of the tree. Without price constraint, or of any kind. A choice that is as subjective as it is Cornelian, in the light of the richness of the market. Three models are sacred monsters; the fourth approaches it; the fifth is already a phenomenon. All of them meet our concept of the pleasure car. Unlike models that play the utilities. Each of them, in their register, has established itself as a reference. An example to follow. A model that motorists dream of owning and that competitors aspire to emulate.

The queen of our selection is undoubtedly the Porsche 911. A real monument. Born in 1963, this model personifies the German brand and embodies the quintessence of the sports car. Faithful to the original concept but constantly renewed, the 911 crosses the decades with a casualness that commands respect. While being the anti-have-you-seen me,

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