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Legs running 200m twice broke the national record at SEA Games – VnExpress

HanoiAfter breaking the national record for seven years with the morning elimination competition, Ngan Ngoc Nghia broke the record he had just set when he won a silver medal on the afternoon of May 14.

With 20 seconds 81 In the morning competition, Ngoc Nghia set a new national record on the 200m track. This parameter is 8% faster than the old record of 20 seconds 98 that senior Le Trong Hinh set when he won the 28th SEA Games gold medal in Singapore in 2015.

But the new record set only lasted for more than six hours, because on the 200m final track at 16:15, Ngoc Nghia herself pushed her limit. Although not catching up with Puripol Boonson – the Thai runner who finished first with 20 seconds 37, the Vietnamese athlete still made a spectacular breakthrough in the last meters to overtake another Thai runner Chayut Khongprasit, to finish second with 20 seconds 74withdrawing 7% more seconds from the record in the morning.

Ngoc Nghia (bib number 800) made a spectacular breakthrough in the last meters…

He beat Chayut with a spectacular dribble right in front of the finish line to outperform his opponent by 0.03 seconds and set a national record.  Ngoc Thanh's photo

He beat Chayut (bib 702) after a spectacular dribble right in front of the finish line to outperform his opponent by 0.03 seconds and set a national record. Image Ngoc Thanh

“In training and competing for many years, I have always set a goal to break Mr. Hinh’s record in 2015, and today I did. This is the result that my teachers and I have worked hard and diligently with. Prepared for more than half a year,” Ngoc Nghia said six when she reached the finish line.

The 22-year-old runner from Son La is satisfied with the national record he just broke on the final track, but still looks regretful when he only finished second. “It would be better if I realized my wish to receive the gold medal and sing the National Anthem in front of my family and home audience today. But the silver medal is still my motivation to strive for the next awards,” Ngoc Nghia said. .

Ngan Ngoc Nghia was excited after knowing that she broke the national record for the second time.  Photo: Ngoc Thanh

Ngan Ngoc Nghia was excited after knowing that she broke the national record for the second time. Image: Ngoc Thanh

Puripol Boonson, with 20 seconds 37, also set a new SEA Games record in the men’s 200m event. The old record – 20 seconds 69 – belonged to fellow countryman Reanchai Seeharong, set in 1999 in Brunei, seven years before Puripol was born.

According to Ngan Ngoc Nghia, Puripol’s victory and the fact that he himself only surpassed Chayut in the last meters reflects the strength of the short-distance running team in Thailand. But this is also a competitive motivation for him and his teammates to try harder in the next tournaments.

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Women Vietnam – Philippines: Decoding the phenomenon – VnExpress

Quang NinhCoach Mai Duc Chung’s teachers and students began their journey to defend the SEA Games gold medal with a new battle against the Philippines on the evening of May 11 at Cam Pha Stadium.

Tuyet Dung celebrates scoring 2-0 against the Philippines in the 30th SEA Games semi-finals. Photo: Duc Dong

*Vietnam – Philippines at 7pm on Wednesday 11/5, on VnExpress.

Vietnam has won all nine previous confrontations with the Philippines, the most recent of which is the 30th SEA Games semi-final. But this time, things will be more difficult. By the policy of massively naturalizing players from the US, Germany, Japan, Spain, Australia… Philippine women’s football has changed skin. They even won tickets to the 2023 Women’s World Cup directly earlier than Vietnam.

The most noticeable advantage of the Philippines is in shape and fitness, compared to Southeast Asian players. In the opening match on May 9, they easily won Cambodia 5-0 with a technical team of players like Kristen Bugay, Sofia Harrison or Isabella Flanigan – who scored twice against Cambodia.

Leading the Philippines at this time is the veteran military leader Alen Stajcic – who brought the Australian women to the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2015, the quarterfinals of the Rio Olympics 2016 and to fourth in the world in 2017. He said: “We know the point well. Vietnam’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we are confident that we will win to take the top spot.”

Striker Hai Yen is the core of Vietnamese women in their journey to defend the 31st SEA Games gold medal. Photo: Duc Dong

Striker Hai Yen is the core of Vietnam in the journey to defend the 31st SEA Games gold medal. Photo: Duc Dong

Group A has only three teams. Therefore, in addition to the weakest Cambodia, the match between Vietnam and the Philippines will be the most controversial in the group, to meet the two familiar opponents of Group B, Thailand and Myanmar. Coach Mai Duc Chung said that after a training tour in Korea, the team was ready to defend the gold medal. “If you want to win, you have to beat every opponent, it doesn’t matter before or after,” he said. “Therefore, Vietnam will play hard to win against the Philippines, creating excitement for the next matches.”

The Hanoi military leader also affirmed that the Philippines is strong in bodybuilding, so they will focus on playing highball, but they also have a weakness of slow management. “Vietnam will play with focus and control the ball to achieve the best results,” he emphasized.

This match, Vietnam did not have the service of midfielder Thai Thi Thao due to injury, but there are still the core forces that brought Vietnam to the World Cup such as Kim Thanh, Hai Yen, Van Su, Nguyen Thi Van, Tuyet Dung, Duong Thi Van, Thuy Trang, Chuong Thi Kieu, Bich Thuy, Khong Thi Hang, Huynh Nhu, Thanh Nha…

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Vietnam is waiting for the ‘golden rain’ of kurash – VnExpress

Vietnam has the opportunity to win the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games in kurash, rowing, pencak silat and diving in competition today 11/5.

After bringing home four gold medals for Vietnam on May 10, Kurash will continue to qualify for three finals: +87kg for women (Hoang Bui Thuy Linh, Tran Thi Thanh Thuy), -60kg for men (Vo Pham Hoang An, Le Cong Hoang Hai) and -66kg (Phan Truc Phi, Le Duc Dong) for men today 11/5 at the contest. Hoai Duc, Hanoi. Qualifiers start at 2pm, and finals at 4:30pm. Thanh Thuy and Duc Dong are the defending SEA Games champions.

At the 2019 SEA Games, Vietnam won seven out of 10 gold medals in this Central Asian martial art. In SEA Games 31, kuash had 10 contents, and at this time the host won all four gold medals awarded.

Boxer To Thi Trang won a 48kg gold medal in women’s kuash on May 10 at Hoai Duc Gymnasium, Hanoi. Image: Lam Tho

Rowing (boating) will also enter the final four content: Women’s Double Paddle Boat (W4X) at 10:00am, Men’s Light Double Paddle Boat (LM2X) at 10:30am, Men’s Heavy Double Paddle Boat (M2X) at 11am and Women’s Single Paddle Heavy Double Row Boat (W4-) at 11:30, in Hai Phong. Each final content has four teams, and all have representatives of Vietnam.

Rowing brought Vietnam the first gold medal at Asiad 2018, but the team did not win any gold at the 2019 SEA Games. There, Indonesia and the host Philippines equally divided each team three gold medals in six events.

Diving will compete in the last two finals including the men’s 3m soft bridge (Dinh Anh Tuan, Nguyen Tung Duong) and the women’s 10m hard bridge double (Bui Thi Hong Giang – Mai Hong Hanh) at 15:00 and 16:30 at the Water Sports Palace, My Dinh, Hanoi. Malaysia has won all six gold medals before, and they are expected to win the remaining two events.

Vietnam also has the opportunity to win the first gold medal in pencak silat, with the content of women’s doubles performance (Nguyen Thi Thu Ha – Nguyen Thi Huyen) at 10:00 am and female team performance (Thu Ha – Nguyen Huyen – Vuong Thi Binh) at 12:15 at Bac Tu Liem Gymnasium, Hanoi. Vietnam is the defending champion of the women’s team performance.

Pencak silat is an Indonesian traditional martial art, but this team has not recently achieved high results at the SEA Games. At this year’s Congress, this sport consists of six performances and 10 confrontations. The competition content will start from May 13.

Vietnam’s martial arts gold mine kickboxing will also compete in the remaining six semi-finals from 17:15, and the host is represented in all six events at the Bac Ninh Provincial Multi-Purpose Gymnasium. In the six semi-finals on May 10, Vietnam fought two finalists, Nguyen Thi Hang Nga (48kg for women) and Nguyen The Huong (67kg for men), both in full contact content.

Kickboxing is a form of martial arts like boxing but with foot kicks. This martial art was popular in the world decades ago, but started competing in Vietnam in 2009 at the Asian Indoor Games. This sport consists of three genres: full contact, low kick and kick light. In particular, the low kick has a more extensive rule than fullcontact, when allowing the boxer to kick with the shin, and the target of the attack includes the opponent’s thigh and calf. And kick light competes on the carpet, instead of in the ring like boxing.

Kickboxing first appeared at the 2019 SEA Games, in the Philippines. At that time, Vietnam won four gold medals in eight sets of medals, including all three contents of full contact.

The Vietnamese women’s football team also plays the first match of the group stage against the Philippines at 19:00 at Cam Pha Stadium, Quang Ninh. The men’s futsal team also played against Indonesia at 4pm at the Ha Nam Provincial Gymnasium. The Vietnam beach handball team also played the final procedural match with Thailand at 5:00 p.m. at Tuan Chau Beach, Quang Ninh, after winning the gold medal one match early. The chess players continued to play games three and four in the men’s and women’s standard chess events.

The medal table after May 10.

Table of medals after May 10, including Vietnam’s handball gold medal.

Xuan Binh