Rimac Nevera, already a world record

NEWS – While the first deliveries are starting in dribs and drabs, the Nevera has just set a world speed record at 412 km/h.

Almost as fast as a Bugatti Chiron. The Croatian brand Rimac, which took control of Bugatti as part of a joint venture with Porsche, has just caused a sensation by setting a world speed record with its Nevera electric supercar. Thanks to its four motors, one per wheel, this berlinetta claims the phenomenal power of 1,914 horsepower. It is thus capable of passing the 100 km/h mark in 1.97 seconds and reaching 300 km/h in 9.3 seconds.

The show of force does not stop there. For a few days now, we have known that it is not only able to pin down anything that rolls. The Nevera also rivals the best sports cars on the market when it comes to performance. On the Papenburg test track in Germany, the Croatian manufacturer’s electric berlinetta thus exceeded 400 km / h, reaching the miraculous speed of 412 km / h, relying on the two straight lines of 4 km of the circuit.

To achieve this performance, Miro Zrnčević, the test pilot responsible for the development of the Rimac models, activated the mode which reduces aerodynamic drag without degrading downforce in order to ensure perfect stability at high speed. The vehicle was fitted with Michelin Cup 2R tires specifically developed for the Nevera.

As with Bugatti, the top speed of the Nevera requires special preparation. As standard, the electric berlinetta can reach a speed of 352 km/h.




Bugatti W16 Mistral, the offshore wind

The 1600 horses of the roadster would be able to take two passengers to a top speed as wonderful as theoretical of 420 km/h. Bugatti

NEW – The ultimate version of the most extravagant technological challenge of the early 20th century takes the form of a devilish 1600 horsepower roadster.

You must follow. Bugatti has just opened the fifth chapter of an eventful life that began in the early hours of the XXe century. For the past year, the Alsatian firm has been part of the Bugatti Rimac joint venture, 55% owned by the Croatian company Rimac, prized for its electric technologies, and 45% by Porsche. The new group’s mission is to ensure the future of the brand renowned for its thoroughbreds in the context of ecological transition.

If we will have to wait a little longer to see the realization of this new adventure which will go through the development of electrified vehicles – certainly hybrids -, the Chiron, the model in the current catalog, offers itself a last stand in the form of a an exclusive roadster, the silhouette that symbolizes motoring pleasure par excellence. However, it is almost a miracle that the current berlinetta is available as a convertible. Bugatti’s management dithered for a long time, not wishing to relive the episode of the series of one hundred and fifty…

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